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  1. Dammit. Oblique strain. Rehab game today at AAA.
  2. I agree with the HR/K comments. I feel like I enjoy an opposite field single now more than a HR. Or at least I'm more impressed with it. If the shift is here to stay, I wish there was more focus on hitting to all fields. I struggle with how pull happy the game seems to have become. I miss good hitting and great hitters. Not that they aren't out there, it's just not as much a part of the game it feels like. And the speed element too would be fun to watch if that came back at all. All the "smaller" parts of the game. As much as I hated when the Royals took us out in 2014, I enjoyed the uniqueness of their team. Speed, low K numbers, killer bullpen, etc.
  3. It's a tough division. And the Blue Jays and Rays are ahead of us in the rebuild. But, I will say this, the Red Sox look more vulnerable than I expected. If they can fall off some, that would help.
  4. August 22nd Against TB Avisail Garcia Mychal Givens 8th inning
  5. Givens just has not had a great year. Which has been disappointing because if he would have, he would have been worth quite a bit. But I agree, we can definitely try to re-establish his value for next deadline. It would have made sense for me for Villar to be traded. But maybe we really weren't going to get anything because of his salary 🤷‍♂️
  6. Honestly, I think we could be fine if we stand pat. Express confidence in the guys we have and that we aren't interested in selling low. Most of our trade chips are having pretty good seasons aside from Givens. Maybe he can re-establish his value.
  7. I agree with this. Although I think it could be wise to hang onto some of the younger guys if we won't get much back. If everything were to hit just right, it's not impossible for us to see some improvement in 2021 if we hung onto some guys. Then maybe with international investment and solid drafting/development, the farm has built up without a lot more trades. Top 5 pick this year and top 5 pick next year. The thing with that though, is young pitchers take time to produce. And that's where I would still target 2022 and beyond for something more sustainable, as you are saying. BUT, I don't think it's crazy to alter some plans, IF guys are still producing first half next year. The thing about this too is playing the contracts right. That's half the battle. You wouldn't want half of your line up's contract expiring as you're entering contention window.
  8. Just watched the recap on MLB. There was literally a season worth of highlights in that one game. Wow.
  9. I agree here. Honestly, having prepared for a long rebuild (which we still have ahead of us), this season has been really fun to watch the Orioles organization as a whole. Gritty MLB team with some pleasant surprises from a roster of basically no-names, that is outperforming one with plenty of names from last year. Then, IMO, everything outside of the MLB team has gone about as well as you could expect. It feels like most of the noteworthy prospects have showed out. Each and every night it's felt like there's a positive report. We got the best #1 in years and made a significant international market investment. And now all of that is reflected in a top 10 farm system ranking that many of us thought may be a year or two off. I'm feeling good for sure, and this year has felt way better than last year, for lots of reasons.
  10. 2014 I thought we were primed to contend for years. Good, youthful major league team. Solid farm. Whelp, working our way back. With what looks to be sustainable talent development.
  11. Still wanted a few of those on the outside corner. Maybe it was the way it was framed, but they were looking good on the TV.
  12. Ain't that the truth. I thought there were at least 5 or so borderline pitches of which he got none. And I was surprised that Palmer/Thorne didn't really comment.
  13. I like that we are playing ourselves out of an all time terrible record. Would love the #1 pick and to avoid complete embarrassment. Straddling that line right now!
  14. Honestly, I think the Manny trade is looking pretty nice. Kremer has performed. Diaz has the tools and is starting to perform with us. Pop is intriguing once he gets healthy, and even Bannon has a chance to be an average MLer at 2nd.
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