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  1. Brad was always a darn good arm out of the pen.
  2. I was trying to be gentle. Some of it, is the guys they have brought in. Some talent, but maybe not the brightest in the way of baseball game sense, and some of that cant be taught.
  3. I liked Givens since his early minor league days. But, I have been consistent with my opinion, that Givens doesn't have the makeup to be a closer. He does have very good stuff and can be very effective arm out of the pen.
  4. Hyde said this team is young, and he is working with them on getting their head totally in the game, and not have occasional mental lapses.
  5. Understood. I think Elias is strong enough to know how to do his job, and it still remains to be seen, how much influence Brady had with the previous regime which is all gone.
  6. it doesnt take much to see the ability DD had before the Blue Jays came calling, and the results was 5 years of being the best record in the AL, to the disastrous results after the Blue Jays. Decision making didnt get better until the boys took over and Elias/Sig combo was hired.
  7. It is fact, fake or urban legend.
  8. We all know what went wrong. The fricking blue jays wanted DD, and Peter stop trusting DD to make baseball decisions, making him a lame duck GM.
  9. ticket sales on stubhub just dropped to all-time low.
  10. Roy, think you have a minor mistake here.
  11. I remember Sid, he lost weight and lost speed off his Heater.
  12. more like slow pitch softball, where each team bats around once or twice an inning.
  13. Understood. He had his reasons, and yeah, the excuse he had, didnt really make sense. I just wonder if he felt going to the wrong team for the rest of the 2018 season would have hurt his 2019 contract value?
  14. Philly is not the city of brotherly love, thats for sure, and I know, my opinion, but one shared by others. For whatever reason, he didnt want to play there. He earned the right, so be it. I dont going to flame the guy for it. Besides it all ancient history and done with.
  15. Dont believe half of what you read on the internet, reporters love making things more than they was. Just look at Manny and SS here.
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