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  1. I doubt that very much, this clubhouse seams to be tight for now under Hyde and enjoying the games.
  2. I trade you my Pete rose card for Hank Aaron.
  3. Nah, I was like Pedro and the Major League movie, I could hit the fast ball well, but anything else I was toast. LOL
  4. Can you image cut down day at single A, with 25 roster spots and 62+ players. LOL
  5. Wow, thanks. How the heck was there that many players in the draft pool????????
  6. Reminds me some of the Blade. Can you image the OH being around then and critical on a great defensive guy with small stick?
  7. 1990 and 28 home runs. That proves the ball was juiced that year.
  8. I suspect that some would call Trout a true through and through 5 tool guy.
  9. Just because the phone calls where made, mean he was offered fair or good return. Not like the GM called up and said Trout, and 2 Number 1 picks along with $10 million for Givens. GMs regularly call around and kick the tires to see what available. Almost like a waste of time, but apparently sometimes things do get done.
  10. Because he wasnt the blame guy, he was the lackey dude doing what he was told to do by either the owner / GM. No worries, its all good, trust me, you will not see me respond to one of your posts again. Enjoy the Easter weekend
  11. 42nd Round? So each 30 MLB team drafted 42+ players??
  12. Hyde said he expected him to be there at some point this season.
  13. You going after Brady is getting old, we get your hatred of the guy. Here is what I remember. Cashner was on MLBTR list of top 5 FA SP. During that off season, ALL FA SP were getting multi year deals. He also had good WAR years in 2013 & 2014. He was a veteran inning eater and expected as #4 starter. He wasnt given Ublado money nor was he expected to be the TOR.
  14. Good one, i think the biggest passover in history has to be the 6th round selection of Tom Brady.
  15. I agree, gritty win, but we already been talking about this game all morning in the silver lining game thread.
  16. I thought throwing a shoe was a good thing??? HAHAHAHAHA
  17. Im with you there. Talented guy, with lockdown stuff at time. He is prone to meltdowns and big innings, you just never know which Givens is going to show up.
  18. It was indeed. Palmer was once quoted that Stu Miller of the Orioles had the best change up in all of baseball. His delivery was so deceptive it kept the hitters fooled.
  19. I wouldnt be surprise if he doesnt end up in the starting rotation at some point before the season is over.
  20. To me, Means is a lot like Mark Williamson was back in the day, Long man out of the pen. Hyde already said Means will get an occasional start. You dont see too many relief appearances for your long man.
  21. True, just a place holder until we draft the next switch hitting Jesus.
  22. I suspect Means being their occasional spot starter, isnt going to get too many bullpen calls, saving him for long relief or a pop up start.
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