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  1. I agree. There's always going to be something that the tests haven't caught up to.
  2. And baseball doesn't get it. They think that the fans want more homers. The fans think they want more homers. The problem then is that the more homers happen, the more diluted they become, and fans don't care. I see the same problems in the NBA and NFL. The NBA is really emphasizing the 3-point shot at the expense of basic fundamentals. The NFL wants to be a pass happy league, but it leads to a lot of 2-yard dump offs.
  3. The team really chose a good week to go on the road last week. With storms just about every day, attendance would've been abysmal no matter the teams or promotion.
  4. And you still haven't stated the target of said message. The only message at this point that would matter to those fans who have left the team would be Angelos selling the team.
  5. I was talking about the post Super Bowls. Flacco was a good QB from 2009 through 2012.
  6. Moderator edit: This is not how we act here. Last warning.
  7. No, my problem is with people trying to act like 1989 showed the team was great when the preceding years, particularly 87 through 88 and then 90 and 91 showed the team stunk. You probably think Joe Flacco was great after the Super Bowl because of his 2014 season when the team didn't do jack in 2013 or from 2015 through 2018.
  8. In my 34 years, this is what I’ve lived with. A bunch of bad Orioles teams. Maybe you’re older-I don’t know-, but this team has been very inept during my lifetime. It just gets me how many people hold the 1989 team in high esteem. And you need to get a life. You’re digging up posts I made weeks ago and downgradbig them.
  9. How many winning seasons has the team had since 1983? 11 or so? Being losers is being their true selves.
  10. All I can say is that analytics has killed my passion for the game. Games are longer. Games are boring. Homerun or strikeout. Yawn.
  11. You forgot that great 1991 season where Cal was the MVP. Oh, wait.
  12. Then the Orioles remember who they were the following season.Then the Orioles remember who they were the following season.
  13. The Orioles are a terrible, unexciting team. Throw in that fans know the team is punting on the next few seasons, the bad will Peter Angelos created and that baseball has become boring, and it's no surprise attendance is where it's at.
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