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  1. He isnt flipping houses. He sold his house, and brought Cal Ripken's old place. Sounds like a move up, in my opinion. There is money in flipping houses. I know a guy who makes his living that way, and he doesn't spend the first minute in manual labor, either.
  2. Redskins Rick

    BR: O's farm system 18th; list of 10 prospects

    Assuming 18 is correct, where was they ranked, prior to the firesale???????? Last place?
  3. I suspect if that had been the case, that information would have leaked out. AJ has made over 95 million playing ball, that doesnt take into consideration, endorsements. I really doubt that 2 more million is going to do much to his portfolio.
  4. Redskins Rick

    PressBox: D.J. Stewart Thinks He Could Help

    I wouldnt want a single minor league player to not think they could help the parent club at some point.
  5. True, But, most of us survive 14 years of Angelos at his worst, and looking back, not sure how we did it.
  6. I am sure you are right, but, just hard to understand vetoing the Philly trade. There has to be something we missing and not privy to here.
  7. I know, he said, he wanted to keep his stock high, going into free agency. He talked about wanting to play for a contender, and then he veto the trade, which is well within the right that he earned. Something in the back of my mind, says, he knows his days are probably done for. I dont see him happy as a role player, and since he loves the area, I can see him coaching the young kids in some capacity.
  8. I hate to disagree, but a contending, needs more production than what Jones can provide at the COF, IMO. But, hell, Ive been wrong many times before.
  9. Luke is better suited for heading up the advance scouting team. CoC for pitching coach!
  10. Redskins Rick

    Yet, another acrtive shooter situation in Md

    We are getting way too many of these in Md and across the states. https://www.wbaltv.com/article/officials-multiple-victims-in-aberdeen-shooting/23330608
  11. Dang, so if you get GM, there goes my shot at being made manager.
  12. Redskins Rick

    1983 - GM 5 Murray with 2 Homeruns

    I love his hitting his name on the 2nd HR. What a beast of a 1st for this team.
  13. Redskins Rick

    New AAA Baseballs Will Likely Boost Scoring In 2019

    I agree with the move to major league balls. It should have been done years ago. I dont get aluminum bats in college and high school, if they are not allow to be used in the majors. I applaud MLB to trying to tweak the game of baseball. It needs to be tweaked, considering how the fan base for MLB is in decline. But, this extra inning rule makes no sense. I didn't like NFL overtime rule changes, but actually, they seam be working, and wasn't as bad, as I had thought they would be. So maybe this happens to the MIB extra inning change. Bottom line, you dont want to extend your pitching staff in extra inning games.
  14. Aye, the expert here at OH. I think I have a better chance of getting named manager of the team, than the QO to Jones. IMO
  15. Have you read anything remotely serious that the Club was even considering this? Everything they had done, has shown me, they want a cheap payroll, while they rebuild. Doing the QO, doesnt make any sense.