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  1. At least we get the number 1 pick again
  2. I do like bragging that I was alive when the O's last won it all to younger folks while looking younger than them.
  3. I've been to 1 game this year. The 3-0 win against Tampa. How crazy is that
  4. I don't think the attendance has been as bad as it could be.
  5. Unreal. This has got to be rock bottom. At least we get another number 1 pick
  6. Gotta love MLB now. Rewarding mediocrity
  7. I'd love to know how far the Mark Reynolds homer went that went into the Camden Yards club level. That is far
  8. Imagine If we were in the steroid era right now
  9. At some point you gotta wonder on why trade talent with upside. Unless it's all for pitching.
  10. Can't believe Oregon State didn't win a game
  11. San Fran is having some real problems now It was amazing back in the day
  12. Statcast embellishes a lot of home runs when you compared it to hittracker. I miss hittracker. That was accurate.
  13. Whenever I see 4-32 I think of 2002
  14. They have only won 6 home games. Gotta be a bit delusional to think they win more than last year
  15. Why do people here pump up last year's team so much. They had worse talent on paper than the 1988 Orioles
  16. It's hard to say. The Marlins could be the worst team of all time
  17. Why is Portland considered a great place for a team? That city has an incredible amount of problems similar to Seattle.
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