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  1. Gman!!

    You Don't Finish Last...

    I agree with “this team just quit”... partly I think players see ownership is not willing to help in the pitching.. ownership hopes enough players have a stellar breakout season to get into the playoffs but never obtain enough proven players to take them any further. Keep the team competitive enough for interest & hope but mostly to put butts in the seats is what they care about..not a WS Championship
  2. Gman!!

    You Don't Finish Last...

    It goes deeper than making up run differential. Girardi selection of starting pitching would not have gone so long with Ulbaldo, Tilman & Miley.. Buck doesn’t know when a pitcher is done. Pulls them way too late. Also the philosophy of swinging for the fences when just moving a runner over would make the difference in close games..Plate disipline non exsistent, very few walks. Would have set Davis down.. never a clutch hit.. ever notice 99% of his HRs were in games that either O’s were up by or dwn by a bunch. Very seldom any positive impact on the game. His glove yes but should have been a DH for him hehe... 193 Ks in 127 games with a .215 average COME ON! The 35 games he missed were the best impact O’s could hope for... better selection of hitting & pitching coaches.. no spark in this team. It’s too bad! Not saying the O’s would have been a totally great team this yr with a different manage.. just saying Girardi would have got more out of them.. 30+ yrs of falling short.. got to believe this org only cares about getting close some years by buying rocks & hope for gems.. not quite working out
  3. Gman!!

    Right Now, I Hate Baseball.

    Good points... hate the Yankees on the field... off the field class acts. Had the opportunity of being their guest a few years ago.. sat in the dugout with Jeter.. I’m an O’s fan but that was a thrill. All the Yankees took time to talk to us with exception of ARod & Teixeria ...anyway it does seem Yankees find ways to win with minimal talent.. better managed & coached some one wote & I believe that’s true.. O’s play very uninspired ball.. so if/when Judge fizzles in the years to come O,s will get him to pair up with Davis K records
  4. Unfortunately winter meetings O’s we’ll look dumbfounded like ever year & grab a rock or two & hope there is a gem. They always get invited to the meetings cuz it’s like the uninvited gueust at a wedding... they promise MLB nobody will even know they’re there
  5. Let’s hope so.. maybe he’ll take his favorite non productive players with him
  6. Why not...doesn’t seem organization, manager or coaches are lighting any fire under these guys...come on! 160 million man bats .215, 193 Ks in 127 games.. the best contribution to the game we’re the 35 games he sat out.
  7. Gman!!

    You Don't Finish Last...

    From WC possibility in early Sept To dead last place!... wow i believe if Joe Giradi managed O’s they would have been a WC... point is I don’t think Yankees had any better talent than the O’s. Davis & Trumbo asses would have been benched & would have gotten better performance from pitching staff...
  8. Gman!!

    Buck Hates Kim

    Seems like it.. last year Kim put the ball in play @ least. Unlike the two overpaid duds .. Davis & Trumbo.. wow what a bust!! Also seems to be some promise certainly in Mancini .. maybe Hays & Sisco. Schoop is a stud but doesn't seems to get mention much in the scheme of things.. Machado. Certainly would be great to hang onto but why would he stay around if pitching doesn't get seriously addressed.. a team goes nowhere without good pitching! When the Yankees get eliminated makes my season since watching O's years after year of bumbled acquisitions & mediocrity play just gets old. Going to the Trop on Sunday to watch last game.. hopefully to see hopefuls play and not watch Davis K 4 times.
  9. I totally blame tight wad owners... & the fact that winning baseball always has been about good pitching
  10. Right.. you hit it on the head. This org content with mediocrity. .500 or slightly less is ok with them. Enough excitement & hope to put butts in the seats with a inkling of a chance for a one & done playoff spot. That's what's been happing the last 30+ yrs so why expect more?
  11. Wow didn't realize that close to locking up Manny.. O's ownership pathetic. Did the same with Cruz.. right? I think he just wanted 4 yr deal & O's wouldn't come off 3 yr.. Cruz is well into his 30s too but he excelled & Davis stands there looking then just busy going to the bank.. whole different attitude to the game & maybe a better manager @ motivating players.. mmmm Buck???
  12. Ok ok .. not Gentry .. maybe just thinking of speed.. & I know not as many @ bats but hell of a better average than Davis or Trumbo .. puts bat on ball better than just looking @ strike 3 90% of the time.
  13. I don't think O's will have a choice if Manny goes.. & why wouldn't he? O's certainly not serious about WS championship...clear by the lack of interest in good pitching & clear organization not willing to spend money on building a championship ..they have been burnt by Davis's complete bust. Went on a limb for Ubaldo another bust.. Trumbo not much better. So why should these players stick around.. There is no clutch or playing inspired ball.. what about Buck getting the boot? Should build around Schoop, Mancini, Beckmann, Gentry, Smith, Gausman & Bundy.. this Hays kid looks good.. can't be much worst than what's happing on the field now...
  14. Gman!!

    vs. YANKEES, 9/17

    Someone asked if anyone was alive out there... answer: Everyone but the O's!! Goodbye 2017 season. Mediocrity again and as far as any knowledgeable fan knows for the seeable future. O's org has no intentions to do anything about pathetic pitching. Run Manny, Run Johnathon Run Tray.. Davis runnng to the bank.. what a bust!
  15. Gman!!

    So what's the rotation next year?

    Amen to pitching.. this the most needed and seems most neglected. Instead O's still in Earl Weaver philosophy.. wait for the 3 run homer.. unfortunately how often are there two runners on in front of the K kings? Case in point last night's game bases loaded 0 outs.. inning over no runs. Everyone swinging for the fences.. a lot of solo HRs a lot of losses. Mediocre team and it shows in no playoffs this year