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  1. Don't forgot Ken [#IhaveanaxetogrindwithBaltimore] Rosenthal. But, my mother's 2nd cousin, twice removed' boyfriend's roommates' sister, works for the Padres, and he assures me the team is moving.
  2. I will have to politely disagree with you. M.A.S.H for me, is 1,000x times better.
  3. I got the boot, a nice retirement check, 2 months severance and they paid me for my vacation time. So I took the summer off, enjoyed myself, and got a phone call and a job offer, that I couldn't refuse, and I decided to work for a bit more, before I ride off into the sunset for good.
  4. I did love Disney, and swiping my arm band for everything, including admittance to my hotel room. Took a bit of getting used to, coming back to real civilization and you cant watch your arm at the cashier.
  5. Apple watch is really cool, but if you work in an industry where that is a prohibited item, then its not for me. It does remind me of a old cartoon favorite.
  6. Speak up my boy. My hearing aid, aint what it used to be.
  7. I agree, stop printing the penny.
  8. they tried the dollar bill coin here, and it didn't fare too well. The pound coin was quite hefty and put 5 of those in your pocket, and you lean to one side.
  9. I guess I am 106, now. LOL Sure beats all the GD reality tv shows on, right and left.
  10. I like Matlock, Hallmark mysteries are a bit different, not too much courtroom stuff. Matlock is just an updated Perry Mason.
  11. Hallmark mystery movie series are actually pretty decent stuff
  12. if he was that good, you keep him and build around him. lol
  13. Hell CoC hates everybody evenly. [sarcasm alert]
  14. I didn't like living in England and using the one pound (dollar) coin. Not, that there is anything wrong with it. Just wasn't what I was used to, to me, it was much easier to carry paper $1 notes.
  15. Loewen was able to spend 5 years in the bigs, how many prospects wanted to do as much, and didn't?
  16. that's worth the price of his contract, right there.
  17. Who cares what mayflower knew. They are a business, and their business is moving items. That would be like hating UPS for handling amazon prime packages.
  18. Which was still better than the early days of HTS, which I thought was great, getting all 162 games on TV, was pretty much unheard of, back in that time. I would be up doing midnight feedings, and watching replays of the days game and not want to go back to bed.
  19. I use a bit more cash than you, not that I don't use plastic quite a bit, but some things like a soda out of the machine, or a coffee refill at 7-11, I just refuse or try to not use plastic. I also do not like leaving tips on the plastic, and will try and use cash for the tip portion of the bill.
  20. For student athletes. SMH With so much money, no wonder the players want a cut of that.
  21. Ruth help Boston win the WS in 1918 and demanded a pay raise from $7k to $10k, which was honored and then dealt the following year. Note: Average income in 1918 was 3K.
  22. I love this kid, and wish he was still in an Oriole uniform https://www.mlb.com/video/statcast-yaz-s-472-foot-home-run?t=most-popular Note: He hit #13 last night.
  23. to the point, they even take picture of their drivers license
  24. Samsung pay, etc, forgot about those, but the main point is still valid, cashless society is what the younger kids are moving to.
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