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  1. You think they chose them due to scouting or was it model pickups based on age and production?
  2. Gonna be honest, I really think Elias is trying to slow Rutschman down as much as possible. People aren't watching as closely now, it's harder to hold him down when he's mashing in AAA for a year and a couple weeks. Probably trying to keep him down until at least a the super two deadline in 2021.
  3. Yeah it wasn't amazing, but his stuff looked better as the inning went on. Curveball is pretty loopy to my eyes, wish we saw a slider, but the change looked legit.
  4. I missed DL Hall. Is there any way to see the whole inning? They should let you watch the whole game. It's free already, and would be good exposure for mlb's future stars.
  5. Spl51

    Toby Welk

    I am definitely rooting for him after I heard we drafted a D3 guy. Always cool to see potential for untapped talent in new areas.
  6. I'm completely fine with Tate becoming a reliever, but I'm kind of disappointed if this is a permanent thing for Harvey. Unfortunately I think a major driving force for this is that both are on the 40 man.
  7. Idk, next years draft is supposedly really deep, it's wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to get a compensation pick.
  8. Sounds like a makeup thing.
  9. How did the Mets have money to sign Matt Allen?
  10. Could be a analytics pick or needed to save money to sign Henderson.
  11. I much prefer this low key show for today, this host is really good.
  12. It reminds me all the Dodgers lefties swings: Bellinger, Verdugo, Pederson.
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