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  1. Kaven5

    Think Sisco makes that 1-2-5?

    Has MASN ever mentioned Sisco's average last year ? What part of last year's .267 with 7 homers, at Norfolk, does Sisco become a projected offensive threat with ?
  2. Kaven5

    Ravens sign RGIII

    A healthy and hungry Griffin sitting on the Raven bench is a good thing.
  3. Kaven5

    This is a joke

    Maybe it was just enough time for ownership's disapproval.
  4. Kaven5

    Most important player for 2018?

    Caleb Joseph. He must remain healthy. Deal with a staff that will need help. Pressure to at least contribute offensively on a team that must score to win.
  5. Kaven5

    Baseball America's Top 100 Prospects (2018)

    I am much more concerned with Josh Hart's (2013 1st round pick) ceiling. He should be much further along four years in. Not again, please.
  6. Kaven5

    Ryan Flaherty Appreciation Thread

    This generation's Tom Shopay.