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  1. FastEddie

    NEWS: Joe Flacco Traded to Broncos

    I'm happy with it. Joe is very limited in what he can do, and it just so happens he is going to a very friendly QB system that he's familiar with...so I expect he'll do well there. As far as the return..I think a 3rd rounder would have been the max. Did DeCosta jump early..maybe, but I would have rather have gotten the 4th now than wait and risk a lower return.
  2. FastEddie

    NEWS: Joe Flacco Traded to Broncos

    Feel's good for both sides. Who's ready for the LJ era! (not me)
  3. FastEddie

    2019 NFL Draft

    A WR would be an exciting pick-up. Metcalf looks like the real deal and I'd love it. A more sensible pick for our team would be OL unfortunately...with LJ under center, more time in the pocket might help his pass ability. Are you a believer? I hope he improves on this during the year, but don't think he will ever have anything close to Flacco's accuracy.
  4. FastEddie

    A trade for Harbaugh....possible? Per Schecter

    Trading Harbaugh for two first round picks is a no brainer in my opinion. The only question would be who would replace him... My vote would be for McDaniels. For some reason I feel like DeCosta and McDaniels would be a match made in heaven. I can just see them scheming stuff in the depths of the castle. I wouldnt be opposed to promoting 'Wink' as well...he's really impressed with the defense this year, however OC's are Baltimore's crux and I wouldn't imagine that would be any better with 'Wink' at the helm.
  5. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what would be the best way to get his autograph? Did Dan ever do signings at FanFest?
  6. Welp, that’s great. So now what do we do with all this international money?
  7. FastEddie

    If...when...Machado signs w/NYY

    That’s a good point.
  8. FastEddie

    If...when...Machado signs w/NYY

    Report came out today mentioning MM would like to sign with the Yankees. Looking for a general concensus of feelys on the situation and outcome. Personally, I think I would be pretty bitter. Pretty damaging to his orioles career/history.
  9. FastEddie

    Adam Jones is the buyer of Cal Ripken's estate

    I’m confused... so he had two homes? One he lived in and Cale old place? So he is selling his original and moving into Cals? Oriole for life!
  10. FastEddie

    Perriman Still Here, Receives Roster Bonus

    That was against a 4/5th string corner
  11. FastEddie

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    Where is the head banging brick emoji when you need it...
  12. FastEddie

    Trey Mancini is going to trend up

    What is with the repeating signature?
  13. FastEddie

    Who’s jersey do you buy next.

    I’d have to see what the new guys can do. Any ideas of when we can see them promote to majors?
  14. FastEddie

    Are You Happy

    Me personally am beyond disappointed and completely loathe the Chris Davis signing. Looking for someone to come back and tell meManny never would have signed long-term in Baltimore, but I’m under the impression be would have. It feel like we chose Davis over Machado and are forced to blow up our team because of it. I’ll update my vote in another 6 years when we can wipe our hands of this contract. ...that said, it sounds like our team is pivoting in the right direction.
  15. FastEddie

    Tuesday's (7/31/18) Trade Deadline

    They specifically mentioned Schoop talks though...does that mean O’s are potentially working two trades?