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  1. I might love them, but sometimes we Don’t care to find out.
  2. Glad I already ate dinner. I like squirrels but not the brains.
  3. He’s a kid, just think of all the things you thought were good ideas when you were a kid. I had a mustache for years, and then I said to myself, “what the hell am I thinking?”
  4. That looks like an incredibly weak throw from Stewart. It was slow and it bounced. Does he have a bad arm, or did I say something wrong? Or was that a throw from centerfield? I think it was Stewart. but I’m not sure
  5. Someone said that Harvey’s delivery looks like Yacabonis. it does! but without all the hits and home runs and truncheons and the screaming.
  6. He did good for a while. LET ME HAVE MY DREAMS! ITS ALL I GOT! Wojochieeeski! It rhymes with World Seriee!
  7. Harvey next inning? I get really excited to watch Means, Wojo and now Harvey. They all give me real hope for next year.
  8. Earlier in the summer, I did not think he would be tender to contract, but now I think he will be. I’m not sure anybody wants him. He will certainly The more expensive once he is tendered because then the new team would be responsible for his arbitration raise. So it’s pretty likely that he’ll stay with us
  9. Yes I think that’s entirely likely. That’s reasonable and nobody was interested. villar drives me nuts but he is still a solid player.
  10. Yes I suppose that’s my basic point, but I also think it is probable that Mike did not over value him. I don’t think he put an unreasonably high value on him, and what he was wanting in return was reasonable. I don’t know what reasonable is, but I think it is more likely that no one was interested rather than people were interested and the price was too high.
  11. And yet no one wanted him at the deadline. That’s a genuine conundrum.
  12. Alberto’s defense is bad everywhere. He’s only playable if he continues to hit like he has been.
  13. Actually, I was not expecting to see him again at all. Brandon as much as said that he was going to be giving Davis’ at bats to others. I wonder if somebody from higher up told him that that was a no go, because it sure sounded like he was politely saying that Davis was going to sit and sit some more.
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