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My first trip to OPACY.. suggestions?

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Hey everyone,

I know most of you don't know me much but I've been lurking around here for a long time. I'm finally hoping to make my first trip down to Baltimore from the frozen ground of northern New Hampshire. My fiance and I are planning on taking the train down during the last week of June when the Angels and Indians are in town. I have a few questions from those of you that might know the Inner Harbor area much better than someone who has never been. Any information and or help would really be appreciated. I've been a quadriplegic for 21 years since I broke my neck and a power wheelchair is my mode of transportation. My main focus of the trip is to see the Orioles and Camden Yards but I also have to include some stuff (Aquarium, Harbor Place etc) for my girl. We would be arriving at Penn Station and hopefully making our way to a hotel somewhere within a decent walking distance to OPACY and the Inner Harbor area. With me being in a chair it makes me want to keep the need for transportation to a minimum. I guess my questions for all of you are.. Respond here or PM, whichever you choose.

Any suggestions on a decent priced (up to $200 per) hotel in that area? I'm looking at probably 5 nights on Sunday thru Thursday the 28th of June. I'm looking at the Days Inn Inner Harbor or Hampton Inn Baltimore-Downtown-Convention Center from quick research.

Public transportation. . Is it pretty easy to use if I do need it and wheelchair friendly? I'm going to make a few calls and get more information from public transit.

Restaurants/Bars.. I'd like a couple places non tourist central that would really make me look good with my lady.

Tickets.. Should I buy them now or maybe wait until I get there? I know there is wheelchair seating all over the park and I'd like to see the place from a few different angles.

Unknown? Is there anything that you would do if you only had 4-5 days in Baltimore besides seeing the Orioles ?

I hope this isn't to annoying for you and please disregard if you have no interest or help. This trip is a pretty big deal for me and I'm hoping to soak in everything Orioles I can plus show my better half a fun time for indulging my Orioles trip over going on a cruise. Does this prove my loyalty or my insanity? I'm thinking it's her loyalty to me and my insanity for insisting on Baltimore over the Bahamas. It's a bit odd how excited I am that this might actually happen.

Thanks for reading..

Edited the ? out for the ' that were supposed to be there. Something in my word prediction program is not working right. Sorry about that

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I would advise you stay downtown Beej as you could be within "riding" distance to everything. Most of the attractions you will want to see are in the same area (including OPACY) so you will not have to worry about getting taxis or public transportation.

Baltimore has many neighborhoods with their respective bars and restaurants. What kind of foods are you looking for and it would be easier to let you know. Most of these you can take a taxi but I would be willing to bet the hotel will know what accomodations you will need to get there.

For the lady friend, def take her to Little Italy. If it is nice out, you can ride there in the wheelchair. There is a lot of restaurants down there and most of them are street level so you should be fine.

I would get tickets now, if its a weekend game, it is not going to be packed but a lot of the good seats will be taken.

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Hey beej, I'm not from Baltimore but I can offer some tips from when I come up (which is quite a few times each year.)

I've stayed at the Days Inn a few times. It's a good hotel for the price. I cant speak for the other one. Check Hotwire, I got the Hotel Monaco for $100 a night a couple years ago and its a really nice hotel.

For bars and restaurants, I agree with Bosibus...Little Italy is a must to take your fiance. Also, Fells Point area is awesome. Koopers and Max's are my favorites. Koopers has awesome brunch and Max's has a huge beer selection. Hope this helps!

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At the stadium make sure you move around a bit. See the different areas of the stadium and the different views of the game they each offer. Flag court, center field picnic area, behind the plate, upper deck to name a few.

Everything is very wheel chair accessible.

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I was telling a friend of mine the other day about my one and only trip there. He told me my tone sounded more like I had visited Mecca than a stadium. My advice would be to go early, walk around everywhere, sit in different seats and take lots of pictures.

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I was telling a friend of mine the other day about my one and only trip there. He told me my tone sounded more like I had visited Mecca than a stadium. My advice would be to go early, walk around everywhere, sit in different seats and take lots of pictures.

I stay at the Monaco when I come into town, which is pretty nice, and very convenient to the stadium. Definitely take in the various downtown areas - I love hoofing over to Fell's Point and grabbing drinks and a meal (big or small) at any one of the neighborhood places (though particularly Peter's and Henniger's). Have fun. I try to get down from NYC at least twice a year.

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Too bad you are not coming for the the Sailabration. But I think it would be a real hassle downtown and hotel prices might be a fortune, They are expecting half a million visitors.


Amtrak discount. Not sure if you can use.


Harbor pass if you are seeing different places


Circulator bus is free and handicap accessible


Also if you have a AAA card ,you can stay at the Renaissance hotel right in the Inner Harbor for around $170.00 plus tax, Special thru Room 77 website


Also, i am not sure how far you are from Manchester NH but Southwest has fares from $62.00 to $100.00 o/w

The Helmand is a good place to eat,but not sure what type of food you like. Owned by Karzai's (Afghan President's) brother.


You can take a cruise from Baltimore.

After the games.


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First off you're crazy for picking Baltimore over the Bahamas. But a good kind of crazy. :D

All public transit in Baltimore is wheelchair accessible. No sweat there.

Just stay some place downtown, or even by the stadium...the Inner Habor is walkable from there and if not, the Charm Bus is free and runs almost anywhere you want to go.

If you wanna treat your girl to a nice dinner, you'll want to get up to the Woodberry Kitchen...it's usually ranked #1 in Baltimore. It is reachable by the light rail via the Woodberry station.

For some of the best crabcakes in town, go to Faidley's in Lexington Market. Use the Paca Street entrance, you'll walk into the Faidley's section of the market. Just use some caution, that area is deemed "sketchy" by some, but I have been there many times and never had a single problem. The LR goes there too but you should be able to get there from your hotel. It closes at 6 though, and is closed on Sundays.

For bars, Alewife has a great beer selection, good food.

Make sure to go to Pickle's before the game for a few beers. I ilke the "Oriole Dog"....PB&J, cream cheese and a hot dog...whats not to like?

Pratt Street Ale House is nice.

Pretty much anywhere in Fells Point is nice to visit, have a drink, relax, enjoy the views. I like Thames Street Oyster House. Riptide by the Bay is nice too. Oh and Bertha's Mussels, of course.

Hit up Fort McHenry this year through 1814 is the bi-centennial of the War of 1812 and the Star Spangled Banner. Tons of events going on around town for that these next few years.

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I really can't tell you how much I appreciate all the links, comments and suggestions from all of you. This is exactly what I was hoping to get when I posted here. Thanks to all of you for helping me out.

Do they allow you to move around seat wise during the game? I'm figuring it wouldn't be a huge deal seeing how I don't envision the place being packed mid week.

I have looked in on flying down but with everything I've read about possible problems with getting my power chair there in 1 piece I'd just as soon avoid that hassle. I got a quote today from Amtrak of $260 for both of us round trip which I found pretty hard to beat. I was going to drive down in my van but I couldn't get there for $260 with the cost of gas nowadays. If I can get the right rate on a room I may come down on Sunday the 24th of June and have all of Monday to get acquainted (O's off day) and starting Tuesday it's 2 Angels games and 1 against the Indians then jump on the train home Friday (29th) morning. Everything seems to be way cheaper coming down on non peak days thus a no brainer for me.

Restaurant wise, I definitely would love to try out a place or 2 in Little Italy and then maybe something I've never had before like Helmod, which seems interesting. I can see having a problem with too many great options and not enough time.

I'll let you know how this all comes together. Thanks again everyone and feel free to keep the suggestions and recommendations coming.

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That's not a bad deal for Amtrak. Everything I have ever seen on Amtrak is astronomically high, but $65 pp each way seems like a decent deal. It will probably take you just as long to drive, but this way you can relax on the way down instead of sitting in traffic and paying hefty tolls.

You shouldn't have any trouble moving around the stadium. Just be nice to the ushers, maybe ask their permission, and it shouldn't be a problem.

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Forgot to mention...definitely check out the Baltimore Sports Legends Museum. It's right next to the stadium and a great way to spend a couple of hours.

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For Burgers:


New and not cheap but good


Good breakfast at least the Captain Crunch french toast and cinnamon rolls:


Little Italy is ok:


Miss Shirley's -never been to the one at the harbor


If you like different beers


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