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  1. I've seen discussion of DL Hall's fastball showing velo that would be among the best from LH starters in the majors. Where would Akin be if he's getting up that high? I always remembered Akin being considered a guy who'd rely more on pitchability, not throwing gas.
  2. Cashner has made exactly 28 starts each of the last 3 seasons. He's made 9 starts this season. If he were to make 19 more starts, he would need to average nearly 7 innings per start to accumulate an additional 128.2 innings. If he matches the most starts he's made in a single season in his career (31), he would need to average 5 2/3. So far he's averaging 5 1/3 per start. He could probably have gone longer in some of his starts so far, but I don't expect Cashner to be averaging 7 innings per start at this point of his career nor would a contending team be expecting him to give them that much length.
  3. I agree that it's tempting but we have to remember how young he is. He doesn't turn 20 until November. Obviously development is paramount, but I like the idea of young pitchers like Rodriguez, Rom, and not so young pitchers but ones with potential like Peralta to pitch in high-leverage playoff environment assuming Delmarva continues to roll and is competing for a league championship toward the end of the season.
  4. Were he to get back to, say, Circa 2015 Crush (OPS .792) in order to make him a useful part to a contender looking for some LH power, the amount of money you would still have to pay get anything decent in return negates the point of calling it a salary dump. The sole purpose of trading Davis is to remove his name from the 25 man roster to make room for someone else. Were someone to considering him worth $5M per year in his current state and the O's ate $16M, it's because Elias has decided it's that important to get Mountcastle onto the major league roster.
  5. Every one of those GMs should've been fired on the spot for passing on a guy who everyone knew was going to be the GOAT.
  6. It's not about just the #1 pick. It's about having a very high pick in each and every round with a big bonus pool to be able to get as many chances as possible. If the Marlins manage to out-suck the Orioles this summer and we have the #2 pick next year, we'll still have just as good a chance at re-stocking the farm.
  7. Possibly. My point is that you never want to miss on the #1 pick, but the vast majority of them don't pan out and very few ever reach expectation. Franchise defining #1s are as follows: A-Rod, Chipper Jones, Griffey, Mauer, Harper. #1s who had very good careers who I'd say "panned out" for the team that picked them: David Price, Harold Baines, Darryl Strawberry, Justin Upton #1s who had big seasons eventually for someone else: Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Hamilton, #1s who were guys in the majors: Andy Benes, BJ Surhoff, Darin Erstad Carlos Correa is still early in his career. Gerit Cole eventually found success and looks like he'll get a big free agent deal. The player we pick #1 (who I hope is Rutschman, but if not I won't lose my mind) will hopefully at least fit into the second list of guys who panned out. But if they don't (which is fairly likely), the team can still build a strong farm system with other selections, trades, international signings, player development. 1 pick does not define a front office.
  8. Strasburg has the 14th highest WAR for a #1 overall pick and the second most of any active player, behind David Price. He should easily move into the Top 10 in the next 3 seasons. Baseball Reference List I'm a little surprised there are only 3 hall of famers who have been taken with the top pick. A-Rod is by far the most WAR, but he's not in the hall and we'll see what happens there. Then Chipper and Griffey Jr. .... then Baines. Looking through that list, it makes you reassess the absolute demand and expectation that the #1 overall pick be a franchise defining player. Among the most successful #1s of all time, we see such luminaries as BJ Surhoff, Rick Monday, and the incomparable Darin Erstad. It's been 2 decades, and our last #1 overall pick Ben McDonald is the 21st most successful player to be taken at the top of the draft and most would say he didn't meet the hype.
  9. This seems to be getting lost. Rarely a baseball prospect gets OMG Greatest EVER?!?! plaudits because baseball prospects flame out at such a high rate, so I get why most are cautious when discussing potential. But... is Rutschman the best catcher prospect of all time? Is he to catching what Strasburg was to pitching heading into a his draft? This board was hyped at the chances to draft Manny, Bundy, and Wieters, yet Rutschman seems to be a more sure-fire prospect than all three of them were. So yeah.. are we underselling him?
  10. If every personnel decision maker were disqualified for a better player being taken after their selection in the draft, nobody would be considered eligible.
  11. atomic really wants us to sign a bunch of middle relievers to multi-year contracts and load up on replacement level players for a big push to 72 wins. That's how you build for long term success.
  12. We know Atomic. We all know what you think. You say the same thing every day. We got it.
  13. My reaction? Trust the Process. What would I expect to happen on this board? Nuclear meltdown.
  14. Stewart is the one guy in Norfolk right now that I would like to see. Mountcastle can stay down and continue to work, but DJ is 25 years old. Now is the time to determine if he's going to be a contributor. Villar and Stewart hitting 1-2 and getting on base for Smith and Mancini is best case scenario right now. He and Mancini can share RF and DH duties. DFA Nunez.
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