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  1. But why is it so violent? As the city always been like this?
  2. As someone who doesn't live in the US, can someone explain me why is Baltimore so dangerous compared to other cities?
  3. I didn't say we´ll get the win
  4. Up by 5 in the first inning is this 2018 still?!
  5. Nice one by Beckham!!!
  6. That's a miracle for Davis
  7. Getz

    vs. YANKEES, 8/01

    Sonny Gray is really struggling
  8. Getz

    vs. RED SOX, 7/24

    Nice one by Schoop
  9. Getz

    vs. YANKEES, 7/10

    I'm so tired of Mancini, Trumbo has less 28 games than him and has the same RBI's
  10. This game is a battle about who is more mediocre
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