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2013: Grade the Player Exercise

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Like last year, here is your chance to grade out and discuss each player on the roster for 2012. The grades should be given in consideration to the player's role, and not necessarily the players worth. In other words, Troy Patton could grade out higher than Wei-Yin Chen even though Chen was a more valuable pitcher but Patton may have more effective in his role.

This is a great place to posts stats, highlights and anything and will give us a good record to look back on in the future. Due to the late start, I will post three players a day and give each player two weeks to be voted on. (2012 Grades)

Graded Players: (Grades as of October 10th)

Wei-Yin-Chen - C

Chris Davis - A

Ryan Flaherty - C

Miguel-Gonzalez - B

Jason Hammel - D

JJ Hardy -B

Tommy Hunter - B

Jim Johnson - C

Adam Jones - A

Manny Machado - A

Nick Markakis -

Brian Matusz - C

T.J. McFarland - C

Nate McLouth - C

Darren O'Day - B

Bud Norris - C

Troy Patton - C

Nolan Reimold - F

Brian Roberts - C

Chris Tillman - A

Danny Valencia - B

Matt Wieters - C

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    • Great analysis.   Something I disagree w/ though is the secondary.  First, I don't agree that J. Smith is comparable to pre-"You need to pay me" McAlister.  Second, I want to agree w/ you on how good this secondary looks, but I think it's too early.  We still haven't played a winning/playoff-type offense yet.  We have quite a few INT's for only two games, but a lot of those were just balls that were tipped at the line and went straight up in the air.  We dominated the Bengals, but we saw this week how "good" they are.  I think it definitely says something that the Browns backup QB had more success than the Bengals offense.  I have a feeling the Bengals are in for a really bad year.  As for the Browns, they were a tougher opponent than the Bengals ... but they're still the Browns.  We did well against a rookie and a backup ... but the backup still put up a TD and put them in range of a FG.   Anyone else notice how Ben Watson got most of the playing time at TE in the 2nd half?  He had more catches than Williams and Boyle combined.  In fact, Watson had more catches this game (8) than Williams and Boyle have had targets over both games (7).   I totally agree about Perriman.  I'm sure some will defend him and mention his injuries, but sadly, the clock doesn't stop ticking for anyone.  The Ravens need to decide on his 5th year option after this season and, right now, all you've gotten out of him is 504 yards and 3 TD's.  He's only had 50+ yards in a game once and he's only caught more than 3 passes in a game once.  This is not what you want out of a 1st round pick.
    • Looking on the negative side can make it hard to enjoy a team.  This is entertainment.  Following a team that your down on sounds like it would sap all the happiness out of it.
    • Of the 10 players who debuted this year who have the highest WAR, 8 of them were promoted from AAA.     Some had only a few weeks or a month or two there, others had played a full season.  So, I think Buck's description of AAA as a taxi squad is a bit exaggerated. PS - for 2016, it was 9 out of 10.
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