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  1. Got a chance to watch almost a full game last night (didn't pay for MLBtv this year and can get Tampa games on TV). I really enjoy how aggressive we are on the base paths. It's obviously going to back fire a good bit, but it's pretty fun watching the speed and aggressiveness. It's the little things during a rebuild!
  2. I guess that's fair. Based on his production last year and how the market has been, he probably deserved a 1 year deal at 3-5 mil. But I don't know, it was a short term deal so didn't hamper that much and hopefully he can eat innings this year.
  3. He has pretty decent stuff. I think he does well for this team and honestly might have been OK as a #5 last year. But everyone else pretty much sucked too. If he stays healthy he can eat some innings, which has value at this stage of our development.
  4. Anybody know how Adam's defense in RF is looking? I feel like he should still have enough speed and arm to make it work out there.
  5. His velocity is up 4 or so MPH right? I mean, he's routinely touching 94. And to my eyes, it looked like he has really good movement on the FB and CH. I'm not sure that his breaking pitch is too great, but a lefty with that velocity, movement and CH? If I didn't know already I would have thought he'd be at least a top 10 prospect in our system.
  6. This convo on steals made me want to look up Ricky Henderson: 1406 steals in 1741 attempts. Good for a little over 80%. So crazy. My favorite. 66 out of 79 at age 39. Crazy.
  7. Here, here. That was a very "businessy move". Salary dump. Which just stinks because if KG was producing this year, we could have gotten way more. He's been pretty healthy his whole career too. Consistent velocity. Just needed to iron out those secondaries. But even then he still did OK.
  8. Does anybody remember when DD was real serious about not letting pitchers use the cutter? I remember it was centered around Bundy. I can’t help but watch him now and feel like he’s turned into what DD feared. Whether it’s as a result of the use of the cutter or not is very debatable. But he has no feel for his curveball and kind of uses his cutter/slider as a crutch. Plus, fastball velo is down. That’s exactly what I remember DD pointing out about the cutter. Saps velo and can lessen effectiveness of other pitches. It might be all due to injury for Bundy. But man, he doesn’t have the velocity, pitch arsenal or control to succeed as a starter right now.
  9. No one quite discounted the things he has done. Not even Adam. Just offered his opinion on his former teammate and said that race could definitely play a factor in how he's viewed. We have a pretty checkered racial history in this country (putting it lightly). Just because you personally may not see its effects on modern America doesn't mean others of us don't. And may have an interest in talking about it.
  10. Good recap. Had a hard time moving beyond this thought though:
  11. Those are two interesting stats that could point to team speed having a positive effect, at least for the moment. And certainly we are a much faster team than last year. Nice to see that bear some fruit, even if SSS
  12. As soon as I saw this title, my mindset was: Give it a few weeks and you'll be unsurprised! But hey, I'm with ya and you addressed that part. Heck, 7-10 has me feeling pretty good. We were 8-20 to start last year. Let the good times roll. I already feel better this year than I did at any point last year.
  13. I’ve seen a lot of people say this. I think there’s more to it than that. His control, stamina, and velocity all could be better out of the pen.
  14. It makes sense. I guess especially for players that had a couple good years, but then flame out a bit.. a la Bundy
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