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  1. From the Baysox website: Was built to Triple-A standards, as that was the original affiliated level goal of Maryland Baseball Limited Partnership, the organization that first owned the Baysox, hence the large capacity for Bowie's stadium, as 10,000 is the recommended minimum capacity set forth by Major League Baseball for teams at the AAA level (it's just 6,000 for Double-A ballparks). The grandstand has seating for 8,000. Grass berms down each outfield line and standing room space can hold another 2,000 people.
  2. Machado exercises a contract escape from the White Sox and makes a triumphant return to Baltimore, Mannyland. A matured leader, Machado leads the Orioles to consecutive World Series titles (and 3 in 4 years). He retires an Oriole and wears the smiling bird on his Hall of Fame plaque.
  3. This novelty offense was never going to work long-term. Didn't expect it to flame out so spectacularly.
  4. Interesting to see what sort of adjustments are made. LA has already adjusted to the blitzes by throwing simple screens/flat passes. Will they ask Jackson to do some things he has not shown he can do well? Or double down on ball control and read option and how for a big play or two on defense. ........or Flacco. If they go down three scores, it can't hurt to bring in Flacco.
  5. Part of the defense's success of late has been tied to the fact that they are not on the field very much. The offense is shortening the game, defense is rested and seeing fewer snaps.
  6. The defense is at or near the top of the league in nearly every category. They are not forcing a ton of turnovers or sacks, but they are allowing the fewest points in the NFL, which is sort of the point of the sport. What would make it a great defense? Shutout every week?
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