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  1. Nope, I thought one of our resident trolls started this thread, and while I cant disagree with the term idiot to describe them, cant get away with doing that in an open post. Then when i checked who actually started the thread, I understand totally.
  2. Careful my friend, thats probably a bit over the lines of what Tony-OH allows from us.
  3. You have to admit, the food hijack was more insightful than the idiot article that rehashed old news.
  4. Which team is actively using that for every game?
  5. Yup, and I get that. Location, location, location. Atomic, said, why do I want to goto Ellicott City for food that is right in my own area. and I totally agree
  6. slow season, and a garbage article it was, I dont care if it was nationally written or not.
  7. WBAL news was funny last night, they were talking about the festivities going on for the horse race and how the city loves the free events and how packed they are, and the camera turned around by mistake and showed like a dozen of people tops.
  8. I dont get to Bethesda too much, its just to hard in rush hour traffic to get there, takes me over 45 minutes+ and thats on a good day.
  9. thats not really change now is it. Just a word change, so why brother? Not like you are trying to actually change the way the game is played, and I disagree. Like putting the DH into the AL was a big change. Stupid to only have 1 league, but thats a discussion for another thread. and there really isnt a big push to change it, just the vocal minority. For what purpose does it serve? Sorry I just missing the point on this one.
  10. How long has the word opener truly been around? just the last couple of years, and its not really been in use much, just some people are enamored with it. Cant people disagree with you, without you taking shots? I know you are old too, grandad.
  11. I disagree. If he is pitching well, and the offer isnt worth it, you keep pitching him.
  12. Dont forgot monster jam, took my grandboys there and the place was packed. Drive through the Inner Harbor on any given night and the place is busting at the seams.
  13. I dont buy that opening term, sorry. My opening pitcher is starting pitcher on opening day. Every other day, is the starting pitching that starts the game.
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