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  1. OrioleRedenbacher

    Who will be promoted?

    Hess has only pitched one inning the last 13 days. He will probably be on a low pitch count. My guess is he’s throwing 3 or 4 innings with Mike Wright coming in for a couple. I thought they might call up Means to throw a few innings on short rest behind Hess.
  2. OrioleRedenbacher

    Who will be promoted?

    I'm assuming he's the new closer. Take that Rays - the O's are thinking WAY outside the box!
  3. OrioleRedenbacher

    Who will be promoted?

    They already backfilled that spot with Hart earlier in the week, but more folks will be needed today. Melewski said something about Marinez being injured, so that's a spot that will need to be filled. Plus, I'm guessing they'll swap out Hart with somebody for a fresh bullpen arm. I would think that Hess will be on a low pitch count today since he's only thrown an inning in the last 13 days... EDIT: I actually wouldn't be surprised if today wasn't a long reliever "bullpen game". I could see Hess going 3 or 4 and then maybe Mike Wright going 3 or 4. Or maybe they call up Means or Rogers and give them a few innings behind Hess.
  4. OrioleRedenbacher

    Machado to the Dodgers, 5-1 deal

    Hess usually sat around 20-30 on most prospect lists. I think Kremer started at 13, so that should be some indication. Of course, I think Hess jumped pretty high after his year at Frederick, so we'll have to see how Kremer handles AA.
  5. OrioleRedenbacher

    LHP John Means is ready for his opportunity

    At this point he should at least replace Chris Lee on the 40 man and become another optionable piece. I hate that for Lee because he had so much promise, but the injury bug keeps getting him. I believe Lee is out of options after this year.
  6. OrioleRedenbacher

    Who is sent down when Bundy is activated?

    Yes. That is very much more succinctly what I’m saying.
  7. OrioleRedenbacher

    Who is sent down when Bundy is activated?

    I’m saying that if they do as Roch suggested and send Yefry down so that he can be called up Monday, Yefry would be the 26th man Monday. That wouldn’t prevent them from making a corresponding move to bring up Yacabonis because he would be outside the 10 days down rule.
  8. OrioleRedenbacher

    Who is sent down when Bundy is activated?

    That’s true, but that wasn’t the point. If Roch’s article is right and Yefry can be sent down and then brought back up Monday as the 26th man, it’s a no brainer to option him and bring him back to start on Monday. The 26th man does not have to be sent back down after that game. But that would prevent Yacabonis from coming up as the 26th man.
  9. OrioleRedenbacher

    Who is sent down when Bundy is activated?

    Roch's article also mentions that Yefry can be sent down and be brought up as the 26th man, but I don't know if that's true. I thought that was only after the game. If that's the case it's sort of a no brainer.
  10. OrioleRedenbacher

    Who is sent down when Bundy is activated?

    Yea, they will need length. My guess is that Fry or Meisinger will go down and they bring Yacabonis up as the 26th man on Monday.
  11. OrioleRedenbacher

    Wednesday starter?

    That would make the most sense if they still intend to use Hess as a starter, but that's a poor roster management move if that's the case...Hess should've been sent down Friday, call up another bullpen arm - could've used that extra arm yesterday with a six run lead in the ninth instead of using Castro who Buck said they wanted to avoid. Perhaps I'm applying too much common sense the the non-sensicalness that is this year.
  12. OrioleRedenbacher

    Wednesday starter?

    So do we think Wright and Hess swap places? Buck said something about "other roles" for Hess after Friday's game. And I would think that if he were going to be optioned they would've done it Friday or Saturday. No point in keeping him on the roster if he's not available to pitch unless you plan to use him later. Maybe 3-4 innings for Wright, 3-4 innings for Hess and then let the bullpen take over...
  13. OrioleRedenbacher

    David Hess 2018

    I wonder how much is adjusting to the best hitters in the world. If you look at his nine home runs, the are to: Benintendi (2) JD Martinez (2) Bryce Harper Trea Turner Curtis Granderson Rafael Devers Matt Duffy He's not giving them up to the 7,8, and 9 spots. I also think it's encouraging that he's been pretty even the second and third time through the lineups. Freeman had the single off of him yesterday, but he got a strikeout and groundout on him after that. He's got the stuff to get guys out, it's just figuring out sequencing and execution. We also have to keep in mind that in most of his starts (I think all except for one) he's had a rookie catcher behind the plate. So you've basically got two newbies trying to navigate through this. His future might still be in the 'pen, but I think there's enough positive to keep running him out there. Not that I'm disagreeing with ANYBODY, but just throwing some more info out there.
  14. OrioleRedenbacher

    David Hess 2018

    For those that might be interested, Hess will be on MLB’s Chatting Cage at 2 ET today.
  15. OrioleRedenbacher

    Roster changes coming?

    Yea, I thought about that. As much as the pen has been taxed I'm sure they want to avoid a staff day mid-week. But avoiding Melville means avoiding a roster decision... Also, as RedskinsRick points out, even one rain out (Tuesday or Wednesday, nevermind both) makes this a moot point and you probably see Hess in Boston - another reason I think they'll hesitate to plan on Melville and any corresponding roster move needed.