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  1. OrioleRedenbacher

    David Hess 2018

    For those that might be interested, Hess will be on MLB’s Chatting Cage at 2 ET today.
  2. OrioleRedenbacher

    Roster changes coming?

    Yea, I thought about that. As much as the pen has been taxed I'm sure they want to avoid a staff day mid-week. But avoiding Melville means avoiding a roster decision... Also, as RedskinsRick points out, even one rain out (Tuesday or Wednesday, nevermind both) makes this a moot point and you probably see Hess in Boston - another reason I think they'll hesitate to plan on Melville and any corresponding roster move needed.
  3. OrioleRedenbacher

    Roster changes coming?

    Wednesday would be short rest for Hess and they definitely won't do that to him again. He is supposedly in consideration to start in Boston over the weekend. I wouldn't be shocked to see Castro start on Wednesday. He performed well backing up Tillman.
  4. OrioleRedenbacher

    Time for Tim Melville to replace Tillman

    We'll probably get an idea of who DD and Buck think is "on deck" on Saturday. If Tuesday is Bundy, Wednesday is Cashner, Thursday is Cobb and Friday is Gausman, that means they'll need two starters on Saturday. Even if one of those is Tillman (please no), I don't think they'll throw a "bullpen game" for the other. Could be a chance to give two minor league guys a good look.
  5. OrioleRedenbacher

    Could Tim Melville allow the O's to DFA Mike Wright?

    To be fair, he got through 5+ innings in 65 pitches in his first start (which included 7 Ks total and 2 Ks of wunderkind Acuna). Not really a huge sample size either way. I do agree with the premise that it would be nice to see him have some repeated success in AAA, but I don't know that it means he's ready or not ready for MLB. What is puzzling is the pitch limits being imposed on him (and it seems like on Ramirez too). If they want these guys to be starters they need to be throwing starter type pitch counts. Having them throw 70 pitches so that they can be ready for some kind of spot call up isn't developing them. And if they want him to be a reliever, make him a reliever now so he can have the possibility of sliding into a spot that opens up next year.
  6. OrioleRedenbacher

    Could Tim Melville allow the O's to DFA Mike Wright?

    At this point the biggest advantage of having Hess up is probably see his aptitude as a starting pitcher and if that doesn’t work go ahead and transition him to the bullpen.
  7. OrioleRedenbacher

    Could Tim Melville allow the O's to DFA Mike Wright?

    Hess is being held to a pitch count, presumably to keep him fresh for possible bullpen call ups. His last start was 2.2 IP on 69 pitches. That’s high for sure, but he could’ve gone further. Looking at his BR game logs, he’s pitched 65, 80, and 69 pitch games. Last year he was routinely between 85 and 105.
  8. OrioleRedenbacher

    Time to start DFA people

    All the pitchers mentioned are having better seasons than the pitchers he has leaving....
  9. OrioleRedenbacher

    David Hess an Oriole

    Exactly. The whole thing about him and Harvey on different days wasn’t true. Hess was already on his way to Boston when Buck said that. He now hasn’t thrown in eight days and missed a start... And it was the same with Harvey. They announced Harvey was going to start out with three inning starts. Then, he gets called up before his first start and doesn’t pitch. And by the time he comes back around in Bowie’s rotation, they’ve decided to dial him back to 2 inning starts - which only hurts the club by delaying him getting stretched out. They may know what they’re doing, but it seems like incredibly poor planning.
  10. OrioleRedenbacher

    Harvey Scratched?

    That makes sense. They had said he would only throw a couple of innings, I suppose I assumed it was as a starter. We all know about assuming...
  11. OrioleRedenbacher

    Harvey Scratched?

    I do not want to unnecessarily cause any alarm, but Harvey - who was scheduled to start today - is no longer listed as the starter for Bowie. They already said he might only throw two innings this start so I can’t imagine why he would skip another start...Anybody have any insight?? Because he was just optioned it won’t be because he’s getting called up.
  12. OrioleRedenbacher

    Wright vs. Tillman vs. anybody else

    Almost every time (maybe every time, but I’m hedging my bets) they’ve tried to stretch Castro out he hasn’t been good. His bread and butter is a couple of innings of relief. That might also ultimately be true of Hess, but Hess has a much better high minors track record as a starter than Castro. Between those two, I’ll take Hess. I think they’ll give Tillman one more outing but then fill his spot with Wright. If Wright can’t cut it, then they go with Hess or Ramirez to see what they can do. Maybe Chris Lee if he’s back healthy and has some good starts in Norfolk.
  13. OrioleRedenbacher

    Who Moves for Cobb?

    It's unlikely they trade Mesa because whoever takes him is subject to the same Rule 5 restrictions. He will more than likely clear waivers and be returned. edit: after I sent my original post I realized you probably meant trade so that they can keep him and not be subject to Rule 5.
  14. OrioleRedenbacher

    Orioles optioned RHP David Hess to Triple-A Norfolk

    There's probably a couple extra ticks on the fastball too. He could sit 93-94 into the fifth and sixth innings in Bowie. No reason to think he couldn't run that up to 95-96 or higher in one or two inning outings. He hit 96 with his first fastball in his last ST appearance before settling down.
  15. OrioleRedenbacher

    Orioles Protech Wynn, Harvey, and Hess prior to the rule 5

    The one pitch the O's have continually tried to develop and advance with Hess is a change and they've tried several different variations. The split-change is the most recent. So Tony is right in that it's always been a four pitch mix, but the "type" of those pitches has changed. In that sense, it's a "new" pitch. His fastball and slider have consistently been his best pitches and his curveball has generally been his weakest, so the O's are looking for a quality change to bridge that gap.