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  1. I think it's interesting how they used Hess for the, what, one day he was in the bullpen. He was warming with the O's up 2-1 and then Fry gave up a 2 run HR (to a right handed batter that I was sure Hess was going to come in to face) and then Hess sat down never to return again. I wonder what role they envision for him in the bullpen - which is where his (successful) future probably lies.
  2. According to Baseball Reference: the league average for starts is 5.4 innings. https://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/MLB/2018-starter-pitching.shtml Average innings per start for last year's "incumbent" starters: Hess: 5.3 Bundy: 5.5 Cobb: 5.4 Cashner: 5.5 FYI, Straily was 5.3 last year and if you stretch it out to hundreds he was lower than Hess. The guys we have are fine, especially if you're not concerned with winning this year. If it's an innings eater you want, there are probably better options than Straily for 5 million per year.
  3. Keep in mind that those last 9 games were after Hess switched from the third base side of the rubber to the first. It will be interesting to see if that adjustment helps him hold that kind of stat line in 2019 or if he'll fall back to the median. I also wonder how using analytics will help somebody like Hess. He was probably a little too fastball heavy last year and it seemed like he improved that some during the year. I think the analytics folks might look at things like swing and miss % - which is high on his slider - and adjust some of his sequencing, which will hopefully improve a lot of pitchers.
  4. As a reminder: Players on the 40 man roster are automatically protected from the Rule 5 draft. And, the only way to "expose" a 40 man roster player to the Rule 5 draft is to outright him back to the minors - which means you exposed him to all the other teams via waivers. It's much easier/better for a team to pick up a player through waivers than through the Rule 5 because - assuming the player still has option years - he can be sent back down to the minors at any time. So, if a player is DFA'd and is not picked up via waivers, it's highly unlikely he'll be selected in the Rule 5 draft. Saying we need to "expose" someone to the 40 man roster to the Rule 5 draft doesn't make much sense - just say we need to cut him.
  5. Hess was on the pregame show yesterday and talked a little bit about the adjustments he's made after struggling.
  6. One factor is the minor league playoffs. I know that's not the ultimate goal of any organization but this time of year they are very conscious about trying to give those affiliates - and especially those players that have worked all year to be in that position - a chance to compete in the playoffs. I would like to see Means get a shot in September, but given his innings I doubt that's going to happen. I suspect Rogers will stay up and occupy the fifth starter spot for a little bit.
  7. Hess has only pitched one inning the last 13 days. He will probably be on a low pitch count. My guess is he’s throwing 3 or 4 innings with Mike Wright coming in for a couple. I thought they might call up Means to throw a few innings on short rest behind Hess.
  8. I'm assuming he's the new closer. Take that Rays - the O's are thinking WAY outside the box!
  9. They already backfilled that spot with Hart earlier in the week, but more folks will be needed today. Melewski said something about Marinez being injured, so that's a spot that will need to be filled. Plus, I'm guessing they'll swap out Hart with somebody for a fresh bullpen arm. I would think that Hess will be on a low pitch count today since he's only thrown an inning in the last 13 days... EDIT: I actually wouldn't be surprised if today wasn't a long reliever "bullpen game". I could see Hess going 3 or 4 and then maybe Mike Wright going 3 or 4. Or maybe they call up Means or Rogers and give them a few innings behind Hess.
  10. Hess usually sat around 20-30 on most prospect lists. I think Kremer started at 13, so that should be some indication. Of course, I think Hess jumped pretty high after his year at Frederick, so we'll have to see how Kremer handles AA.
  11. At this point he should at least replace Chris Lee on the 40 man and become another optionable piece. I hate that for Lee because he had so much promise, but the injury bug keeps getting him. I believe Lee is out of options after this year.
  12. Yes. That is very much more succinctly what I’m saying.
  13. I’m saying that if they do as Roch suggested and send Yefry down so that he can be called up Monday, Yefry would be the 26th man Monday. That wouldn’t prevent them from making a corresponding move to bring up Yacabonis because he would be outside the 10 days down rule.
  14. That’s true, but that wasn’t the point. If Roch’s article is right and Yefry can be sent down and then brought back up Monday as the 26th man, it’s a no brainer to option him and bring him back to start on Monday. The 26th man does not have to be sent back down after that game. But that would prevent Yacabonis from coming up as the 26th man.
  15. Roch's article also mentions that Yefry can be sent down and be brought up as the 26th man, but I don't know if that's true. I thought that was only after the game. If that's the case it's sort of a no brainer.
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