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  1. Projected 2018 Minor League Depth Chart

    Rickard isn't the only one. I am fairly familiar with how organizations work and you have a lot of guys with MLB/AAA experience moving backwards. There are some pitchers also. I guess maybe that is why the Orioles seem a little messed up.
  2. Projected 2018 Minor League Depth Chart

    Just wondering why the Orioles would send players that have MLB and AAA experience back to AA. Wouldn't they be release candidates at this point? Seems to me that they would just be impeding the progress of younger prospects.
  3. Projected 2018 Minor League Depth Chart

    Just curious where your information comes from when making these predictions?
  4. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    I would argue that starting pitching isn't all that important anymore. Not with the way teams are using them. Look at the world series, they were taking all-star pitchers out of games after the 1st or 2nd time through the order. They were even using starters in relief, knowing they only had to face the order 1 time or if at the bottom of the order twice. You need a couple of guys that can eat up innings in the regular season just so you don't overuse the pen. If you look around lots of teams need pitching. A lot of people on here seem to be pretty hard on the Orioles and their system. Unless the Orioles do a complete gut job, like the Astros and now the White Sox, nothing will change. Ask the Tigers' fans.
  5. The owner always has the power. Compared to him/her everyone else has zero power!
  6. Orioles youth movement

    It's only a youth movement if you cut bait and go all in (like the Astros). That means 95-100 loss seasons for a few years. I am new here but I don't see that sitting well with Orioles' fans. Problem is if you mix playing the younger guys with what they have pretty soon it is 4 years later, no playoffs (maybe a wildcard game), young guys are now late 20s and Orioles are no where nearer a championship. JMHO.
  7. Landing spots for Scott and Wells

    Will be interesting to see this spring how things shake up. Kipper had a great '16 in AA and struggled in his first taste of AAA. Will be interesting to see how some of these Bowie guys do with their first try at AAA. Lots of prospects in AA but you have the 30 year old position vets in AAA trying to make it back.They may not have the prospect status at their age but they know how to work a pitcher. I hope we don't give up on some of these guys that may struggle in their initial AAA test. I know everyone is gaga over all these metrics. But I see lots of guys that look good on paper but can't "pitch" a lick.
  8. Winter Meetings 2017

    Anybody know if the Orioles will release their AAA roster before the winter meetings? Will be interesting to see who they leave off the AAA roster. I know they are not high impact players but there are a few that they could lose that could help down the road.
  9. Minor League Rosters

    Interested to see where Kipper fits in. No sense sending him back to AA, he's already shown he can pitch there. They traded for him for a reason. Seems a little early to give up. Looking at Fan graphs the guy leads pretty much all of the minor leagues in ground ball stats. First trip to AAA was rough at times so interested to see what happens second time around.
  10. Minor League Rosters

    Will the Orioles post the minor league rosters now that the 40 man decisions were made?
  11. Rule 5 Target - Burch Smith - RHP

    Does anyone know if the Orioles will post which guys they place on the AAA roster and which ones on the AA before the rule 5 draft? Those it seems that know one of significance will be lost in the rule 5 there are some that will be taken in the minor league phase of the rule 5.
  12. 40 man roster due Monday

    The guys that were not protected on the 40 man roster, do the orioles release what roster they were put on? I assume Wilkerson, Long, etc. will be place on the AAA roster so you don't lose them in the minor league rule 5???? I am still unclear how the minor league rule 5 works. Is everyone on the AAA and AA roster essentially protected?
  13. 40 man roster due Monday

    Now that the 40 man is set what roster do the other rule 5 guys go onto? Do you think the Orioles put them on the AAA roster? If they leave someone on the AA roster another team can take them in the minor league phase correct? I have seen conflicting reports. With the players we have now what is the rotation in Norfolk and Bowie next year? It seems most the interest is in pitching in the rule 5.
  14. 40 man roster due Monday

    I believe teams have to have their 40 man rosters set by the end of the day this Monday. Looks like Orioles have 30 on it now. They don't have to have 40 so how many do you think they will add? It is also important who gets added to the AAA roster as well. If a rule 5 eligible player is on the AA roster I believe a team can take them and place them on their AAA roster. Can anyone confirm that? If true who on the Bowie roster gets added to Norfolk?
  15. I am just curious, people seem to have quickly written off Jordan Kipper for the future. I know he is not ready now but he did show some signs at AAA. He seemed to be inconsistent but there were some good starts. He definitely fits the bill for control and ground balls. I am interested to see how he does his second year in the org.