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  1. It's really bizarre the way you are riding Mullins. Rickard is a 27 year old fourth outfielder having a hot spring with a career OPS of .713 and his #1 comp on Baseball Reference is fittingly David Lough. We know what Rickard is. He'll be fine. Mullins is 24 years old and about the same age now that Rickard was when he made his ML debut. I want Mullins to get extended regular season innings and at bats before we know what he is. At worst, I'm guessing he's Rickard.
  2. Dang. I was really looking forward to Davis facing Chapman. No way that ends poorly.
  3. Been a longtime lurker, but going to sign up this year. $25 is a steal and honestly just being able to read and contribute to this message board is worth $25 alone. Thanks to the OH team for all of your work. Lifelong O's fan and this site only enhances that experience.
  4. He’s not likely to make the team and can get everyday at bats in minor league camp. Get him better acquainted with minor league staff.
  5. I'll be sure to follow any post of "John Means had a good day" with "Too bad he's probably going to fail because he's old to be reaching the majors and his bump in velo may not be sustainable so I shouldn't spend too much time enjoying this guy because he's probably going to disappoint me in a month or so when he gets knocked around during the regular season, so really, I'm not sure why I follow an individual game because I should just wait until the end of the season and a players contract to better understand the whole story and determine if its worth any energy at all."
  6. Is it better for the franchise to sell one of the most valuable parts of its portfolio, a reliable fire hydrant of a revenue stream that most teams are now taking in for a one-time payout so we can return to the days of relying on fluctuating ticket sales revenue and sponsorships while average payrolls across the league increase? Sure. Seems like a sound business strategy to me.
  7. Yeah? And I hope you really enjoyed those moments and didn't spend them with your arms crossed, muttering "Small sample size." My point is that I don't think many people are getting carried away. We're simply enjoying players on our team having a few good games. We don't need to dump cold water on every fan who ever gets excited about a player.
  8. I don't remember so many people getting carried away with claiming so many people are getting carried away based on a few people making overly optimistic posts on a single message board. Seriously, this reflexive reaction to scream SMALL SAMPLE SIZE at the slightest glimmer of optimism is what shocks me. Been reading this board pretty steadily for awhile and folks here are pretty much on point with their balance of "It's great to see so-and-so off to a good start" with "I hope they can keep it up. We'll wait and see." There are a few outliers on the orange-colored glasses end of the spectrum, just as there are outliers on the doom and gloom, we can't have nice things edge... but to claim that so many people are getting carried away is intrinsically an over reaction to a small sample. Much like Frobby enjoys silly spring training wins, I enjoy checking the box score to see how Diaz, Hays, Santander, and heck, Eric Young Jr did each day. If they did well, I'm happy. If they struck out 3 times and grounded into a double play, I wish for better performance tomorrow. I like to think that's a normal response and the way most fans approach spring training. I listen to probably too much local sports talk and lurk on message boards. Seems most are balancing satisfaction with seeing young guys perform well with reality of this team likely not winning more than 65 games this season. Don't think "so many people" have gotten too excited over a few spring training games.
  9. Runners steal bases on both the catcher and the pitcher. Not much a catcher can do when a runner has huge jump, pitcher throws it in dirt or a breaking pitch that takes more time to get there. A great defensive catcher with big arm and excellent pop time helps stop runners, but there are few of them in the game - especially ones who can also produce with the bat.
  10. Hays and Diaz should start the year in Norfolk. Stewart, Mullins, Santander across the outfield is pretty brutal defensively, but the team isn't trying to win this season. Rickard will probably rotate through all three positions and play most days. I also expect Eric Young Jr. to make the team to start the season. He can fill in, serve as veteran presence in locker room, help coach a very young outfield. I've liked his attitude from all interviews I've heard and read and wouldn't mind seeing him end up as a coach in the system. Diaz has looked very promising, but I'd like to see him spend most of the season in Norfolk.
  11. This has been mentioned in a number of places. I wouldn't be upset if they decide to keep EYJ around this season. He'll know his role and be supportive in the locker room. Another Rickard type is only marginally more interesting.
  12. Quote from Roch's game blog yesterday from Hyde. Presumably, neither had seen nor worked with Santander until a few weeks ago, so they don't have much to compare him to. Nonetheless, if he's taking well to adjustments from the new staff, that seems like a good sign.
  13. Santander shot was opposite field. Big boy got those arms extended.
  14. Changed bold text. This seems to be the new "nuggets" for the Elias Regime. We have any graphic designers or artists on OH who can come up with a visualization of a "talent pipeline"? [Comedy]
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