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  1. Not understanding...are you saying these deliveries are illegal and shouldn’t be allowed?
  2. I don’t remember. Don’t think so. The Yankees sure seem to love him rn nd Yankees twitter seems reeeeeeeelly thankful that we give him back to them
  3. Zoellner is a “special character” alright...
  4. Moderators, i think atomic has hacked into this account.
  5. When he is evaluating or scouting a prospect, what are some things about a prospect’s “makeup” that would be an immediate red flag, resulting in removal from consideration? Which of these traits did Mr. Elias emphasize that he scout for?
  6. AceKing

    Jack Zoellner 2019

    I get this image of him driving away in Ronny Paulino’s car.
  7. AceKing

    Jack Zoellner 2019

  8. Just don’t take them to any games to “convince them”. They are likely to have second thoughts.
  9. This guy had more hits than any other college player this year in either d1,2,or3. Also 30 plus steals. he is hitting .500 with the gcl orioles.
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