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  1. amdcpus

    at Rays 3/9

    I'm watching a stream of it. He looks atrocious. His fastball is just as bad as last year, if not worse. It's very flat and slow
  2. Adam Jones isn't being cut, his contract expired.
  3. It was very smart to take him out after the 4th IMO.
  4. amdcpus


    Orioles decided not to show up as well.
  5. I'm not really sure where you got this from. Cobb has been very good for a while now, 2 months +.
  6. Good riddance. Hated this guy's bad attitude all year long.
  7. Ol Yacy is starting game 1 tomorrow.
  8. Buck puts him in the most high leverage situations time after time after time. And he's thrown a ton of innings for a 23 year old reliever.
  9. If you want a vet presence OF, sign Gentry for the vet minimum.
  10. amdcpus

    Buck and TTP

    I'd be willing to bet this TTTP is one of the things ruining our pitchers.
  11. Gentry recalled, Jones to bereavement list, per Roch.
  12. I agree with you. And actually Hellickson's and Miley's peripherals are both decent. Miley will regress obviously, but both have looked good.
  13. I doubt it. Have you already forgotten his gems for us earlier this year, including his 9 IP shutout?
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