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  1. No. He’s not worth an extension. When he hits arbitration, if he has gained any value, trade him, and if he hasn’t, his arbitration raises will be small. If the Orioles learned anything at all from the Trumbo and Davis fiascos, it’s don’t give lots of money to limited players with enormous flaws.
  2. This is not a surprise. One-dimensional guys don’t usually have trade value.
  3. He’s just a kid. I feel so old sometimes. True story. One of my students parents doesn’t come pick him up on time. I say to him, “why don’t you call your parents and see where they are?” He answers, “I don’t have my phone.” I take my phone off the hook, hand it to him. ”Here.” He puts it to his ear, looks at me and says, “your phone is broken. It’s making this weird noise.” I take the phone from him, listen, and then give him an incredulous look. “That’s called a dial tone!”
  4. Oookkk. Well, I firmly believe in giving everybody in the minors a chance. Wotherspoon has had his. NEXT
  5. A split? With ynoa? No. On one of the other threads, I posted that I’d love to see a “what went wrong” interview with Dan or Buck, Although it is highly unlikely. However, what is going wrong is very clear. Ynoa is in our rotation. That’s what is going wrong. And he’s in the rotation because of really unthinking decisions by the previous guys in charge. (Sigh)
  6. Speaking of interviews, I really wish somebody would reach out to Dan and or buck and see about arranging a “what went wrong” interview. I doubt it will happen, but I’d sure like to know what they have to say.
  7. I don’t think the concerns that are being raised are purely hindsight. Everybody makes mistakes, and we’re not even sure that this was a mistake. Maybe it wasn’t.. But we have reason to be concerned if this reflects a lack of Talent recognition. Because we don’t want to let somebody go unless were sure that he’s nothing. I strongly feel Mike should’ve been brought up last September, but the people who declined to do so are gone, and releasing him, or releasing anybody, is always a calculated risk. If he’s hitting this well after 600 at bats instead of only 90, maybe we can look at our process to see what we did wrong. Until then, wish him well, let’s find something more pertinent to argue about. We already determined that the best beetle was Paul, So I’m welcome to suggestions…
  8. Absolutely, I am not at all I’m happy to have Martin playing short. He makes mistakes, but his head is always aware of what’s going on. I’m don’t think he’s made a single fundamental baseball mistake all season.
  9. The point is, he’s not worth nothing. He’s worth a chance, and he’s making well of it right now. I am constantly wanting to give chances to the guys in the minors, and with this team There is no reason not to. We should’ve given him a chance, and we did not.
  10. It is a valid question. Why was he never called up, especially with the awful outfield we had?
  11. I like Martin. he may not have a future, but he sure has a present. I noticed that his throw had a really high arc to it. If he had thrown in a little bit straighter and lower it would’ve been a closer play. One thing Manny could do it like nobody else Was throw a laser from deep 3rd to 1st while in the air and falling away backwards. That was just amazing.
  12. There’s always tomorrow! remember one of these days, the sky WILL fall
  13. Well, aren’t you cheerful today...
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