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  1. Baumann's ERA was down to something like .30 before the sixth inning today. If the bullpen hadn't let him down it would have been just one earned run today. He's had a tremendous start. I hope he's ready to go to Norfolk to start next season, along with Lowther, Kremer, Wells and Zimmerman.
  2. I'd guess some top high school pitchers would throw 70-80 innings in a high school season then another 70-80 in the summer leagues.
  3. Not in my state. Bundy probably threw that many in a week.
  4. Everyone has one AAA, AA and A (I think only one there for High A and one for Low A) team. I think you can have more at the lower levels.
  5. I've been waiting for him to move up, but now it looks like they are keeping everyone there to try and win the league. I think I'd trade Diaz for Rifaela and try to win the championship without him and let Diaz get a month of AAA at bats and see if he's ready next spring.
  6. He could be tired, but it seems like he's been babied too much. it seems like he's averaged 6-7 days between starts.
  7. Finally - I've been waiting to see that news.
  8. orioles22

    Zac Lowther

    Could be. He's going for 9-1 tonight. I like Lowther a little better, but I'd be happy if either won.
  9. orioles22

    Zac Lowther

    I still think wins are important, and Lowther got his 11th tonight - two ahead of anyone in the Eastern League and really three ahead since Marvel, of the Pirates, moved up to AAA. He's third in the league in ERA and may be our second straight Eastern League pitcher of the year.
  10. That seems to be true, but I hate that idea. I still think winning the game means something.
  11. orioles22

    Austin Hays 2019

    I hope he can start in next year's outfield, but I'd like to see him excel at Norfolk for a few weeks, at least.
  12. Perhaps the Bowie pitching coach should be promoted with his staff - great results there this season with everyone showing improvement.
  13. I was wondering if anyone had posted on him yet. That sounds like ace stuff to me. It looks like he could move up to AAA with the rest of the cavalry next spring.
  14. orioles22

    Austin Hays 2019

    I agree. Let's get him in left and Hays in center the rest of the year and hope they can fill those roles in April in Baltimore.
  15. orioles22

    Alex Wells 2019

    I would say the same thing. We have three of the top four in ERA in the Eastern League. I'd give the edge to Lowther as the league's pitcher of the year.
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