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  1. 1 pick for unsigned 1st rounder last year, 2 for losing Pollock and Corbin, 2 competitive balance picks, 1 via trade.
  2. Thought it would be fun to go back and look at how 3rd round pass rushers performed their rookie seasons. 2016 - Yannick Ngakoue (8.0 sacks) 2015 - Danielle Hunter (6.0 sacks) 2011 - Justin Houston (5.5 sacks) 2008 - Cliff Avril (5.0 sacks) 2001 - Derrick Burgess (6.0 sacks) 1997 - Jason Taylor (5.0 sacks) Your'e right, 1st year success isn't commonplace with pass rushers in the 3rd round. There were other guys that had great careers but not starting until their 2nd-4th season usually. Probably a guy or two that I missed, but the vast majority of 3rd round pass rushers drafted are guys that never made it or guys that had 1-3 sacks their rookie season.
  3. Don’t get this one. Even if they wanted insurance behind Lamar and RG3, this guy seems pretty underwhelming and likely could have been gotten as a UDFA I see some suggesting he could be our Taysom Hill but Hill has a lot more size and physicality.
  4. Browns got Mack Wilson so we’ll have a first hand look at him
  5. Seen some speculation that Marshall could be more of a safety at the NFL level.
  6. Buffalo, NYJ ,and SF are all games that should be winnable but are late in the year and probably go either way. Like Camden said I usually just split divisional games when trying to predict record. Houston, Seattle, LA, NE are all very tough games. We likely win 1 or 2 of those but could easily go 0-4. I think they end up with somewhere between 7 and 10 wins, we'll see what happens with the draft and the pre season.
  7. wd40

    2019 NFL Draft

    The main knock on Metcalf is his route running which has certainly killed the careers of former R1-R2 WRs and has helped late round guys like Antonio Brown as of late to excel beyond their draft position. Metcalf's combine metrics compare to Stephen Hill and Alshon Jeffrey to give a range of NFL potential. Hill was highly touted due to his athleticism and size with also a 4.3 40 yd dash at similar size. He was a bust due in large part to his inability to grasp the professional route running tree. The main difference between Metcalf and these guys is that he is a lot stronger. He had about 10-12 more reps than these guys on the bench press.
  8. Came here looking for mention of Merandy Gonzalez. We should be all over him.
  9. Clears 7.5M in cap space according to Spotrac
  10. Daniel Jeremiah, who used to be a scout for the Ravens, has us picking Nasir Adderley, safety out of Delaware, with our first pick in his first mock draft. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001011490/article/daniel-jeremiah-mock-draft-10-kyler-murray-lands-with-patriots
  11. Of course not, as I said I want the focus to be on the game and the players. This whole season has been mired in officiating ineptness, more so than usual, which has taken away from that. In fact, I wanted the Patriots to win but I also wanted to see Mahomes get a chance to respond in OT. OT has always been incredibly anti-climactic and not resembling real football. I would greatly prefer the teams to play a full quarter of actual football. Even if another full 15 minutes is too much, a 10 minute period or something would suffice as long as it is a set amount of time. I realize this is all a long shot but if people don't complain about what they don't like about the ruleset we will be stuck with the antiquated and monolithic rules of the NFL until real competition comes along and forces change.
  12. Not saying there is no market or no mutual interest, just noting that the DeFilippo/Foles connection is relevant and provides the Jags another route to go down which I would think would make them less likely to give up a haul for one or the other. With that said, we don't even know what the Eagles plans are yet. Should be interesting to watch unfold. As for Arians and Winston, the two have a long history. You can read some about that here: https://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/nfl/cardinals/2016/09/14/buccaneers-jameis-winston-loves-bruce-arians---and-vice-versa/90384782/ Arians work with QBs is no secret, his recent book is titled, "The Quarterback Whisperer: How to Build an Elite NFL Quarterback". People like Ronde Barber who are somewhat close to the team seem to think he'll get one more full year to prove himself.
  13. It is so hilariously stupid that some sacred coin flip was used to determine whether or not the probable league MVP, talk of the league, 50 TD wunderkind would even get to touch the ball on OT. The NFL spends the whole season building it all up only to have their own rules just undermine the whole story. I just want to enjoy talented players compete against eachother and create memorable moments and it is a shame to watch the NFL get in its own way and cheapen these moments.
  14. Tampa is gonna roll with Jameis for at least 1 more year to see if Arians can help right the ship there. With Jacksonville recently hiring John DeFilippo it sounds like their focus may be on Nick Foles as DeFilippo was the Eagles QB coach from 2016-17 and the pair reportedly have a good relationship. It also sounds like Denver is starting to fall in love with Drew Lock. That leaves us with Miami, Washington, and NYG as the next most obvious fits with teams like Carolina, Oakland, and Tennessee as weird potential fits. Every other team is pretty set at QB barring injury or early retirement. Carolina could be interested if Cam has to sit out the year to heal his shoulder. Their owner recently said this, “If you told me he took a year off and could recover and be fully recovered and everything else, and that’s what it took, an extra year, why wouldn’t you do [that]?” They could consider someone like Flacco to remain competitive or just consider it a lost season and see what they have in Kyle Allen. Oakland feels like they're going to tank in order to get one of Tua/Herbert/Lawrence in the future to coincide with their move to Vegas. The Titans recently hired a new OC and alongside that Vrabel was mentioning how it will be good for Marcus and focused a lot on him, so it doesn't sound like they will be moving on from Mariota. His contract+ the Eli situation makes NYG an awkward fit and the same with Washington and Alex Smith. That leaves us with just Miami and if there's only one party bidding, generally the return isn't very high. So, while in theory I think Flacco should net a somewhere around a 3rd round pick, I think we likely get less due to the current QB landscape.
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