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2013: Grade the Player Exercise

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Like last year, here is your chance to grade out and discuss each player on the roster for 2012. The grades should be given in consideration to the player's role, and not necessarily the players worth. In other words, Troy Patton could grade out higher than Wei-Yin Chen even though Chen was a more valuable pitcher but Patton may have more effective in his role.

This is a great place to posts stats, highlights and anything and will give us a good record to look back on in the future. Due to the late start, I will post three players a day and give each player two weeks to be voted on. (2012 Grades)

Graded Players: (Grades as of October 10th)

Wei-Yin-Chen - C

Chris Davis - A

Ryan Flaherty - C

Miguel-Gonzalez - B

Jason Hammel - D

JJ Hardy -B

Tommy Hunter - B

Jim Johnson - C

Adam Jones - A

Manny Machado - A

Nick Markakis -

Brian Matusz - C

T.J. McFarland - C

Nate McLouth - C

Darren O'Day - B

Bud Norris - C

Troy Patton - C

Nolan Reimold - F

Brian Roberts - C

Chris Tillman - A

Danny Valencia - B

Matt Wieters - C

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    • I am not going to FanFest this year, and frankly, without exaggeration, I have cared less this offseason than ever in the previous 43 years of my life.  The Orioles have glaring holes and have done absolutely nothing to address any of them.  If they don't care, neither do I.   If I hadn't already paid for my 2018 season tickets through the 2017 Playoff bill, I would have had to seriously consider even re-upping.   And speaking of the playoffs, I'm rather pissed that they billed me for playoff tickets knowing full well our chances were slim, yet didn't even bother to print or send the tickets out this past year.  in previous years, I at least have World Series tickets at home as souvenirs for the O's missing the Annual Classic, but this year the Orioles and/or MLB was too cheap to even send out the tickets...didn't stop them from billing us for them though.  
    • Yes and we shall soon see how all that stuff like loyalty to Baltimore, being an Oriole for life PR  changes on a dime.   But even Cal at one point made noise about signing elsewhere.  We shall see.  The reality is that teams like us, Pirates, Brewers, Twins, etc cannot afford sentiment with long time players...unless you just want to keep on losing.  If his value remains as corner outfielder, then extend him.  If not, then thanks for the memories, good luck getting a CF gig with a contender. 
    • outstanding!  I agree.  And welcome!  We can just look at 2014 and see what even  a moderate improvement in starting pitching can lead to. But if it is an all in 2018 plan, then trading Machado is not happening.  If they sign two good starters, keep Machado who then has the walk year of walk years and we win the World Series, I will forgive the non trade of Manny.   But short of that...no.  And  as you point out, the much more likely outcome is signing mediocrity, finishing last AND then letting Manny, Zach, Adam just walk.  
    • Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea: Barbara Demick Story about the lives of multiple defectors who all lived in/around the N. Korea city of Chongjin. Really provides perspective of the hardship of life, what ordinary citizens must do to survive, and the absurd cult of personality that runs the country. Not a long book, about 350 pages, and it's personal story based (the defectors) as opposed to facts based (which can be boring)
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