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  1. This guy migh5 be pretty good
  2. Lol, if the Orioles were 15th, it would either be a national news story, or another indictment of WAR.
  3. See my cheating comment. Both Boston and St. Louis have been accused of some forms of cheating, sooooooo...
  4. If ya ain’t cheating, ya ain’t tryin.... Ask the Patriots
  5. With consistently good draft picks, well above the last two teams. We have all lived through this embarrassment.This is just another way to frame it. We sucked. For decades.
  6. Man, there are a lot of haters on old man Gossage on here, followed by generally agreeing with the man. Makes me wonder sometimes whether there are other agendas. The man has earned the right to talk about this game that he has devoted his life to.
  7. ActuallyDavid Lebron is still pitching quite well in the Os system, tyvm.
  8. Promoted to Bowie today to replace Rylan Bannon going to Norfolk Movin on up.
  9. I would upvote all of these things but the mods have put me in jail for some reason.
  10. Is there any other way out of this? I don’t know enough about baseball contracts, but it just feels like he would save himself the suffering. I just don’t get it, though. Change your batting stance. Take some pitches. Bunt. Hit right handed. DO SOMETHING Chris.
  11. Nice game. Just one walk, 10 Ks. The guy who started is a little guy...6’5” 282lbs. Another great start for an Orioles MiLB team. Awesome!
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