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  1. Bonecrusher52

    We Can Still Win This Thing!

  2. Bonecrusher52

    Nationals trade embargo

  3. Bonecrusher52

    TT: Orioles Games of Thrones and the Way Forward

    It's seems like Buck's utmost loyalty to his favorite players ("Buck's guys") is hurting us as a team.
  4. Bonecrusher52

    TT: Orioles Games of Thrones and the Way Forward

    "Next, after losing Cruz the year before, Buck wanted Chris Davis back badly. Duquette was reportedly less interested in retaining Davis for the money he was requesting, but Buck reportedly went directly to Angelos requesting his first baseman be signed." Too much loyalty can be a double edged sword. It can bite the hand that feeds it very easily.
  5. Bonecrusher52

    Guys...I think we can win this thing...

    Here's how Dan Duquette reacted to last night's game.
  6. "Palmeiro told The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal in December that showing he can still hit at his age might convince some people that he was telling the truth when he said he unintentionally ingested the steroid Winstrol during the 2005 season."
  7. Bonecrusher52

    The Orioles have the worst record in MLB

    Slogan of 2018: "Everybody Hates Chris", starring Chris Tillman & Chris Davis.
  8. Bonecrusher52

    Connolly: Oh, the Humanity

  9. Bonecrusher52

    vs. ROYALS, 5/08

  10. Bonecrusher52

    Chicago Sun: Cubs interested in Manny

    Any of these starting pitcher in their prime otherwise I'm not interested. Fergie Jenkins Carlos Zambrano Kerry Wood Mark Prior
  11. Bonecrusher52

    vs. ROYALS, 5/08

    You're gonna lose! You stink! *Whack*
  12. Bonecrusher52

    Has there ever been a player at Davis level

    Found this video on twitter today. Kinda make me wonder if there is something going on between Trumbo and Chris Davis. I thought it was really weird at the time.
  13. Bonecrusher52

    Connolly: Heads may roll today

    Hire a new GM and manager. Send Chris Davis to AAA then move Brady Anderson to first base. Brady will post better number than Chris Davis. You're gonna like the way your team going to look I guarantee it.
  14. Bonecrusher52

    Who's most to blame for this mess?

    All of the above