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  1. I remember those early 90s Temple teams; they were a lot of fun to watch. It's too bad they're not in the A10 anymore.
  2. Just a few off the top of my head. I'm sure there are many more.
  3. I just discovered this section of the forums. I definitely expected there to be a lot of Terp fans, but was wondering who else we have here. I've been so wrapped up in the college season I haven't paid much attention to the O's offseason and spring training so far. Sad this is the last week of the regular season.
  4. I went through the last 6 pages or so, but hope this isn't a repeat
  5. And since we're putting in Baltimore themed songs, here's one I'm surprised hasn't been posted yet. Not one I'd vote for 7th inning stretch, but I love me some Gram.
  6. He hosted one of his shows here last summer, too. I think it was Eddie who guest appeared on it with him. Too bad it got canceled; I always thought it was pretty good and different from the standard sports talk shows.
  7. I actually hope he resigns w/ the Nats or goes to the Yankees. I think it's going to end up being a terrible deal for whichever team sings him and since the O's won't be competitive for a few years while Harper is likely producing, I'd rather it be one of those teams that is saddled with albatross of a deal.
  8. I'd love for the O's to have their affiliate in Richmond. Used to be the AAA team for the Braves, but the stadium has been an ongoing issue for well over a decade. The Flying Squirrels were promised a new stadium, but that still hasn't come to pass. At some point, something will give, but I have no idea when.
  9. This has me really excited for the future of this team.
  10. I also wrote to MASN about a year ago about streaming. I was basically lied to, being told that MLB does not allow games to be streamed through other carriers. When I replied that NESN and Red Sox games were available on PS Vue, I was assured it would just be for spring training games and replays, but no live games. So much for that.
  11. I appreciate how it's really just him writing out his thoughts more so than a letter; yet, as @Frobby said, it's classic Buck. He did it classy in a way that only he can. I'm not from Baltimore, but I always consider it a second hometown because of the O's and how much I come up there and the one thing I'll miss about Buck most of all is how much he embraced the city, not just the team or the fan base, but the culture of everyone that lived there.
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