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  1. zjsmith

    Austin Hays off to slow start with bad approach

    Except HIPPA pretty prevents that.
  2. zjsmith

    6/19 roster moves

    Wow, I sense some hostility.
  3. zjsmith

    6/19 roster moves

    can of corn, it is just you. Really have no interest other than as a baseball fan. Why aren't all the roid guys in the hall of fame then? Why the outrage a few years back with A-Rod? I beleive the goal of the commissioner's office is to rid baseball of PEDs. You may not care but it seems the people in New York do, as well as lots of fans. If not then people need to quit acting like they do care.
  4. zjsmith

    Minor League All Star Break and Beyond Roster Moves

    Is Kipper expected back this year?
  5. zjsmith

    6/19 roster moves

    It's not about moving on and I don't have a dog in the fight. The question is has MLB's policy really cleaned up the game? Some guys have gotten some nice contracts after having served a suspension. I have to ask did these guys put themselves in position to make a roster by cheating? I don't know, but it is worth asking. Do anyone know if Wilkinson would even be in this position had he not used a banned substance.
  6. zjsmith

    6/19 roster moves

    I guess the suspension didn't really hurt Wilkerson???? They say they want to clean the game up but time after time these guys get called right back (or up for the first time) as soon as the suspension is up. Sounds like the consequence need sto be stiffer.
  7. zjsmith

    Austin Hays off to slow start with bad approach

    I believe that should be May 26.
  8. I hope Luke is kidding. I don't see top teams filling their 2nd base needs with a top 15 pick. Those teams draft pitchers, shortstops, impact outfielders with those picks. But if you want to be mediocre go ahead and draft a 2nd baseman.
  9. I sure hope they don't draft a 5'8" second baseman with the 14th pick. Remember Jose Altuve signed for around $15,000 as an undrafted free agent.
  10. zjsmith

    Pair of injuries in the minors

    What's going on with Kipper? Hasn't pitched in a while.
  11. zjsmith

    David Hess 2018

    But...it is better than not having success at the AAA level.
  12. zjsmith

    Hunter Harvey 2018

    Just saw video posted on 2080 on HH. Is anyone concerned about how much he throws across his body? You don't see alot of guys with that velocity throw that much across their body.
  13. zjsmith

    James Teague

    There are lots of important people in the organization and I can guarantee you the way they got to be important isn't by promoting guys that can't play.
  14. zjsmith

    James Teague

    Ok, I'll bite. Who was the scout that signed him?
  15. zjsmith

    Matthias Dietz 2018

    Saw him throw during first intersquad (day before games started). Throws hard but has a different arm path. Anyone know if he has had an injury in the past. Only concern looks like arm slot that could see an injury.