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  1. If Harvey dominates coming out of the bullpen in the second half will he be viewed differently as a prospect? Could it put him back on the national map as a top 100 type of guy at the end of the year?
  2. Thank you! I just searched the name and that is who I was thinking about. He must figure he can get a bigger pay day of he waits until the new signing period begins.
  3. What happened to that short stop who defected and declared late that everyone was excited about a few months ago? Sorry I know this is vague but I can't remember his name or find the thread now.
  4. @Luke-OH I am an ECU fan so this is a total homer pick but what do you think of Alec Burleson? I have watched a lot of ECU baseball this year and to me he just seems like a guy you want in your organization. Have you seen any games? Any thoughts?
  5. What gets you the most excited for the future of the Baltimore Orioles? Is it current prospects or prospect position groups, IE pitchers or outfielders? Or is it the upcoming high draft picks? Or the future use of the international markets?
  6. 3. Run. Single. whaaaaat?
  7. Great recap! I read somewhere that Haskins and Sweat were both ranked on someone's board in the top 12. To get two guys ranked higher than our first pick and we only had to give up a second rounder for next year is unreal. I think we came away with some serious talent from the draft this weekend. We hit areas of need but also grabbed talent when it was available, got a guy with huge upside at RB for the future when Peterson and Thompson may be gone. Harmon is the 6th could be one of the best value picks in the draft! I think the draft team killed it!
  8. Give Gruden a contract extension today and tell him to get all he can out of Haskins. Makes no sense to take Haskins and then change coaching staffs next year. Not to mention I don't know if there is anyone out there better than Gruden who would want to put up with Snyder. Now that I think about it, Gruden might not even want to extend especially if the rumors that Haskins wasn't his guy are true.
  9. I would be lying if I tried to comment on the majority of the names you like, at this point in the draft most of the names I am familiar with are gone. I do like the idea of giving Haskins a WR he is familiar with if they can get Campbell. I am surprised Cody Ford is still available, I doubt he is around in the 3rd when we pick but that would be huge for our Oline. Totally agree on 1 WR and 1 Oline, go BPA at those two positions with our 3rd round picks.
  10. I would have hated the pick if they traded up to get him, I am okay with them taking him at 15. He may or may not be a franchise QB but I think at 15 it is worth the risk. Loved moving back into the first and getting Sweat, that guy should really solidify the front 7 and improves the whole defense. I hope we go all in on WR and Oline with the next few picks.
  11. I am looking forward to seeing what the Skins do in the draft this weekend. I am hoping they find a trade partner later in the first round and trade back. Add a late second early third round pick, should be a lot of talent on the board through the third round in positions of need. I would love to see them walk away with a starting WR, OL and OLB. Also would be okay seeing a trade of a 2 or 3 for Rosen. Should be a fun night /weekend!
  12. Now I legit want to see Davis pitch against Manny later this summer.
  13. Sorry wasn’t meant to be serious I found the at bat entertaining and my comment was meant to be light hearted.
  14. Davis served his buddy up a BP pitch, 85 down the middle.
  15. I guess we shouldn’t hold our breath in hopes of Givens bringing us back an prospects at the trade deadline.
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