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  1. Spl51

    @ Tigers 3/18

    These are AA players at best.
  2. Spl51

    @ Tigers 3/18

    Karns was down to 89 mph on one of his fastballs in the second inning he came out for, breaking balls looks below average too. Wonder if that's why he was taken out.
  3. Spl51

    @ Tigers 3/18

    These Tigers announcers are truly depressing.
  4. Thoughts on pick 41 yet or is it too early? I really wish Seth Johnson was there for us there, but I doubt it. I also think the two two sport athletes Hampton and Ealy would be great picks if you are looking for high ceiling projects.
  5. Martin's batting stance is so off balance. It seems like every swing he's falling forward, that's gonna produce a lot of ground balls.
  6. If I had a nickle for every time I heard that a guy was hitting bombs in BP...
  7. So the 2-3 seasons of bad baseball you will have to watch is not worth a new generation of Orioles fans that will potentially see the first world series in Baltimore in 40 years? I just think it's a lot of entitlement.
  8. I had forgotten to block him, I'm grateful he reminded me why I wanted to.
  9. Spl51

    at Rays 3/9

    At least two outs were missed by their first baseman. Not errors, but it shows you the value of a good defensive first baseman.
  10. Spl51

    at Rays 3/9

    Just saw that first inning from Bundy, he got pretty unlucky. Results don't matter in spring training so whatever. He still needs to recognize that hitters are swinging at everything, he's not using nearly enough sliders. I feel like every first pitch from him is a fastball, and every hitter is swinging.
  11. Ynoa looks better than Cashner.
  12. Kline has been kind of overrated to me. I get that we want him to succeed after so many issues, but he looks pretty mediocre. Topping out at 95 with not much movement, with a average to below average breaking ball.
  13. Listening to Jim and Palmer is light years better than that NESN broadcast yesterday. Truly irritating.
  14. People haven't been watching his at bats. During the Phillies game the announcers remarked that he probably has the furthest distance from his his bat to the ball on swings.
  15. Those are all awful.
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