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Lets say the Baseball Gods come over to your house for a game on the old HD.

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No no. Sleeping pills on clonipin.

Was trying to form a way to have a new kangaroo coourt that would have players , fans and reporters all involved. It sent my mind into levels of confusion I have not felt in years.

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I realize I am not tracking too cool right now.

But jsut remember though this evening.

We must bring back a form of the kangaroo court.

I am only one person but I nominate Adam Jones as the presiding officer

I nominate Guthrie as the writer of the rules. Guthre must create a code of baseball life the rest will have to live by or face fines, punishment, and other deemed fit punishmennts.

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The media can nominate someone to sit on the board. I think Roch might be a good pick.

Management can send MacPhails nephew. To observe us and report our antic back to the Overloards.

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You give then refreshments of their choices. Some want dr peppers and some want coca cola. Other up the anti and demand Natty Boh and budwiser but only in bottle form.


Settling these Gods of Baseball into form fitting and comfortable chairs we became something not what we wanted but something that would be right for us in this generation.

We would have to drafIt a group amoung our peers and to elevate themselves into a modern version of "The baseball Gods"

It should be formed from people of mostly good report.

Some should be outstanding citizens if we can gather them to us.

Okay it comes down to choose the talent that will have to reestablish a type of kangaroo court but not like it was. It will be a combination group not designed to publically embarrass the players or reportersl.

I beg, i demand that

Adam Jones gets the first leader hat. In his job he is responsible for giving a quarter for every thing in the game that he did that warrented a good results.

Someone who gets 12 quarters has the right to sit next to the coach for a total ride next to buck and is allowed to pick bucks brain.

Somebody had to quote it to save it for posterity.

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Dude, there's totally a "Post Here When You're Drunk" thread... you should check it out.

In the mean time... EPIC!!!! :laughlol::rofl::smile11::clap3::laughlol:

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