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  1. Only where I got the thread name right.
  2. Turrible? Isn't that the name of one of them old time blimps?
  3. Good call by MLB to do these uniforms in a time when the country, unfortunately, is somewhat divided along racial lines. I wonder if Colin Kaperdick complained to Nike about the black players wearing white.
  4. Yeah, right ( I say sarcastically). The only time the O's will be 'in the hunt' in the next 10 years, is when they win the first game of the season. After that, the season(s) is oh-ver.
  5. Good thing no one got too excited.
  6. What are they really going to do? Just swing at everything in the dirt just to go home? They aren't all Chris Davis.
  7. The O's got 1 run and...
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