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  1. For what it is worth and I know it is not a big deal, I overheard a conversation at spring training that lead me to believe Yacabonis was one of Mancini's good friends on the team.
  2. Sounds like we traded a minor league player for him?
  3. I will apologize in advance because I know this has probably already been addressed, but what makes the most sense to do with him in terms of team control. Would it make a difference if he started the season next year in Baltimore or if they waited a couple months to bring him up? Could they justify keeping him the minors again next season?
  4. “I had a deal in hand to trade Mancini for a couple top 100 prospects but I couldn’t find Angelos to sign off on it”..... I kid I kid
  5. I don’t know what it will take to get done but Madbum to the Yankees just seems too much like a Yankees move to not happen.
  6. I know the Nats and Orioles don’t trade but... Givens and Fry for?????
  7. I imagine Elias will be going after BPA in any potential trades but if we trade Mancini I would love for a middle infielder to be the number one guy we get back in that deal.
  8. Pretty sure Mancini won’t be bringing back one of the top prospects in baseball. I was thinking more under the radar kinda guy that he has a little more knowledge of than other GM’s
  9. I wonder if there is someone in particular in the Astros system that Elias wants and is willing to give up Mancini for.
  10. RVAOsFan

    Zach Watson 2019

    Austin Hays might plan on throwing his name in the hat for that gig.
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