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  1. I guess we shouldn’t hold our breath in hopes of Givens bringing us back an prospects at the trade deadline.
  2. I would of liked to see them at least give it a try. I wonder what his prospect status would look like today if he was playing solid second base with his bat. Top 20? 10?
  3. Does Bundy's stuff look as good today as the box score reflects?
  4. I am disappointed to see Davis in the lineup today, and no this is not me piling on the he sucks and shouldn't play wagon. I was really hoping they would keep him out for extended period of time while they tried to overhaul his swing. I know the odds are not in his favor of turning things around but I feel like a couple weeks hitting BP with a new swing approach might improve his confidence. Working on a new approach and facing MLB pitching at the same time doesn't sound like a recipe for a great outcome.
  5. Does Jomar Reyes still have a chance to be a legit prospect? I remember a couple years ago everyone saying he was very raw with a lot of power potential. I know he had some silly injuries over the past couple years but could he still put it all together and be someone we pay attention to? Curious to what @Luke-OH and @Tony-OH think about what they have seen in him recently.
  6. Diaz had two doubles and an RBI.
  7. Had great weather to enjoy a baseball game in Richmond last night. Had to leave in the 7th so it looks like I missed some of the late inning fun. Diaz made a couple nice catches out in LF, and the ball just sounds different coming off the bat when he makes contact. I didn't get to see McKenna hit the triple but watching him score from first was fun, even my wife said wow he is really fast.
  8. RVAOsFan

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    Field was in a good shape
  9. RVAOsFan

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    I wouldn't think it should be too bad, had some storms here last night but been warm and dry all day. I will update conditions when I get to the stadium.
  10. RVAOsFan

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    Going to watch Bowie in Richmond tonight and disappointed to see McKenna is not starting in CF, at least he is batting DH. Surprised since they got last night off due to rain.
  11. I agree. Based on the assignments out of Spring Training I kind of wonder if we see any of our "top prospects" in Baltimore this year. Maybe Hays or Sisco since they already have some service time.
  12. I think the most frustrating part of all of this is that it was completely ignored in Spring Training. It wasn't like there was a small sample size of poor performance it had been going on for over a year coming into this season. Why didn't they start rebuilding his swing in February instead of waiting until now?
  13. That would be nice, can we send him back to Sarasota for an extended Spring Training?
  14. I see he is not in the starting line up tonight. I think it would be a good idea to give him a couple weeks off to work with this technology and the coaches to figure some things out.
  15. Interesting to see Davis on the bench tonight and Ruiz starting at first while Mancini starts in RF. Maybe the coaches don't have as much of a problem with Mancini in the OF most people around here do? Or maybe our OF depth is that bad right now, meh.
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