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2013-2014 Orioles Off-Season Moves Tracker

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Chris Jones is DFA'ed and then released.

At some point the Orioles picked up OF Michael Burgess, as he's on the minor league ST roster.

We also picked up OF Rachid Engelhardt, from Corendon Kinheim of the Dutch Major Leagues.

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    • We've had 1000 yard receivers in the Flacco era before: 2008 - Derrick Mason - 80 / 1037 yds 2009 - Derrick Mason - 73 / 1028 yds 2013 - Torrey Smith - 65 / 1128 yds 2014 - Steve Smith Sr - 79 / 1065 yds 2016 - Mike Wallace - 72 / 1017 yds   So yea it does appear that with that many catches he should be basically a lock for 1000+. Crabtree's targets and catches declined kind of significantly last year.....do we know why?  I know the Raiders offense in general was much more ineffective last year. In 2016 the Raiders scored 416 total points, where last year it was only 301.   The Ravens scored 395 by comparison!   lol
    • Turner will be out for two months at most.
    • I think an important player to watch would be Cody Sedlock, is he fully healthy, has he gone back to his college delivery with the smooth arm circle, what's his velocity look like?  Ryan McKenna's defense would be interesting to me as well, he looks like (in one home to first time) he's much faster this spring. I've also heard that he has a good arm. Last year I didn't see the good arm and he was kind of awkward in CF. Jomar Reyes of course, how he looks at 3B, he improved his agility and his body last year, is it enough to give him a shot to stick there? Is he starting to get to his plus or better raw power in-game? Lucas Long, is he working as a starter or as a reliever? Where is he velocity at and if starting, how do his secondaries look?
    • I’m sure you will have a lot more nuanced details about individual players than I was able to provide. I’m no swing doctor/pitch mechanics guy.    
    • Get out while you can. 
    • It apparently touched 92-93, which is better. Command could have been terrible and still not issue any walks, his control was good, he could have been missing badly within the zone.  A problem last year is that with his lowered arm slot, he was getting less spin on his fastball, making it less deceptive and easier to barrel. So it's possible he carries a good fastball this year and still has major problems with his FB getting hit around if he can't get the spin back.
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