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  1. Roch Said a pitcher would be dropped to make room for Cobb, Which makes much sense beyond the obvious, but there are several candidates for least valuable arm, so who goes? My vote is for Phillips, and I won’t be sorry to see him go, but there are a couple of other guys I would rather get rid of.
  2. Well, how about that. Is there any chance that he remains up, or is it a foregone conclusion that he’s just going to go right back?
  3. Is Santander a bad defender? I really don’t think we should sacrifice defense to increase offense, unless the increase is really extreme, and I don’t think there’s anybody like that in the minors. If Santander Has reasonable defense, then why not bring him up?
  4. I think I remember one of Wright's early appearances, where he kept shaking off Sucre. Wright then got blasted, and afterwards was complaining about the pitches being called. I don’t remember it in any detail, but it seemed as if Wright were blaming Sucre for his own insistence on the wrong pitches. if I’m remembering that correctly, Sucre has every reason to be annoyed.
  5. I’ve asked before why Means wasn’t rated among our top prospects and the general reply was that until his change developed, he wasn’t anything. Now his ceiling is 5th starter, which isn’t nothing. It’s way too early to be comparing with Keuchel, John has what, 10-12 career innings? But I feel good when he comes into a game, and I scream “noooo” when he is removed. I certainly didn’t want to see Phillips replacing Fry, for example, and I was wondering why Means wasn’t called in.
  6. You are correct, sir. At the moment, Mike Minor of the Rangers is getting all the attention from contenders who need pitching, but I wonder if Cashner could improve enough to bring something back?
  7. Has means giving up any homeruns this season? I don’t remember. Meanwhile, can somebody remind me why Evan Phillips is hanging around?
  8. Nunez Is terrible at the positions that he does play… Why is he at a position that he does not play?
  9. Go look up “out of the deep” from the Rutter Requiem. Very appropriate…
  10. “I do not hate the Rays” Stupid auto correct…
  11. I do not heat the raise. I actually kind of like them and would not mind seeing them win the division, but I really hate the decision making that Created the rotation that we now have. It’s embarrassing and it was avoidable.
  12. In other news, if we DID send Mullins down, Who would come up? I am a huge fan of defense, and I would not want to sacrifice any defense of runs saved or UZR For an extra couple of hits per week. A nice Balance of defense and offense welcome, however. so who? whom?
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