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  1. Appreciated. So to make sure I follow, I correctly posted the full message in Ticket Exchange and it can remain there, and this post in the Hangout Club will be up for a bit and then moved elsewhere. Correct? Great web site by the way, thanks!
  2. First time member / posting, please excuse and guide me if this is not the correct place to post] I just posted a full description of my group and the opening for new members to share our full season plan, section 46, row 19, in the ticket exchange topic. Is it acceptable to post it here in this topic? Or are there other topics where folks post that sort of opportunity? I did not come across any similar posts, so trying to sort that out and appreciate the advice.
  3. [First time member / posting, please excuse and guide me if this is not the correct place to post] We are a group of families sharing full season Orioles ticket plan looking for new members for 2019 season. Join our easy going group to share a full season of 80 Orioles home games (81 games minus opening day which we sell to off-set our costs). Each member draws 5, 10, 15 or 20 games, it's your choice of how large a block you want to take. Each game gives you 2 prime seating tickets at Section 46, row 19, end of isle seats and lot B/C parking. Seating is just left of home plate slightly elevated view just a bit higher than pitcher level. Nice shaded seats during summer sun days. You will also enjoy enhanced full season ticket holder Diamond level benefits to the extent I can allocate and share them across the members. • Exchange tickets for similar seating for any other game.• Priority reservations at Dempsey's in-stadium restaurant.• Access to center field pre-game lounge, and almost every Monday and Thursday game complementary food and drinks in the center field lounge. [Assumes O's repeat this activity in 2019] • Early entry to the park for every game.• Discounted buying of additional tickets if you need them.• Post-season tickets at cost (shared across our group).• MLB.com 10% discount.• Free or low cost spring training tickets.Your cost is the same discounted rate the full season package discounted pricing, along with a credit for our selling our opening day game tickets. That comes to $124 per game for the 2 tickets and B/C parking; e.g., 5 games = $620, 10-games = $1,240 maximum, etc. Your game picks are made in a round robin pick based on seniority in the group and number of games you are buying, but are easy going and make exchanges and make sure you get the games you wanted in the end. I've been asked, "can I get all Yankees games?" The short answer is yes. Can you get all prime games? Short answer is maybe, we do not prioritize prime over classic, pick the games you want when your draw comes around. I can explain if you are interested. If you are interested contact me, Doug, at 410.903.4200, good idea to text first so I know your call is not Spam. We just need honest commitments to join the group; collecting payment in January or extended if I can get it on a 0% card; picking games in February or sooner. Everyone is local and obviously we can provide plenty of references.
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