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  1. ...and trade in that tree trunk for a baseball bat while you're at it!
  2. Santander Next Season

    My feeling is that the Indians thought no one would take Santander in the rule 5 and that he was in the lower part of the protected 40. All teams must make "calculated guesses" on these matters. From what I see, being an average player is his floor. He'll have a perfect chance to show he belongs next Spring for 40 games; if not, continue to develop at Norfolk. Hays (probably like most rookies) needs to learn how to hit breaking stuff; teams have already adjusted to him and now it's his move to get better. Santander being a switch hitter allows him to never see what Hays is being overmatched with at this point.
  3. Six Games Who Starts?

    Please do not pick up the option of Miley. Please. Pretty please. Pretty please with sugar on top. Don't do it. Ynoa for Miley -- there you go, I just saved you 11 million bucks and made the staff better. Miley can not do what Ynoa did the other night (get thru the 8th inning) as his pitch count hits 100 (by the fifth or sixth) or he coughs up enough runs to not qualify for an Orioles Quality Start (less than six runs through six innings).
  4. When it's April and you know your team doesn't have a chance (like the Dark Ages), well those were the worst. This one is just frustrating. Even the manager's decisions have stopped making sense in many cases. Our hitters (collectively) have the worst approach ever. I actually appreciate what the Yankee and Red Sox hitters do to succeed in running up pitch counts, moving runners, etc. The starting pitching is horrible but if we listen to some smart people (and not be homers) we should have realized it wasn't going to be good enough to compete for the playoffs.
  5. Can Ubaldo keep it going?

    No he's his usual self ... from dominating to terrible, batter to batter
  6. Orioles Prospect DJ Stewart 'More Comfortable' In Batter's Box

    He might even be ready to assume the Trumbo slot in 2020! Over 12 million saved...
  7. What Trades Will the Orioles Make?

    One win could mean the difference of getting into the postseason or not...as we trot out the bottom 3 of our 6 regularly, we must do better or don't deserve to be there. If Miggy can be acquired for scraps like Hellickson was, it should happen. The White Sox are playing (losing) for draft position right now so they should be elated to shed some salary and "move up" towards getting the first pick in next year's draft.
  8. What Trades Will the Orioles Make?

    Agree. "What is the asking price?" comes to mind
  9. Yesterday's game could have easily been lost trotting him out there to even start the 6th (with a pitch count approaching 100). At least he was pulled after one batter. Please, please do not keep this guy for another year at 12 mil! With all those expiring contracts, lets try someone new in the lefty / slop / 5th starter role.
  10. Is Miguel Gonzalez Returning To The Orioles?

    I thank the guy for his time here but Miggy is not the answer to the Orioles problems. Maybe his 4.85 ERA looks good by some measures (our starters) but isn't gonna get you where you want to be. Pony up and buy or trade for some pitching in the off-season.
  11. O's trade for Hellickson

    I totally agree with UpstateNYfan that Davis' plays hurt badly. Extra outs are a usual component of big innings. Perhaps he is taking his struggling offense out with him onto the field because that was not Gold Glove caliber play which the announcers are always blathering on about (not Palmer, he tells it like it is).
  12. O's trade for Hellickson

    I like the way Hellickson pitches as well. He would be a nice complement in style to Gausman and Bundy. Let's hope he's not getting silly money like we see all the time and the Orioles might have a chance if he enjoys his time here. Whatever we do, please do not pick up Miley's option or that's one night in five I will not be watching!
  13. Just tell me why Davis is batting clean up?

    Davis is too stubborn and seemingly never changes his approach to see if a change could help. Several of the other Orioles have made adjustments lately and the results are showing. We teach our kids from little league up to expand the zone with two strikes, etc. so as to not let the umpire decide your fate on a borderline pitch...foul it off, etc. Watch the Yankees and Red Sox hitters run up the pitch counts doing just that. A ball put into play has a chance to make something happen.
  14. I like the plan; unfortunately those guys you mention will be bid up to outrageous numbers ... feels like it happens over and over and we don't ever get them. Maybe it's time to take a chance seeing as how our guys seldom seem to come up and blossom as starters. We'll never win the AL East again unless our starting pitching is at least generally comparable talent as the rest. The Orioles already beat the "experts" predictions because of Buck -- they play greater than the sum of their parts. But that only goes so far.
  15. Yes, sure there's a chance the light goes on but Wright has a much better chance of becoming a "better than average" reliever than starter. This upcoming off-season, The team needs to re-purpose the Miley / Ubaldo / Tillman / Hardy contracts, etc. for some decent pitching via FA or trades, and not off the usual dumpster diving list. Having said that, I like Tillman and hope he "finds it" and comes back on an incentive laden deal.