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Marvel's Phase 3 Movies

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Captain Marvel will be set during the 90's, will feature Nick Fury before he injured his eye and will include Skrulls.


It's been rumored that Marvel made a deal w/ Fox some time in the past year.  While Fox has movie rights to the FF and X-Men, they don't have any television rights so fans were left puzzled when Fox came out w/ shows like Legion and the upcoming The Gifted.  The rumor is that Marvel gave Fox tv rights to the X-Men in exchange for most (if not all) of the interstellar stuff that originated in FF.  I think this might go a long way to proving that rumor true.



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I saw the new Spider-Man movie and enjoyed it.   It was much different than any of the others in that there wasn't a "darkness" to it.   I thought the guy who played PP was the best one yet.   He really captured that "I'm 15 and you can't tell me what to do" attitude.   Plus, the naivety and awkwardness of being a "geek" teenager really came through.  

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