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  1. Rodriguez had his wildest outing of the season. 6 walks in 5 innings, but he only allowed 2 hits and 1 run. Those 6 walks account for more than 25% of all of his walks so far this season, so hopefully this is just an outlier.
  2. Cashner has been on a roll. He has tomorrow and one more start before deadline. He also has an entire career for other teams to evaluate. Elias has only TWO teams even interested. Not like he had the makings of a bidding war. Cashner goes out and gets blown up tomorrow, what happens? He goes out and throws 6+ strong does it really get any better? Teams don’t pay for Cashners these days.
  3. Law must be able to count pitchers with starter profiles throughout the minors on one hand if he see Rodriguez as a bullpen arm.
  4. 6 IP, 9 K, 2 BB, 1 H ERA down to 0.50 since moving up to Bowie
  5. The big horse is back on the mound tonight and doesn't seem to be slowing down. Through 3 scoreless innings innings, 4 Ks, 1 BB
  6. I think that the point is that you’re a joke on this board.
  7. Pure laziness on my part, but this was a question I had when looking at Hall and Rodriguez’s outings... how old are they compared to the rest of the players on these rosters? I’d always thought Futures was for guys who may be breaking into the league by the end of next season. Both of ours are at minimum 2+ years away.
  8. Mancini's controllable years is what gives him his value. Clubs are valuing, well, value more than ever. I don't think there is much of anything that is going to change in his game that will drastically improve his trade value. Getting multiple controllable, cost-controlled seasons is the chip you'll be able to use to leverage for anything in return. If you don't trade Mancini this season, you may as well print his picture on the Opening Day programs for the next few years and promote him as the homegrown, face of the franchise, hardworking kid like we did Brian Roberts through the dark ages. His trade value is only going to diminish after this season. Edit: And if his current trade value turns out to be underwhelming, I'm totally fine with the keep him and promote him as homegrown fan favorite. I just won't expect to ever get anything more from him in the future than we would now.
  9. He’s much older and they need to decide if he’s going to be put on the 40-man. This year is not about advancement for Rom and Rodriguez. Peralta’s future is being evaluated. It’s time to see if he can do it against age appropriate competition. Is he a prospect or an enigmatic org guy?
  10. This is sounding better and better. I was cautiously optimistic when Baumann was dominating Frederick, but knew at his age he should be dominating at that level if he’s going to be anything. His dominance in Bowie has me believing.
  11. It very, very painful for me to say this, but bah gawd ... I agree with atomic. It always amazes me how this board eagerly crawls minor league box scores in search for players who may some day produce at the major league level. We talk upside and potential and what tweaks certain players need to unlock performance.... then we have a 22-year-old mashing in AAA who has caught the attention of national evaluators and we are even more eager to tear him down. How about instead of spending large portions of our online Orioles fandom thinking of snarky new ways to trash the potential of one of the 100 best prospects in the entire league, we see what the kid does when he gets here. But I guess that would mean less page views on OH and we need to keep those up.
  12. RZNJ would be so proud. With 2 walks already, he's clearly more ready for the bigs than Mountcastle.
  13. I will accept royalties in the form of pit beef.
  14. 3-4 last night, double and a home run. Also took a walk.
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