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Hangout Weight Loss

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I am plateauing, what to do? I weigh 220 but really want to get down to 200.

I have a pretty decent workout routine but it is pretty blah...

Sunday - Elliptical (1 hour)

Monday - Pick-up basketball (2 hours)

Tuesday - OFF

Wednesday - Elliptical (1 hour)/ Run on treadmill (6 miles)

Thursday - Pick-up basketball (2 hours)

Friday - OFF/Elliptical (1 hour) - depends on night situation

Saturday - Run 7-8 miles outside or treadmill

Do I need to incorporate weights? With that help me LOSE weight? I am in a competition at work which is the reason I want to actually lose weight. Is there another cardio workout which I could do? Spinning classes?

Need help please.


Glad to hear you are sticking with your weight loss plan. I'm still working away on mine however, I haven't been able to do much the past few weeks after suffering a grade three sprain to my ankle from playing basketball.

It would be a great idea to incorporate weights into your routine. Muscle burns fat so obviously it would be a good idea to work on building some muscle to help get off those last few pounds you want to lose.

You don't need to lift weights if you don't have them available. You can do plenty of exercises using your body weight alone to build muscle. I have a routine that my trainer had me doing four days a week that takes about half an hour that does use some machines and stuff, but I could give you the plan if you want. Let me know.

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Thanks, I think I am going to start spinning, it would be a different type of workout as you said.

I am reading that building muscle actually helps you burn calories quicker than just cardio. Cardio burns the calories during the workout but weightlifting helps you burn calories AFTER the workout. I never knew this. Maybe next week I hit off a different routine, shock my body, and run with weights, spinning and cardio on Saturday (I do not want to stop running). Take out the elliptical and maybe skip Thursday basketball and start weightlifting 3 days a week. Is three days a week satisfactory for weights?

Three days a week is satisfactory for what you are looking to do. You aren't looking to put on a ton of muscle you are looking to tone up and help burn those last few pounds of fat off it sounds like to me. Switching up your routine and shocking your body will do numbers for you also.

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Just an update, but I've got 30 pounds to go to get to that elusive 200 pounds. I messed up my ankle so I've had a rough go off it the past few weeks, but its starting to feel better and I'm hoping to get back into the full swing of things next week. I'm hoping to reach my goal by the New Year.

I'll keep everyone posted on my success. It's amazing the looks I get from people I haven't seen in a while. It's great to hear them say how amazing I look although it's getting harder and harder to carry this head of mine around.

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I haven't been posting in this thread but, i started a diet in March. The goal was to lose a few pounds for my wedding in July. I started at 248 lbs (that was a "oh crap" moment") and I had a goal of 220 lbs by July. Exercise wasn't really an issue since I coach high school baseball and I have an acre of grass and a push mower. As far as diet I only really made a couple of changes to my diet.

- Started counting calories and more importantly I became aware of how much I am consuming in a day

- Cut out soda, junky foods (snack from the machine @ work), and late night snacking

- Portion control

- Started eating a good breakfast (ex. Bowl of cherrios and a bannna or Weight Control Oatmeal or 100 calorie Bagel with a little Peanut Butter and 80calorie yoqurt)

- Healthy Lunch- Cut out the fast food and ate a healthy lunch (ex. turkey sandwich, pickle and a yoqurt/fruit cup). If I had to do fast food I either went to subway or I got a chargrill salad/sandwich from Chick-fil-a (No Fries)

8 months later I am happy to report that the scale said 212 on my wedding day and this morning it read 189 :excited:. I might be able to get to 185 but, I think a more maintainable weight for me is 188-193 lbs. I have never felt better in my life!!

Congratulation to all here who have lost weight :clap3: and a big dose of well wishes for those who are continuing to try :clap:. Keep working and you will get to your goal. :thumbsup1:

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Somehow this thread came up in a completely unrelated search I did, and I'm bumping it.

Lots of lost members in here.

But if you're still here, how are you doing now?

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About a year and a half ago I was pushing 220 when I decided enough was enough. I joined a gym last May and haven't looked back since.... Currently sitting between 170-175 and trying to put on a solid 20-25 in muscle. I never thought losing weight would be the easy part until I tried to put on good weight.

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I recently dropped 50 lbs (25% of my body weight) in under 4 months while on a low carb atkins-style diet without even exercising. It was pretty incredible how the weight came off. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants drastic results quickly. There are a lot of misconceptions about a diet such as this so if anyone has any questions I'd be glad to clear them up.

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