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2016 Orioles Home Run Tracker

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I saw this on Youtube, MLB productions put together the entire 2016 season with all 253 HRs.



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    • A few thoughts.  Britton, if healthy, to the Nationals seems like a perfect fit.    Even though starting pitching is our greatest need, we must focus on best prospect available.   Britton for Victor Robles and a good pitching prospect like Fedde works for me.    However, I would also be okay with taking Robles and just a good bullpen arm like Koda Glover.   One strategy I think is possible with Machado is a two pronged approach.   We should be playing the Yankees and Boston off against each other.   Both will be in the playoffs.   Both have holes at 3B.    It will not only help the team that gets Machado but it will hurt the team that doesn't get him.   I would try to create a competition bidding war between the two teams.    I would also try to tie in Chris Davis to a Machado trade which, of course could hurt the haul coming back.   However, either team can use him at 1B/DH for this year again, assuming he gets back healthy and in time.     The main target on in the Yankees farm system would be Gleyber Torres with a pitching prospect like Chance Adams involved.    The main target on the Red Sox would be Rafael Devers with a pitching prospect involved as well. The Orioles future team in 2019 might be something like this. 1B Mancini 2B Schoop or Mountcastle  SS Gleyber Torres or ???? 3B Schoop or Devers C  Sisco  LF Robles  CF Mullins RF Hays DH Santander   (Trumbo dumped)   Pitching Bundy  and a lot of question marks which is what we have now.
    • I don't know to be honest with you. I've never liked Duquette or his Shuttle Mentality in micro-managing a roster. As for Buck, I believe he was the right man for the job back in 2011 but his shelf life has expired. I'm extremely concerned about 2019 and beyond. I am firmly in the Blow It Up Now camp.
    • Matos especially. 
    • Oh. So many times. I meant KC at the beach bar though. Todd was everywhere in my youth.
    • I don't know where this came from.  
    • I saw him playing a beach bar a few years back. 
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