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Found 2 results

  1. Beef Supreme

    A Team Full of Machados

    How successful would a team full of Manny Machados be? Manny is one of the few players who would excel at every position on the diamond: Starting Pitcher #1 - #5, Fastball, sitting 91 mph, topping at 94 -- 75% Slider, 85 mph, 15% Change: 82 mph, 7% Curve: 80 mph, 3% Manny has nice separation for a non-pitcher Per pitcher stats (not supplying W-L records) 180 IPs, 190 Hs, 75 BBs, 20 HRs, 150Ks Not to belabor the point, but the bullpen rates look much better. The closer hits 97 regularly. And his 2-seamer is WICKEDOK, I don't really know what that visual is meant to express, but closer Manny would light a lot of people on fire. And then there is a projectable triple slash of ,280/.340/.520 with 35 doubles and 35 homers at every position on the diamond and at DH. Also, superior reactions, instincts speed and throwing arm at every position. His fault, which would be exposed exponentially at catcher and in the outfield, is his sloppy footwork/throwing mechanics. Evaluation: Machado is close to the perfect baseball player. This is an illogical, emotional response. My saying that a team of Machados would win 75% of games against a team of Mancinis does not imply that I "might as well be a Yankees fan." Suggesting I become a Yankee fan is a vapid taunt. You say that you "like it how the Orioles have to work hard to win," but they haven't been to a World Series in 35 years. A #16 seed will defeat a #1 seed in the NCAA basketball tournament before "a team full of Trey Mancini type players" goes to the World Series. Yeah, just had to mention my prescience, It is rare indeed. #16 UMBC ROCKS! I should have stopped by tonight and helped to Philadelphia the campus. But what would a team full of Machados play against a team full of Jonathan Schoops? Would any other presumed positional player be able to throw fast enough as pitchers to shut down lineups of Bundys and Gausmans. Would a team of healthy Zach Brittons actually perform better than any other team of Orioles players, even a team of Machados?
  2. 25 Nuggets

    Trade Britton

    If you ask me right now, I will say I do not expect the Orioles to trade Zach Britton. Losing him next season probably costs the team 4-5 wins. Then again, 2017 Britton probably does not do what 2016 Britton did anyway. So it's a topic for discussion. Give us a proposal and see how the board rates it! Also, please make it sensible. I want realistic options. And please keep things cordial. No "Orioles aren't trading him so why bother" nonsense -- this is just a fun exercise.