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24/Feb/2013 Orioles at Dunedin (Blue Jays)

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Line ups from Roch Kubatko: ‏

Casilla 2B

Reimold LF

Betemit 3B

Jackson DH

Ford CF

Pearce RF

Valencia 1B

Teagarden C

Flaherty SS.

Jurrjens RHP

Reyes SS

Izturis 2B

Bautista RF

Encarnacion 1B

Lind DH

Arenciba C

Rasmus CF

DeRosa 3B

Davis LF

Buehrle LHP

The O's lineup is why I don't tend to go to games in Dunedin or Clearwater.

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Nice to Jurrjens face an "A" squad.

Looks like half of that lineup is in competition for the 13th position spot. I think it's telling that they have Valencia at 1B and Betemit at 3B instead of the other way around. They want to get an idea of Valencia's versatility. If this game meant something, you'd want those guys flipped.

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You mean you don't want to see Betemit at 3B and Ford in CF and Flaherty at SS?

I am actually OK with Flaherty. I certainly don't want to spend money to watch Jurrjens pitch. Of course if you get a good seat maybe you can hear the bones in his knee grinding when he delivers the ball.

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I think Gausman is pitching today. That alone might be worth the trip.

Exactly - corn man can be a whiner at times....;):hearts:

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    • You must admit we run the wide range of opinions here, some have me scratching my head as to what team they actually like.  
    • Other teams aren’t just dropping out of the market because it’s getting late. The crux of dumpster diving is that it’s the scraps no one wants. 
    • Let me amend my last statement a bit. Detroit and Cincy are definitely less appealing destinations then Baltimore. I'd argue the Phillies and White Sox are on the upswing so they'd probably be more appealing to most FAs. I think this discussion might merit it's own thread!
    • The Orioles do not want to sign any free agent pitchers to any deals longer than 3 years.  These 2 guys are simply going to be too expensive and demand too many years. I wish it wasn't so, but the fact that we just got out from under Ubaldo's abysmal 4 year deal is probably not going to help persuade them to rethink their policy.
    • I'd feel much better about signing Cain to a four year deal if he was 27. If they decide to go the route of a speedster, they might be better off signing someone Jarrod Dyson to a one year deal given the uncertainty of the direction in which this team is heading long term. Other than starting pitchers, I don't think they should be giving three or four year deals to any offensive players right now (aside from extending Schoop). This is a team in limbo even if they're too naive to admit it.  And to that point, I wonder how Duquette is able to even sell multi-year deals to respective free agents? Everyone knows that Machado is on his way out and that this team, as constructed, will probably not be able to contend. Why would anyone want to sign a multi-year deal wit the Orioles right now (over another team) unless it's strictly for the money? Short of Miami, I'm not sure there's a less appealing team in the majors right now. And yes, San Diego is bad too, but at least you get to live in San Diego.  
    • The question is, will the OHOF hold their PED use against them?    They’ve kept Raffy out.    We might need to wait until some of the 2012-17 core has retired.    I’d expect Markakis, Hardy, Wieters and Jones all to go in one day.    Manny and Schoop are further away but will get in later.   
    • Could DD simply be waiting for the asking prices to become reasonable and then strike to land two guys like a Cobb & Lynn? Next year there are some great position players who will be Free Agents, but not pitching. With teams trying to limit spending this year why not splurge for two such pitchers and then you could trade them after this year if you need to. The idea being that those teams willing to spend next year will not find much pitching on the market. Could this plan work?
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