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  1. Weams, I share my opinions, you don’t know anything I don’t, you know less. If your ego needs to ban me, so be it, that’s your personal nonsense.
  2. If you don’t understand that DJ was more than worth 2 years 24 million, you’re far too stubborn to acknowledge the obvious. That move would have given us our best baseball player...offensively and defensively. I was correct. Shocking. You don’t play guys just because they’re young, and 24 isn’t particularly young. NY could get 75 Martins for DJ if they wanted. Your argument is deteriorating rapidly.
  3. He is currently a waste of a roster spot. Part of the job is getting that correct. He’s not just bad, he’s grotesque.
  4. Just sign DJ Lemahiue & let he or Villar play SS. Obvious to me prior to the season, more obvious today. That concludes that.
  5. I wonder if he could be up this year, I think he will be moved back to the rotation, but seeing him close for a month would add some much needed excitement to the season for some of us.
  6. I didn’t call anyone an idiot. The chances of him making it are zero, I don’t know what anyone could have seen in a guy who has no obvious gifts. He isn’t a strong fielder, which should have been obvious when scouting him. He can’t make contact with mlb pitching & when he does his soft contact % is over 31. He is as useless as anyone in baseball & he’s 24 years old. There is nothing to work with.
  7. He had no slider at all, it was the worst it’s been in any start in Baltimore. Something I’m encouraged by is his slowly increasing willingness to throw his slider to lefties, even away...and the change up to righties...in & away. He’s developing more rapidly than fans think, it’s been impressive, the guys who are working with him deserve an immense amount of credit. There are no less than 10 significant changes he’s already made since the new group arrived. Bundy needs to start throwing his 2 strike fastball up more & to do that he needs to be over the plate a bit more. The pitch up & in is easier to recognize & it’s easy to foul off if it’s in the strike zone & easy to lay off if it’s up or in because it’s so close to the eyes. He needs to trust it with more plate, but out of the zone, to finish batters off with it. He also had far more movement on his fb than he had in previous starts. There is still an ace in there, imo, it’s going to be built one start at a time, it’s not going to be raw talent getting him by. That said, more guys are adding velocity later in their careers, Bundy getting back to 99 isn’t happening, but 95 is certainly possible.
  8. His AA numbers are superior to transcendent Martins. I’m troubled that our GM could have taken any human in the rule 5 & landed on Richie. I wouldn’t put Richie in the top 500 OH wiffle ball prospects.
  9. People prefer a guy who can judge a fly ball in the OF, as unreasonable as that may be.
  10. He’s not even average at anything. His arm, making contact... nothing. He’s about as bad as any player in baseball.
  11. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/the-best-fastball-of-2019/ The Best Fastball of 2019
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