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  1. At first I completely agreed with you but on the other hand, Bud Norris brought the Astros a pretty good return( Hader and that OF who’s name escapes me) They could have kept Hader, but flipped him to the Brewers. If we got a recent mid-first rounder and a lottery ticket or two, perhaps a bit more considering its Bundy’s pedigree and that it’s 5 years later, I’d be inclined to listen.
  2. Philip

    T-Mobile Tuesday

    The past couple of years, T-Mobile has offered its members a free MLB.com package which allowed us to watch every game for free, listen to every game for free during the season. I almost never watch, I prefer to listen on the radio, but it’s a tremendous benefit for those times when you want to watch a game. Does anybody know whether this promotion is going to be taking place again this year, and if so when?
  3. Philip

    What can bring the fans back?

    That’s an illogical conclusion, I am saying that other people make the decision to trade tradition for a few extra bucks, and I’m saying that I disapprove of it. Nothing that I said indicates that I support it, “if the price is right”. So there are no grounds for you to claim that I have a price. Some traditions are in themselves bad and should be changed, I am certainly no slave to habit. But I can’t imagine anybody being happy about the name of Camden yards being changed for the sake of advertising.
  4. Too many variables, but it makes sense that Elias will definitely try to get rid of both the departing FAs( Trumbo, Cashner) Karns stays IF he appears fully recovered, because he’s probably more valuable to us. Bundy doesn’t have much value right now but he’s not going to be part of the next fine Os team so move him if his value increases significantly. Otherwise keep him. bullpen arms are cheap and unstable. Trade them all for solid future value of possible. Trade Villar. Now might be a good time actually. Lotta teams want what he offers.
  5. Philip

    What can bring the fans back?

    My wife can’t handle planes and we never want to be apart. So unless something surprising happens, i won’t go without her and she won’t go so that’s that. regarding the traditional Hot Dog and Beer, who wouldn’t miss them? I love that OPACY hasn’t been changed to Bayer Asprin field or Kia Motors Park. It’s tradition, and I hate it when tradition is tossed in favor of a few extra bucks.
  6. Philip

    What can bring the fans back?

    I shouldn’t answer this question, because I’ve never even been to Baltimore in my life, and my wife has no interest in going, or in letting me go. Having said that, I will be happy if the team shows progress, if the decisions are logical, and if the baseball is clean. I was also incredibly disappointed when they got rid of the traditional beer. And the hotdogs are gone to, that’s just terrible. I was looking forward to both when I finally make my first trip.
  7. Philip

    James Shields

    Hess gave up a whole lot of home runs.
  8. What is the positional adjustment? If I understand correctly, there is a certain standard of offense at any given position, so a player is penalized or rewarded if he doesn’t meet that expectation, or exceeds it. Is that correct? If so, I’m not sure I see any purpose to it.
  9. I’m curious about the OF depth chart. Are the outfielders ranked as a group, or by individual position? I’m pretty sure Mullins is #2 CF behind Diaz, right? Where is he in the overall group? is he better than Rickard, for instance? Rickard is a solid 4OF and has done well at each spot. That’s Rickard’s ceiling, god bless him, but If Mullins is that good, that’s his floor. Altuve is short and had some growing pains. I think Mullins can have a year to develop, and it will be fun watching him become more of himself.
  10. Philip

    Orioles Sign Alicides Escobar to MiL Deal

    Yes of course I know that. My point was that they drafted poorly by focusing only on offense, and Mountcastle has been unsuccessful wherever they have tried him. What’s done is done, but I hope the new guys focus on all-round performance.
  11. Philip

    Orioles Sign Alicides Escobar to MiL Deal

    I didn’t mean to say he’s “only” a DH, but at the moment there are three guys ahead of him at 1B so on this team, he’s stuck at DH unless we’re happy with sub par defense somewhere, and didn’t we get enough of that last couple years? and every report I’ve read complains about his D and mentions LF and 1B after expressing hope he might stick at 3B.
  12. Philip

    Orioles Sign Alicides Escobar to MiL Deal

    I’m actually just going by what everybody else has said, I’ve actually never seen him in the field, but I’ve never heard anybody say he is “good” anywhere. Please don’t misunderstand, I would be very happy to be wrong. I hope he is better than expected, “fixes what ails ‘im” and all that. It would be great if he turned into a competent defender, but defense is important, and we will never forget Trumbo’s season of 47 homers that was almost completely canceled out by his “defense.”
  13. Philip

    Orioles Sign Alicides Escobar to MiL Deal

    Well, lessee...we haven’t found a position he can play with any kind of ability. Maybe I’m just assuming he will find one, but things don’t look too hopeful at the moment. He gets knocks on even his ability to make routine plays, and on his arm, which would make LF less of a possibility. I’m not trying to be the Prophet of Doom, but at the moment, he looks best suited for 1B/DH.
  14. Philip

    Orioles Sign Alicides Escobar to MiL Deal

    No one should ever be drafted as a DH, and yet, they drafted Mountcastle.
  15. Philip

    Orioles Sign Alicides Escobar to MiL Deal

    Well, to be honest, not even Manny Machado is Andrelton Simmons, who might be the best shortstop to ever play the game(sorry Ozzie) But it was my understanding that Martin’s Glove was elite, and Jackson’s was at least plus. Is that incorrect?