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2013 Orioles 1st Round Draft Pick - Hunter Harvey - RHP - Bandys HS, NC

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ROUND 1: 22 - Hunter Harvey, RHP

6'3" / 175 lbs

Bandys HS, NC

DOB: 12/09/94

Charlotte Observer Article

Amazing Avenue Report with video

March 25th Game Report

Gary Rajsich:

“We looked at the talent, first of all. You know, he’s an advanced high school pitcher. He has a chance – he’s a projected front of a rotation pitcher. We didn’t think there would be any more of those available around there. We were hoping he would get to us but we weren’t sure. So there’s a lot of upside there, which is very appealing. He’s advanced, as far as his mechanics. With his dad’s experience in the major leagues, his mechanics are very good. So there are no major changes to make, just adjustments. And we think he has a chance to move very fast through our system. The fact that he was signable, it helped. But it was probably the third (factor). It was another reason to take him, but it wasn’t the main one. He’ll probably start at our Gulf Coast League, all our pitchers and players will go there. How long he stays there is a matter of where he is at (pitching-wise). But when he starts pitching, (it’s about) how he does in that? How he performs at that level? But we think he can move fast. I think the average time is a little less than three years for a high school right-hander to get to the big leagues and we don’t see any reason he couldn’t be on that kind of schedule.”

Keith Law, ESPN.com:

"Son of former big leaguer Bryan Harvey, Hunter is very projectable, up to 93 mph already with feel for a curveball, and with a strong desire to go pro rather than heading for college."

Jonathan Mayo, MLB.com:

"The son of former big league pitcher Bryan Harvey has size and stuff, and it's clear he wants to enter pro ball. That could add up to him going before the Giants pick, but San Francisco knows how to develop young pitching."

Initial take: He's a fairly high upside young pitcher who will definitely sign early and get started into pro ball. In fact, the kid is not committed to a college so expect the Orioles to get him to sign at slot ($1,947,600) or slighly under slot fairly quickly and get him into the system.

With any high school pitcher there is a ton of risk, but the Orioles don't have a lot of high upside starting pitchers in the system outside of Kevin Gausman and Dylan Bundy, so adding another one is a good thing.

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97 MPH Projectible. Strike Thrower

Hunter Harvey is the son of former closer Bryan Harvey, and brother of Kris Harvey, a minor league pitcher currently in Double-A Altoona. At 6?3", Harvey isn?t small -- but at 175 pounds, there is plenty of room to fill out. As things stand now, his fastball already has a lot of zip to it, sitting in the mid 90s. His two primary off-speed offerings are a change-up -- with about a 10-15 MPH differential -- and a curveball, both of which can be major league pitches with some work.

Hunter is aggressive, going after and challenging batters. This aggressiveness sometimes hurts him, though, leading him to rush his delivery. When he pitches, he plants his legs early and doesn?t utilize his trunk as much, making him a ?dart thrower?, as opposed to a traditional ?drop and driver?. Given where his fastball already sits, if you factor in some weight gain, and mechanics that better utilize the momentum of his trunk, Harvey could theoretically be able to touch the high 90s with his fastball.He is no slouch with the bat, either. While not really seen as a two-way player, the youngster hit .422/.533/.723 in 83 at-bats this season.

Interestingly, Harvey has no college commitment. In his own words, he "just want to go play pro ball mainly. That?s my goal, that?s what I want to do". In theory, this could both hurt and help him: knowing he wants to play ball, a team might sign him earlier since he has no signability issues, but knowing he has no college leverage, they might offer him less than he might make with a college commitment.


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PICK ANALYSIS: A little bit of a run here in the Carolinas. Harvey has made it clear he wants to sign, and area scout Chris Gale is very good when it comes to evaluating pitchers?his father Rich pitched in the big leagues and is a longtime pitching coach.

SCOUTING REPORT: The son of former major league closer Bryan Harvey, Hunter offers lots of projection between his stuff and frame. He is 6-foot-3, 175 pounds, with room to add strength. His arm is quick and generates a fastball that sits 89-92 mph. He reportedly hit 97 early in the spring, but has battled unseasonably cold weather and hasn?t shown that kind of velocity on a regular basis. He has a sharp breaking ball that?s inconsistent but projects to be at least an average pitch. Pitching in western North Carolina, Harvey doesn?t face great competition, so he dominates hitters with his fastball and rarely throws a changeup. He has flashed a good one and includes it in his pregame bullpen routine. Harvey has not made a college commitment and has been open about his desire to start pro ball, which could move him up draft boards.

WHERE HE FITS: With Kevin Gausman graduating and Dylan Bundy likely to do so soon, Hunter Harvey will soon be the Orioles? top pitching prospect and has a similar build and upside to Gausman.

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Focusing on getting someone to sign early like Gausman, so they get a good half season in this year. No time to waste

We won't have to worry about the buffet circuit.

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Focusing on getting someone to sign early like Gausman, so they get a good half season in this year. No time to waste

I don't expect the O's to sign him for much under slot, especially after Gausman got overslot last year.

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