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  1. LTO's

    Anyone Following Manny? (Signs with San Diego)

    This isn't even close to being true. The contract is bad and he's a bad player, but that contract isn't the reason they're a "failure" (they aren't a failure in the first place). The contract hasn't hampered their ability to pay good money to Trout, Simmons and Upton who are certainly worth it. Nor was it a hindrance in them paying the 20+ million dollar posting fee for Ohtani. They haven't been a WS contender because of horrible injury luck and a neglected farm system. The contract of ONE player is certainly a very convenient excuse though.
  2. LTO's

    Anyone Following Manny? (Signs with San Diego)

    Uh.....yes they are.
  3. LTO's

    Harper to Phillies reported

    Those contracts are far from always being mistakes. There's been extensive reporting debunking that. And Machado and Harper being this good heading into FA this young is relatively unprecedented. I always see you complain about teams not spending money so I don't see how you can hold two diametrically opposite opinions at once.
  4. LTO's

    Harper to Phillies reported

    What past mistakes have been made and how do they relate to this year's FA?
  5. LTO's

    NEWS: Joe Flacco Traded to Broncos

    Improvement is a relative term. Nine > 6 obviously but if they aren't able to draft one of the premium QBs (which they won't be able to with 9 wins) then they'll be stuck treading water with an aging and declining Flacco and starting every season praying for the WC or for Mahomes to tear an ACL. That's not really a place you want to be in. And of course some teams that made it last year won't be there next year for a variety of reasons but the Broncos aren't better than the Browns, Titans, Steelers, and if the Jags get Foles, they won't be better than them either. The Ravens made out like bandits getting anything for Flacco let alone a high end 4th.
  6. LTO's

    NEWS: Joe Flacco Traded to Broncos

    How is that a win? With 9 wins they'll still be firmly behind the Chiefs and Chargers and will probably fall short of the 6th WC. But they'll be picking around 16-20 in the draft and far away from the 2020 elite QBs. They should be keeping all their draft capital and rebuild to compete with KC. Instead they're giving up a relatively good pick for a marginal at best "upgrade."
  7. LTO's

    How good can the 2019 Orioles be?

    Now that's bold. I think the reason they won't reach 65 wins is because of the division. If they were in the Central I think they'd have a chance.
  8. The Mesa brothers, only one of which is an actual prospect, are gone. They are of no importance to what's left on the market. How much do you think the Orioles should spend on Sanchez? If you think they should spend the majority of what they have then I'm thankful you are not running things. Outside of him, there's nothing left. Elias in his Q&A said teams aren't expecting any other Cubans to hit the market this cycle. So the O's currently have 6 MM, Sanchez is worth around 2MM. What would you suggest they do with the 4 MM they'd have left? I'd much rather see them fix their facilities/begin to have a presence in VZ. There simply aren't any players left worth spending the money on. You can criticize the previous regime but it seems like spilled milk at this point.
  9. Let the Marlins burn millions of dollars on low upside organizational filler type prospects in an already completely picked over market. Seems like a horrible way to do business. You seriously can't be advocating for overpaying any of these players left. There's a reason none of the actually well-run orgs are going to do that.
  10. Even reading his AL East team by team breakdown, I don't understand how we have a worse farm than the Red Sox. It just doesn't make sense to me. Track records aside, prospect by prospect we have a better collection of talent than the Red Sox and it seems like we're getting dinged for supposed changes foisted upon players by people who are seemingly no long employed or who will no longer have influence. Changes that for some players, I've never heard about and have not been corroborated elsewhere. Law is an extremely smart person but his personality on Twitter and elsewhere is very grating and he seems incapable of accepting any criticism so it's probably just better to not engage. I'm sure they'll end up being a top 15ish system this time next year because he likes Elias and co.
  11. Does anyone have any information about McKenna receiving instructions for a swing change? This is the first I've heard of it and it seems like it hasn't interfered with his production.
  12. LTO's

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Ravens attendance is also down despite the team being pretty competitive. There are more empty seats in that the stadium the past two years than I've seen in a while and I've gone to just about every game since 2005. The truth is that ticket/concession prices are too high, people's wages aren't rising with the costs associated with attending sporting events and watching the games at home or at a bar are much cheaper and more convenient. Plus Baltimore is a relatively small city. Despite the "booming" economy, most people don't have enough money to fit constantly attending sporting events into their budgets. Especially those with families.
  13. LTO's

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    And those well-to-do areas are some of the richest and safest areas of the entire country with some of the best schools. Like another poster said, I have seen a lot of the younger guys in the south Baltimore area. They obviously chose to live there for a reason and if it was really that bad I'm sure they'd move away.
  14. LTO's

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Because most Orioles players don't live in the city and if they do it's in the Ritz Carlton/Silo Point type condos that are exceptionally nice and far enough away from where the vast majority of crime is that the chances of them being murdered is astronomically low. The Os have had no problems signing FAs and have signed plenty of their own guys as well. Contrary to what you may believe, there aren't murderous mobs destroying property every day here. The point about the FO dysfunction is obviously pertinent here but I think you're grossly mischaracterizing the city these players would live in if they signed for a few mil. They'd be totally insulated.
  15. LTO's

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    No one is triggered, you're just speaking condescendingly about something you have no idea what you're talking about. He wouldn't play in 2019 so we're talking 2020 at the earliest and then you have an ample time frame to field a competitive team while paying VVM well below his value. If you can't field a competitive team you trade him. This is all really self explanatory.