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  1. He has certainly had a great start as far as numbers are concerned. But we all know nothing will be certain until that next wave of playing time starts where he is game planned. That won’t be until next season. It is nice though to have a guy at the top of the order with potential. I am slightly skeptical whether his OBP will be high enough for him to stay there at an average to above level. I look forward to seeing if he can!
  2. There is a line I have heard involving chicken salad that seems appropriate here...
  3. Is the argument to get rid of DD really because he let Kakes go? Really??
  4. I understand your sentiment, but that would not be amazing for me. Manny is a good talent, and I wish him well, but that type of signing would be a step backward right now for the seemingly new direction of the franchise. Dan has made it clear they will cut some payroll in order to repurpose that money to scouting and international talent. Let’s do that first and when we are bursting with young talent, then maybe you spend on a bigger contract.
  5. My struggle with those on here concerned about a competitive 2019 team is this: we are attempting to fix a problem with the foundation of this franchise, one that has existed for a long time. Rarely can you make significant changes to the foundation while the house remains. Sometimes, as painful as it can be, you gotta tear the house down. Put me firmly in the team of trade everyone with somewhat expiring value. Whether that be now or in the off-season, let the packages dictate that. But no one should be off limits.
  6. Offensively I agree with you weams. However, if he were to move to RF I could see his defense getting enough of an uptick to make his overall value nudge upward slightly
  7. Let me first say I am an Adam Jones fan. Think he is a hard worker and has been great for the Orioles. But I am an old school thinker on this: while I don't usually agree with the direction the team moves as far as offseason strategy and future planning, I think sharing this information publicly is uncalled for. It makes it about you, and for me that takes away some respect I have for him. Meet with management and hold them accountable, fine. But stay off twitter with this stuff. It is bad for the future of the team, and it makes him look selfish. Again, this is just one persons opinion.
  8. Honestly whether we are overvaluing or undervaluing really is a moot point. It all comes down to how bad someone wants him, and how well our front office can utilize that want to negotiate. That will either drive up the market or dry it up. But either way I will be surprised at this point if he is not traded fairly soon. Too much smoke for there not to be a little fire.
  9. I would move School to third and attempt to extend him. Infield from left to right would be Schoop, Beckham, Kingery (from Phil) and Davis. It allows you to use Mancini as primary DH but also move him around to LF and 1B as needed. Your acquired LHB can be used at DH and hopefully be an OF.
  10. Thanks for the Welcome, I have been an avid reader for years but decided to throw my hat in the ring!!! In my perfect world, Machado goes to the Phils for the aforementioned package, Britton goes to the Cubs for Almora Jr., and Trumbo goes somewhere for a bag of balls. That puts our outfield as Hays, Almora and Jones (yes in right field). We get cheaper in key places and have the cash to sign two legit pitchers. But I realize we are not living in a perfect world.
  11. Maybe I have missed it somewhere, but has anybody mentioned that with the Galvis trade Philly now has an opening at SS. I know they have talked about their prospect Crawford but I feel like a Manny to Phils trade makes a lot of sense for the Os. If we get back two pitchers (one close to ready, one younger) and the 2nd base prospect that could be a trade we win.
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