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  1. Martin has changed his batting stance again too. I am not a fan, way too much movement. I liked the one he was using before this.
  2. Spl51

    Keegan Akin 2019

    There's no arguing with the pessimists. I've had this argument like 10 times.
  3. Yeah I was surprised he wasn't in the mock. Rutschman/Johnson would be the ideal draft for me, hopefully the team is on Johnson too and other teams let him slide.
  4. I truly do wonder if there's any chance that it could be seen by teams. I think it's pretty likely that some scouts browse forums looking for little nuggets.
  5. I feel like Ruiz has been hitting it pretty hard into some bad luck, but I agree he doesn't seem to have as much power as you would think.
  6. The big price tag this year is Leiter I guess, but from what I’ve seen he’s not exactly worth the price. I just think that a high schooler is much better suited for our window, and the only reason I would be willing to go college is because Rutschman looks like a combination of huge ceiling and floor.
  7. I really hope so. I have 0 interest in picking a first baseman 1st overall. I don’t care if you save 3 million doing it. This is a thin draft to me, whoever you are going to get with that extra money is not worth it. If you don’t think Adley is worth it then go Witt or Abrams. I don’t care if he’s the next Goldschmidt, an above average SS has more value.
  8. There's like 5 Rutschman threads with answers to that.
  9. Spl51

    Rylan Bannon 2019

    We are desperately in need of infield prospects.
  10. I still like Ynoa a lot. I feel like he's never really gotten his shot.
  11. PLEASE MLB, THINK OF THE FANS. Robo umps will increase the quality of the watching experience greatly.
  12. Spl51

    vs. TWINS, 4/28

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