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With Vlad in the fold, what's your 2010 offseason grade now?


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    • F: I cannot admit to MacPhail doing anything good.

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Gotta give Andy a solid A.

He addressed all the glaring holes. Granted some questions surround some of these players but I think this is the best we have looked in years. I don't see any easy outs in that line up.

WTG Andy and Let's Go O's...:beerchug1:

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I said A-. I forget whether I said it would be an A or an A- if we signed Vlad, but after Duke. Whatever, it's very good, and much better than I expected.

We didn't make the huge deal for a long term stud, so we're incapable of getting an A+, but this offseason the O's compiled a team that is capable of entertaining fans. Maybe my standards have fallen, but I'm damn happy with that.

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I went with B+, but thinking about it more, I am not sure it should not have been higher. Not sure what else could have been done to improve the team much more....at least for just 2011. Dunn for 4 years would have been better then Vlad for just one, if Dunn would have just DH'd for us. Not sure Victor Martinez is the long term answer for first base, but maybe that would have been a better signing... Considering what was available to the O's and the amount of important pieces which were signed, I think it probably should be an A.

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I give it an "A" based on these things:

1. Filled all holes smartly with proven track records players given short term deals (not handcuffing us in future with big contracts) and solid upside entering their prime players that can be part of long-term.

2. Seem to be heading toward the end of the "confederate money" era.

3. Created legitimate depth and competition on roster.

4. Assembled a lineup that can compete with anybody on any given day that will also take some pressure off young starters.

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I went from B- to B. Still a lot of long-term position questions, and short-term rotation questions. Jordan is going to have to make some slam-dunk selections with the few picks the Orioles do have in the draft, and MacPhail is going to need to actually give consideration to signing some high ceiling Dominican players.

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A- only because I don't see the moves as long term solutions. Very excited about this season though.

I agree with these statements. I avoided the A+ because of the long term question marks, but gave a solid A because there were so many holes that were filled.

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