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  1. Delmarva won again in the 9th - 33-9 for the year. They have been fun to follow this spring. They could go 1-25 to finish the first half and still go 34-34.
  2. orioles22

    Austin Hays 2019

    He hit .242 with 12 homers and 43 RBI in his bad season at Bowie. I'd take that over what Mullins is doing now at Norfolk.
  3. orioles22

    Austin Hays 2019

    You think they were going to send him to Bowie for a third year after some thought he made the big club in the spring? I think he was a member of the Tides when he was hurt.
  4. orioles22

    Austin Hays 2019

    He has 130 games at Bowie - time to see what he can do at Norfolk, in my opinion, after one trip to Baltimore already and a strong spring training. I'd go Hays, Mullins and Stewart in the outfield with Santander at DH.
  5. orioles22

    Bowie Baysox 2019

    It does appear something is wrong there - several top prospects are struggling. Speaking of prospects, I wonder when Diaz will get back. Is this parts of 3 years at AA for him.
  6. orioles22

    Austin Hays 2019

    He has already done pretty well at Bowie. Some wanted to see him in Baltimore. I just want to see him do well in AAA. Most of the Norfolk outfielders aren't prospects. He was sent to Norfolk in March: March 17, 2019 Baltimore Orioles optioned RF Austin Hays to Norfolk Tides.
  7. orioles22

    Austin Hays 2019

    I was thinking he was sent to Norfolk before he got hurt and he was in Frederick on injury rehab.
  8. No need to rush Mountcastle, even if the Orioles are struggling. The others are debatable. I'd be a little surprised if they are ready to give up on Martin though. I hoped they would get Iglesias for shortstop in the off-season.
  9. orioles22

    Dean Kremer 2019

    No starter is listed for Bowie on Tuesday. I hope that is Kremer getting back to AA.
  10. orioles22

    Austin Hays 2019

    I was thinking the same thing - glad to see him get some hits. I'd imagine it's about time for him to go back to Norfolk.
  11. orioles22

    Keegan Akin 2019

    I agree that it's more important to follow the timetable that is best for the player. How good or bad the team is should not be a factor. Hess, Scott and others are brought up from AAA before they are ready and then seem to start a shuttle. I'm not sure that bringing them up early hurt their chances to succeed in the majors, but it certainly didn't help and it's not worth taking a chance on someone like Akin. I'd like to see him win 10-15 games and maybe be the best pitcher in the league this year, which truly means he has nothing left to prove. Then it will be up to him whether he makes it next year or just becomes a AAAA pitcher like some of others we have.
  12. orioles22

    Keegan Akin 2019

    Not every pitcher needs a full season, but there's no reason to push it, in my opinion. We've moved pitchers up fast to the majors and it rarely seems to pay off. I'd like to see them dominate at every level.
  13. I just spent all afternoon following Lowther and Sedlock and hoping for better days.
  14. orioles22

    Zac Lowther

    I could see a half season at Bowie if he continues pitch like this with an ERA around 2.0 and then a move to Norfolk. Could we have three lefties in the Orioles rotation by this time next year?
  15. I'd like to see Kremer get back to Bowie yesterday, then Baumann and Sedlock by July. Sedlock with 7 strong innings today - so far.
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