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  1. Os requesting offers on Machado

    We have to trade Manny as quickly as possible, even if what we get from him isn't good enough for the front office. And even if that means a rebuild, because we ain't winning a world series with this pitching staff
  2. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Just trade him already
  3. Orioles out On Cobb per Roch

    I would trade Manny to St. Louis for those players in a heartbeat i just hope if that kind of offer is in the table the O's accept it
  4. Orioles out On Cobb per Roch

    The O's seem to really be interested in Alex Cobb. I think he would be a good fit in Baltimore. What are your thoughts, do you think DD can do this deal? https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2017/11/east-notes-oscobb-mets-nats-jays-rays.html
  5. O's interested in Tyler Chatwood

    I think Chatwood is one of the best pitchers we can bring, so I hope we get him.
  6. Expansion/Realignment

    That would be great.