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  1. Seattle might catch us. They started 13-2. And they actually made some moves to try to "rebuild in a different way".
  2. I thought he could put it all together. But the further we get along, the clearer it is that he is just a two pitch pitcher and that was basically the scouting report out of college. And even the splitter isn't the most reliable second pitch. When he has the slider going, he can be dominant. But he's never developed it consistently and doesn't look like he will.
  3. Kinda reminds me of Sandy Leon. Now Pedro is younger, but certainly signs point to him crashing back down, or becoming a huge outlier.
  4. I don't know. Lots of arm problems could have been avoided..
  5. Good little write up on fangraphs. I feel like it just puts some numbers to what we've been seeing. Means may be able to be a #4/5 if no further improvement is made. If he can add an effective breaking ball, perhaps this is just the beginning. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/john-means-changeup-means-business/
  6. Well then yeah, that's what he's gotta be. Fastball velocity is passable at best now. Yet I don't necessarily agree that he can't carve out a solid career. He's got the potential of having 4 decent pitches. I guess it's really 3 decent pitches and a passable fastball.
  7. #analytics ain't working well for Givens right now, lol
  8. He obviously can't freaking spot the change up right now. Gotta go fastball there to guy that isn't hitting. Dam.
  9. It's definitely part of it. Cut the ML budget while you stink (aka don't sign any real FA's). Re-invest in other areas. Trade all your ML talent away to build for a few years from now. Inevitably that equals lots of losses.
  10. It was low. I'd have to see a replay. It definitely looked hittable to me, but sometimes you gotta tip your cap. You're right.
  11. I get that. But I also think that location and pitch mix can compensate for this. And I think Bundy will have to learn to be solid with his pitch mix and location. He's shown signs. But at the end there he was missing with the change up and hanging some breakers.
  12. I don't agree. The problem wasn't necessarily that he was throwing off-speed pitches. It's that he had trouble spotting them at the end there. Missed with the change up a handful of times. I honestly think Wynns should have called for high fastball after the batter didn't bite on the slider in the dirt. But it's easy to second guess.
  13. Dangit Dangit Dangit. I like the idea of the change up, but bad location.
  14. Better than a HR. Finish off this next one and call it a day.
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