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2013-2014 Orioles Off-Season Moves Tracker

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Chris Jones is DFA'ed and then released.

At some point the Orioles picked up OF Michael Burgess, as he's on the minor league ST roster.

We also picked up OF Rachid Engelhardt, from Corendon Kinheim of the Dutch Major Leagues.

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    • Angelos should take that pic and use it as grounds to void his contract.  Fantasy I know, but still.. he wasn't even trying.
    • I really believe the O's should just sign him for the year.  We're done, and he can probably DH as well as any of our DHs.  I think that might be the only thing that draws me to a live game this year.
    • It is a new thing in practice but the theory has been around for a few years now.
    • If he want's 500...I would give it to him.  But it would require him to be here 15 years......or a lifetime Oriole. I mean compared to Davis, it's almost a no brainer.  Are there risks?  Sure.  Do I think the Orioles will do anything?  No.   But if Machado gave me a number to stay, if it meant lifetime Oriole, I'm buying.   Edit to add:  Of course, keeping Manny still requires trading him now, and cleaning house of leadership and naming a GM and giving him/her the power to make baseball decisions. And yes, I understand that is a fantasy.
    • If we put a reliever in for the first inning, would Tillman pitch any better from inning 2 onward? He always seemed to me to be a guy who needs more time to warm up, since his first inning is always terrible, but if he makes it to the second inning, he settles down big time. You only get so much time to warm up, because of the way they organize the games. So maybe if he was able to spend the first inning still warming up, and pitching like he would pitch the first inning, he could start in the second inning after he's worked out his issues and be effective? I guess we might never know the answer when it comes to Tillman, but Cobb is kind of the new Tillman (or the new Ubaldo) so maybe we'll try it with him. Or maybe Cobb will finally get into midseason form in mid to late August and we won't need to worry about him anyway. He got a ridiculously, almost criminally late start on the season for some dumb reason, so as far as his arm is concerned the date is probably about April 3rd. By the time he's as ready to go as Gausman/Bundy are now, we'll be winding down the season.
    • This article doesn't seem to offer new info....Braves?   MLB Network mentions them every day as having enough to get it done IF they want to.     If PA were truly the smartest man in the room, he would make it clear that he was going to auction off Manny and state that if the winner made the deal sweet enough, he would pay manny's salary. He would NOT require SP or SS or anything else other than stud players and as many of them as possible. Then of course he would hand Manny a blank check and say, fill this in on Nov 15 and it's good, but it has to cover your career here in Baltimore. Sorry, this obviously goes in the random thought thread.
    • And we have an owner who appears to to be better acquainted with fantasy than he is with reality. I would call that #5 in the list of problems that may thwart a trade for Manny. Number 1 is the owner's fixation on the very near term and his apparent disregard for the future of the team after the next season or two. Number 2 is the owner's chronic inability to say "yes." He seems to be of the mind that when trading for prospects whose trajectory and value are uncertain, it can't be a good deal for the Orioles if the team is willing to make it. At the same time, he won't make a realistic offer, or authorize anyone else to make a realistic offer, for fear it will be asking for less than the Orioles could have gotten, and the other team will say "yes." Then you're stuck. Number 3 is the uncertainty to the outside world as to who has what authority to make a trade on behalf of the Orioles. Up until recently, there was no question that everything had to go through the owner. Now that doesn't seem so clear -- and the situation may vary from week to week or day to day. Number 4 is the lack of credibility that the Orioles have around MLB. Other teams now know that Duquette or anyone else they talk to has no authority to close a deal, no ability to predict reliably whether the Orioles will approve a deal that's been agreed to, and no idea how long it will take to get a final decision. The uncertainty and frustration that a trading partner potentially faces may be worth dealing with if the elusive prize is Manny Machado, but some may not be willing to chase that wild goose. Even more so if the prize is just Adam Jones or Brad Brach.  
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