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  1. The franchise will be fine. We’re still 19th in the league in attendance this year, and profits league-wide have never been higher. Ownership isn’t even crying poor, because nobody would buy it.
  2. Baffling that he didn't figure out how to bunt. He had months to work on it and he didn't do it. I feel bad for him, but if there was ever a player who ought to sacrifice potential power for bunts down the third base line...
  3. Now is the time, Chris. Time to reveal you've been holding back all along.
  4. Oof, real bad call on strike two. I'll take it.
  5. Very surprising to me that they'd go back to the obviously not working curveball with Sanchez behind the plate, especially with Rickard up.
  6. Unfortunately it feels like Paxton could just overpower Rickard with the fastball three times in a row
  7. Excited to see what Justus Sheffield does in Seattle!
  8. All four batted balls today have been hit pretty hard.
  9. They're trying Mountcastle at first in Norfolk
  10. !!!!!! Great splitter from Cobb, even better throw by Sucre
  11. Nunez has the highest EV in either starting lineup, edging out Judge by 0.1!
  12. Sitting at home monitoring Stubhub instead of working. I think if tickets go under $15 I'll make a go of it. What's the O's/Yanks fan split like today?
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