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  1. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/adam-jones-says-he-vetoed-trade-to-phillies-because-he-wanted-to-maintain-my-stock-going-into-free-agency/ Earlier this week, Jones finally opened up about his decision to block the trade to Philadelphia during an interview with Sara Perlman of MASN Sports. Here's a transcript of the relevant parts, via MLB Trade Rumors:
  2. https://theathletic.com/508164/2018/09/06/breaking-fox-sport-detroits-mario-impemba-and-rod-allen-involved-in-physical-altercation/ Can you imagine Jim Palmer and Gary Thorne decided to go after each other?
  3. Okay... WTF is going on here, Dan?
  4. Never forget... Bonus: Worst Strikeout Swing Ever
  5. Bonecrusher52

    "Buck" naked woman strolling around OPCY?

    LOL! 🤣
  6. Bonecrusher52

    Duquette in mix for Mets new GM

    "Oh no! She saw me! I'm so dead!"
  7. Bonecrusher52

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    VVM: "Baltimore? No tengo idea de que es eso?" Barstool: OMG! He said Baltimore!
  8. Bonecrusher52

    Adam Jones interview on C.C. Sabathia's podcast

    Orioles' Adam Jones donates $8,500 to help cover travel costs for Little League team
  9. Bonecrusher52

    Orioles IFA Signings Thread

    Come to daddy Victor Victor!
  10. Bonecrusher52

    Bruce Cunningham talks about the Orioles for 15 minutes

    Orioles' Adam Jones explains why he vetoed a deal to the Phillies
  11. Exactly how Phillies fan are feeling right now.