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  1. 2017 Redskins

    I was pissed at the missed extra point, until I learned the Kicker is hurt/nicked up, kinda of hard to be mad, when its an injury. late in the game, they go into prevent defensive and that can prevent a win. but, they also had a bunch of guys in the defense go down (again) and the 49ers took advantage of that.
  2. The artist(s) formerly known as.....

    Thanks to Weams, and his magical touch, I am back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Is Joe Flacco?

    Eli has looked pretty bad with the Giants this year and he had a pretty big extension didn't he? Ive said it before, you have to look at Ozzie? There was a time, where he was the best of the best of the best. Some of his personnel decisions has not been what they used to be? I thought I had read a poster, said he doesn't have the same support staff around him, that made him what he was. Which if correct, would make sense.
  4. Favorite Movie Theme or Soundtrack

    how about that learn something everyday. thanks
  5. Rooting for the Nats because it probably pisses off Angelos

    Lol, sorry, thanks!
  6. Favorite Movie Theme or Soundtrack

    I thought I had said, favorite movie theme song or soundtrack, as in your case, scores from the movie High Fidelity.
  7. Getting rid of Chris Davis

    Sorry was laid up sick as a dog this weekend, did as little as possible.
  8. The artist(s) formerly known as.....

    How awesome is that, very good. I have done as requested Thanks
  9. Rooting for the Nats because it probably pisses off Angelos

    Roy, I respect your opinion, well, usually. I refuse to call Wieters Inept. Baseballs is a game of inches and breaks. Like Frobby posted: Thats not ineptness.
  10. Rooting for the Nats because it probably pisses off Angelos

    I cant disagree with you, I feel bad for Wieters, and I dont believe he will be tagged like Bill Buckner, since it wasnt the world series, or for Baltimore fans, like Todd Zeile's idiot thrown into the grown in the ALCS.
  11. Favorite Movie Theme or Soundtrack

    Lots of great soundtracks, but for me personally, I think Top Gun ranks right up there at the top. Lots of good tunes in the entire movie.
  12. Any HVAC experts here?

    I got 25 years out of my last AC and it was a TRANE, needed the coils replaced overtop of the furnace and decided it was best just to replace everything. They pushed Carrier and so far 4 years now, its been solid and dependable. Ive had more problems from my furnace than my AC, circuit boards, ignitors, etc. In the long run, I pay 25.99 a month through BGE Home, and they cover all the repair costs on my AC, Heat and some hot water heater parts, and they work 6 days a week, and usually can get them out within 24 hours of breakdown.
  13. Rooting for the Nats because it probably pisses off Angelos

    I dont follow the Nats, I wish them well and would have loved a parkway series but oh well. From a fiscal point of view, their success brings in extra tax money to the feds, state and local budgets
  14. 2017 NFL Fantasy Football

    close my eyes and eeny meeny miny moe. Ive been playing for years, and I tell you, most times we over think it too much. But, basically, like in real football, your success depends on your players health and pure luck. Couple of years ago, Brady was supposed to be suspended 6 games, nobody was touching him, I already had 2 QBs, and 3 rounds left and suckee players to pick from, so I said, WTF, I took a flyer on him, figure he would be backup when he came back, but he got to play the whole year, with a chip on his shoulder and I pretty much won the year that year, the combo of him and Gonk along with Albert Morris in his prime and I was gold.