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  1. Ted Stryker doing his Brandon Hyde imitation.
  2. I can still remember Jim Hunter saying, against the Stankees, that the O's should get an early lead. Seems to me, every team they've played, they get the lead but it don't matter.
  3. Lolly Gaggers. Isn't she a porn actress?
  4. Like the catcher going out to the mound with 2 strikes and then the batter swings at a ball in the dirt cause he was starting to fall asleep? Or when the pitching coach goes out to the mound and the rest of the fielders have to go listen to what the guy is saying just so the reliever has a few more minutes to warm up. And then they realize that the pitcher doesn't speak English anyway and in the meantime the outfielders are discussing plans where they are going to get some trim after the game.
  5. Doing my own analytics: Bitcoin has skyrocketed since the O's started their 10 game losing streak. They win yesterday and btc drops. A few more 10 gamers, and it's...
  6. Is it getting dark or is it me?
  7. JEEEZUS!!!! Professor Robinson gave strict orders that no one goes outside at night. So what does Will do?
  8. Still amazed that these women don't realize they are there for only one reason. And it ain't for their sports knowledge. Hell, they even have a blond doing interviews for the American Cornhole League.
  9. Just add bullets.
  10. I'll check into it. I can't stop watching the IT Crowd.
  11. "Dees ees our foooking city."
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