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2016 Orioles Home Run Tracker

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    • Added a double as well, OPS up to .848.
    • Well as a 42 year old he would have been: (Among qualified Oriole starters) 1st in IP 2nd in ERA 2nd in WAR 3rd in WHIP   Not to mention he won a Cy Young at 37. He pitched in the AL East as a 38 year old (224.2 IP, 4.21 ERA), as a 39 year old (215.2, 3.71 ERA), and as a 40 year old (214.1 IP, 3.91 ERA).   He could be even better than a #5 starter next year. He could not be too. I'm intrigued.
    • An intellectual cornerstone of the digital age if I ever saw one.
    • My mother knew better than to serve us liver. I had smelled it, and that was enough. But when I was visiting some relatives one summer when I was about 10, my uncle insisted that I eat half of my liver before going out to play ball with my cousin and his friends. I got about three or four bites into it  when I gave it right back. We were allowed to leave for the playground right after that, and I've had no liver encounters in the half century or so since then. 
    • Yeah, it's tough to sort out Davis's problems if you have extensive knowledge about what's going on wiith him, or if you have some expertise that's relevant. But if you have neither, it somehow becomes a lot easier. 
    • Haven't eaten liver in a long time. I could never get used to the taste. 
    • o   The Yankees' road woes are what eventually did them in, and stopped them short of winning the American League Pennant. In the regular season they made hay at home (51-30), while being average on the road (40-41.) In the postseason they dominated at home (6-0), while tanking on the road (1-6.)   Their offense scored a total of 1 run over the final 2 games of the ALCS against the Astros.     Yankees’ Failure to Score Runs on the Road is Reminiscent of how They Lost the 2001 World Series (By Mike Lupica) http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/yankees/yankees-failure-score-runs-reminiscent-lost-01-ws-article-1.3580139   o
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