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  1. 1) Chris Davis sets the hitless streak at 53. 2) Chris Davis sets the hitless streak to start a season at 49 3) AND NOW the O's are the fastest team ever to give up 100 home runs. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26796852/o-pitching-staff-fastest-ever-allow-100-hrs
  2. Fair. But the rules of this game didn't state anything about performance whilst in Baltimore. We're taking just their repertoire and constructing the perfect pitcher. Which is surprisingly hard for 200-2019. Those were a lot of lousy staffs. ** edit. just saw your statement said Bedard.... "for us."
  3. 2000-2019 FB: Arietta CU: Rich Hill SL: Scott Erickson CH: Mussina Other: Mussina Knuckle Curve
  4. Based on the O's attendance, that's probably dozens, not millions.😊
  5. Lucky fans. Crazy thing is I don't think that even makes the top 20 of his highlights with the O's.
  6. Maybe we should keep the young cheap talent. Just a thought.
  7. I'd argue that not many, if any, of the pitchers on the O's right now are long term pieces. My guess is that the strategy is let the guys with some potential trade value get in their innings. That would be Cobb, Cashner, Givens, Bundy. Protect the guys who might have some long term value for the Os, such as Hess. See what you have in guys like Means and Castro. And then just burn through everyone else. Give them a shot. And then start to cycle in the more valuable prospects such as Scott from the minors later in the year. My guess is that the innings pitched and outings numbers are going to look much different in the minors than on the big club this year, and that the prospects will be protected, developed, and brought up and still protected later in the year.
  8. I think Karns is David Segui Part 2.
  9. I think that's the reason Buck and Dan had to go. The atmosphere around this team last year just seemed to be "funeral." The O's are going to lose a lot this year, but at least they seem to be having some fun so far.
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