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2013: Grade the Player Exercise

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Like last year, here is your chance to grade out and discuss each player on the roster for 2012. The grades should be given in consideration to the player's role, and not necessarily the players worth. In other words, Troy Patton could grade out higher than Wei-Yin Chen even though Chen was a more valuable pitcher but Patton may have more effective in his role.

This is a great place to posts stats, highlights and anything and will give us a good record to look back on in the future. Due to the late start, I will post three players a day and give each player two weeks to be voted on. (2012 Grades)

Graded Players: (Grades as of October 10th)

Wei-Yin-Chen - C

Chris Davis - A

Ryan Flaherty - C

Miguel-Gonzalez - B

Jason Hammel - D

JJ Hardy -B

Tommy Hunter - B

Jim Johnson - C

Adam Jones - A

Manny Machado - A

Nick Markakis -

Brian Matusz - C

T.J. McFarland - C

Nate McLouth - C

Darren O'Day - B

Bud Norris - C

Troy Patton - C

Nolan Reimold - F

Brian Roberts - C

Chris Tillman - A

Danny Valencia - B

Matt Wieters - C


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He is no threat to walk, therefore, an A grade is impossible.

And yet, he was good enough to get the grade. Amazing.


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He is no threat to walk, therefore, an A grade is impossible.

So the four extra walks Machado got are the cutoff for an A?


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    • It's true. The minor league baseballs are more slick, even with the mud, and actually feel like they are wound tighter.
    • If we give him an opt out I think we can sign him.
    • I stole this from TV...   Marriage is a lot like poker. It starts out with 2 hearts and a diamond. After a while you're just looking for a club and a spade.
    • I did a bit of a comparison, using players that had over, or near, a .300 average (except Norfolk, because the only person who did only had 17 at bats...) and over over 100 at bats, along with their walk and strike out totals:   Delmarva Jake Ring: 154 At Bats, 12 Walks, 46 Strike Outs, .318 Average Chris Clare: 141 At Bats, 15 Walks, 34 Strike Outs, .298 Average Frederick Ryan Mountcastle: 180 At Bats, 7 Walks, 32 Strike Outs, .328 Average Steve Wilkerson: 155 At Bats, 19 Walks, 40 Strike Outs, .323 Average Austin Hays: 165 At Bats, 7 Walks, 25 Strike Outs, .321 Average Randolph Gassaway: 136 At Bats, 10 Walks, 22 Strike Outs, .316 Average Bowie Garabez Rosa: 186 At Bats, 4 Walks, 32 Strike Outs, .339 Average Austin Wynns: 133 At Bats, 21 Walks, 23 Strike Outs, .316 Average Erick Salcedo: 146 At Bats, 8 Walks, 17 Strike Outs, .295 Average Aderlin Rodriguez: 177 At Bats, 19 Walks, 32 Strike Outs, .294 Average Norfolk Johnny Giavotella: 171 At Bats, 21 Walks, 18 Strike Outs, .281 Average Drew Dosch: 115 At Bats, 9 Walks, 39 Strike Outs, .261 Average Chance Sisco: 122 At Bats, 13 Walks, 39 Strike Outs, .246 Average   Mountcastle might not have the least walks (thank you card sent to Rosa) or the most strike outs (enjoy the fruit baskets Ring, Clare, Wilkerson, Dosch, and Sisco), but he does have the second lowest ratio (hello again, Rosa) thru the system with that high of an average. Two names stick out for certain things: Austin Wynns is tied with Johnny Giavotella with the lead in walks for this group. Wynns is known more for defense than offensive. Giavotella is known as someone that can get on base. Sisco has a LOT of strike outs and a lower average for being a highly regarded hitter. Rosa has a really high average for someone that doesn't take a lot of walks and who strikes out a LOT. Mountcastle will give you 4 strike outs to every 1 walk. Are teams pitching more at him, or is he swinging at pitches that would normally be balls? Even Wilkerson, who had 40 strike outs in Frederick, gave you 1 walk for every 2 he had. Maybe some more batting cage time is needed?
    • Easily one of the nicest and easiest to cheer for players. Hope he catches on somewhere.
    • Blue Jays wish they had Duq. They'd have 11.  
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