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Game of Thrones, Season 7

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Is anyone else still watching this show?   I just realized, we're coming up on Episode 4 and no one has bothered talking about it. lol


my episode reviews so far: (spoilers, obviously, if you haven't watched yet)


Ep. 1:

Positive - Opening scene is Arya's revenge on House Frey.  Completely telegraphed scene, but it was still a great opening.  I assumed this was coming, but I didn't think we were going to get it literally before the credits.  I like The Hound paired w/ Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr and I actually enjoyed The Hound's return to the farmers house along the Kings Road (I think it was Season 4?)  A meaningful scene that adds some depth to this character, but one that didn't last too long.  The scenes in the North were ok.  I really wouldn't call them a positive or a negative.  They were just your obligatory, "Just checking in w/ these characters" type of scenes.


Negative - Sam and Gilly at the Citadel.  Two things bugged me here.  One, that gross montage that started the scene.  I understand the point of the scene, but still ... I was eating. lol  Gross.  Second, the entire point of stopping in High Garden last season was because Gilly couldn't come to the Citadel: No Women Allowed.  Now, she's just sharing a room w/ him?  He's a member of the Nights Watch AND a Maester in training, two jobs that require you to swear off women ... and he's allowed to keep a woman in his room?  Daenarys lands at Dragonstone.  I understand the symbolism here, between her landing at Dragonstone mirroring Aegon the Conqueror's landing at Dragonstone, but ... why?  What sense does it make for them to use Dragonstone as a base of operations?  Two of the three closest powers near you, Kings Landing and the Stormlands, don't like you.  Why wouldn't they just land in Dorne, a kingdom that Dany is allied with that would allow her to unload and amass her armies around their borders.  Especially with The Reach, Dany's other ally, literally right next to Dorne.  It would allow them to quickly amass all of the armies of The Reach, Dorne, the Dothraki and the Unsullied all in one place.  Landing in Dragonstone just makes no sense other than ... "uh, plot reasons."


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Ep. 2:

Positive - Anything that's not in the Negatives below. lol  Also, bu-bye dumb women from Dorne and your entire plot.  You were all SO stupid.


Negative - Jorah apparently traveled the world looking for a cure for Grey Scale and just happens to be in the same place as Sam.  oh, wow.  What a coincidence.  Sigh, I hate you TV writers.  

Last season, Cersei basically murdered the Tyrell bloodline, most (if not all) of the religious leaders in the city, killed a large portion of those living within the city and blew up the Sept of Balor, probably the most holy place in Westeros for everyone except the North.  How is it that Randall Tarly and the other Lords that show up in Kings Landing are so calm?  Why did they show up at all?  I'm assuming most of those Lords are from the Reach (like Tarly), Olena is still alive and she's openly sided w/ Daenarys.  How is it the Reach hasn't already begun amassing their armies at High Garden?

Dany's confrontation w/ Varys.  She's literally sailed across an ocean w/ him and he brought her two of her most powerful allies ... and she's only just NOW talking to him?  Are we seriously supposed to believe this is their first conversation?  We know they were on the same boat the whole time because last season ended w/ Varys standing RIGHT BEHIND her.  Also, how is there NO mention of the fact that Varys is best friends with Illyrio Mopatis, essentially the man who helped raise Dany and her brother?  Varys could have had them killed at any time while they were growing up, but he didn't.  She's lived this long because of Varys and Illyrio.

Tyrion's plan.  The first thing they have to do is split up their naval fleet and send half of them to Dorne to pick up their armies?  They're in position to lay siege on Kings Landing and they freely admit they could take it within a day.  Also, the last scene from last season was of a huge armada that had ships from both the Reach and Dorne.  Both of their kingdoms have declared for Dany.  Are you seriously telling me that neither side has amassed their armies and prepared for open war?

Euron's surprise attack.  I honestly hated everything about this scene.  Literally none of it made sense.
Euron's fleet is supposedly the largest that Westeros has ever seen.  HOW does something that big just sneak up on you?  NO ONE in the Greyjoy fleet noticed them?

Euron just happens to board the ship that has the six most important people on it (for this scene)? 

He also just happens to know who to kill and who to take prisoner?  He's never met any of the characters from Dorne, he's never seen their faces and has no idea who else is on the ship (it's not like he was IN the room during their meeting).

Where the hell were all of those fireballs coming from?  They weren't being shot out of cannons.  They were too big, too slow and they were arcing through the air, meaning they were being shot out of a catapult.  Umm, since when are catapults used for ship-to-ship combat?  They're big, slow and used to attack things that are also big and, typically, not moving (i.e., a castle, a marching formation of foot soldiers, etc.)   There's a reason you look at history and don't see many, if any, cases of navy's using catapults against other ships.  On a moving ship, that's bobbing front to back and side to side (because ... ocean) and you're trying to calculate the angle and distance of another ship thats moving and front to back and side to side.  You're far more likely to burn your own ship down than actually hit anything ... but Euron's fleet is sniping down ships like a 12 year old playing Call of Duty multiplayer.

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Positive - Euron's march into Kings Landing and his gift to Cersei.  That was pretty epic ... and Euron's constant jabs at Jaime.  I'm calling it.  We're probably going to see a lot of meme's w/ Jaime's reaction face in that scene. lol

Olena getting that last jab in at Jaime after he's shown her mercy.  People were ripping into him this whole episode.  I like Jaime, but that was a really great scene. Hearing Olena call Joffery a <c word> one last time was icing on the cake.  He's been dead four seasons, but it's still great hearing people talk bad about him. lol

Cersei and the last of Dorne.  I, like everyone, hate Cersei, but watching her get her revenge this episode was sweet.  Just a good scene, made even better by the fact that we'll never see Ellaria Sand or her daughter's again.  The actress that plays Ellaria has already confirmed that was her last scene and that she's done w/ the show.


Negative - Sam curing Jorah.  Grey Scale is basically AIDS, leprosy, dementia and schizophrenia all rolled up into one, it's plagued this world for hundreds of years ... and they seriously just had Sam cure it using a random book, most likely entitled, "Grey Scale for Dumbies."  Not only that, but Sam essentially has to cut off ALL of the infected skill in order to do this and the VERY NEXT morning, Jorah is completely healed and ready to leave.  He just throws his shirt on, says "thanks" and then rolls out.  He's in the Citadel, the home of all medical knowledge in Westeros, and he's only the 2nd person (Stanos' daughter) in Westeros to be survive Grey Scale ... but nobody wants to talk to this guy.  I really hate tv writers.

Euron attacking Grey Worm's fleet.  Ah, tv writers and their magically convenient teleportation.  Grey Worm's  fleet must have left before the Dorne-bound fleet did, because they weren't attacked by Euron, so they would have had a HUGE lead on Euron in getting to Casterly Rock.  Yet, Euron gets there before the already-shortened battle is even over.

The "Battle" at High Garden.  Wow, two battles in one episode and both of them were duds.  And it's another "Euron's attack" from the last episode.

Jaime marched an army consisting of multiple Houses from one coast of Westeros almost the complete other side of the country ... and nobody noticed this.

It looks like there is basically no one in High Garden.  Apparently, Olena is already back there w/ NO explanation on how she got there and she STILL hasn't called in any of her banners.  She's one of the most intelligent people in the entire country, she's openly declared against Cersei and she's supposed to be laying siege to King's Landing very soon ... but she still doesn't have any of her armies ready to fight, despite the fact that the Tyrell's are supposed to have a far larger army than the Lannisters and Cersei openly murdered the previous Queen, her brother and the Lord of High Garden.

Tyrell Gold.  What a coincidence, the Tyrell's just happen to have the amount of gold that Cersei needs to pay back the Iron Bank.  You know, that debt that is supposed to be so huge that it's supposed to be near-impossible to pay back?  I guess it's a good thing that all of the armies in the Reach were on vacation.

Final scene w/ Olena.  It's sad to see such a great character, like Olena, leave a show, especially in such a stupid way as they did in this episode.  While her scene w/ Jaime is really good, why is it even taking place?  He had a poison picked out just for her?  HOW did he even know she was there?  The last time we saw her, she was at Dragonstone.  

Dany and Jon.  Dany is immune to fire, she's brought back dragons which have been extinct for several hundred years, she's met warlocks, she's seen blood magic, she apparently believes in prophecies since she believes Melisandre ... but she thinks the Night King is BS?


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Ep. 4

Positives - Sansa, Arya and Brann are all back at Winterfell.  We've waited seven seasons for them to all come back together ...


The battle at the end of the episode.  THIS is what everyone has been waiting the entire show for; a massive, large scale battle in Westeros where Dany uses her dragon(s) to annihilate an opposing army.  Her conquest of the Seven Kingdoms has officially begun.  That "cliffhanger" though ...


Negatives - The North.  We've waited a long time for the Stark children to finally come back together ... I didn't realize that it was going to be this boring.  


Little Finger gives Brann the Valerian dagger that was used to try and kill him, becauuuuse ... why? At this point, it seems like he's just scheming just to scheme.  That's just what his character is "supposed to do."  This is the same guy that orchestrated the death of Jon Arryn, the assassination attempt on Brann, the War of the Five Kings; all in an attempt to continue gaining more power, if not put himself on the Iron Throne, outright.  Now, he's basically scheming to try and sleep w/ a high school girl because ... the TV writers don't quite know what to do w/ him right now?


The end of the battle.  Awwww, that battle was so GOOD.  Why did they have to ruin it at the end?  Jaime picked up a spear and starts charging Dany and Drogon and, for a second, I actually thought the writers had suddenly grown enough balls to kill a major character .... but, nope.  Jaime gets saved by plot armor and is knocked out of the way JUST in the knick of time.


Episode length.  Take away the "Previous on ..." and the beginning/after credits and this episode clocked in at 45 minutes.  How are we still getting episodes this short when we're already getting a shortened season?

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Ep. 5


Positives - Jon pets a dragon.  A bit of a heavy handed scene, but it's quick.  Just there to remind you of Jon's true heritage.


Conversation between Tyrion and Varys.  Great scene between these two dealing w/ the aftermath of Daenarys' battle.  They find she's a little more like her father than they would like (burning Randell Tarly and his son alive).  Varys tells Tyrion that he needs to find a way to get Daenarys to listen.  I love scenes between these two.


Davos.  It's been quite awhile since he's had any major speaking lines or had time to shine.  It was good to see his character in the forefront again, even if it is just for this episode.  And his comment to Tyrion when they first get to King's Landing:

Tyrion: The last time I was here, I killed my father with a crossbow.

Davos: The last time I was here, you killed my son with Wyldfire.

I feel like this scene was funnier than it should have been.  It wasn't a bitter, spiteful comment from Davos.  More of a "you need to get over that" type of comment. It's oddly refreshing to see a character on this show that has been able to come to terms w/ his past.  He hasn't forgotten it, but he also doesn't let it weigh him down.  The look on Tyrion's face when he said it though. lol  Davos even makes fun of all the fan meme's about Gendry.

Davos: I wasn't sure I'd find you. I thought you might still be rowing.


Negatives - Beginning of the episode.  Plot armor saves Jaime twice in one battle.  The last episode left him saved from dragon fire only to drown in his armor.  Apparently, Bronn has been working out because not only does he swim down and get Jaime but he drags him (and his suit of armor) to the other side of the lake/pond.


Bronn is ... staying/going?  The writers can't even keep their characters straight through a single conversation.  Literally, in the same 2 minute conversation, Bronn goes from "I'm not going anywhere until I get what I'm owed" to "Dragons are where our partnership ends.  I'm not gonna be around when those things start spittin' fire on King's Landing."


Randell and Dickon Tarly.  Two more side characters killed with no real danger to any of the main characters.  One of those characters, we've seen for about 10 minutes of total screen time ... and he's a different actor than the one who played him for a quick scene last season.  Someone needs to tell these writers that a characters death carries no emotional weight if most of your average fans can't even identify who the person is.  You can tell the writers even thought about this since they literally had someone say Dickon's name in every single scene he was in.  Also, I guess we're just NOT going to mention Heartsbane, the Valeryian sword that Sam stole from his father last season.  You know, that prized family heirloom that is, potentially, one of the most valuable items in all of Westeros?  I guess his dad didn't care about it as much as he thought.  Pretty convenient that Randell's dead, huh?  Now, the writers don't have to worry about tying that up.


Jorah at Dragonstone.  Convenient timing.  Jorah is not only cured in one night, but he arrives at Dragonstone JUST in time for a big meeting where Jon decides to go beyond the wall.  No one bothers asking how he easily cured a disease that has a 100% mortality rate.


Sam leaves the Citadel.  Sam grows frustrated w/ the Archmeasters and leaves in the middle of the night, taking some books from the restricted section with him.  There were zero consequences from him stealing a priceless heirloom, so I have to assume he also won't be facing any consequences for stealing priceless tomes of knowledge from the Citadel.  I really hope this won't be the last we've seen of Jim Broadbent.  That would be another serious waste.  A bonus groan-inducing scene w/ Sam is when Gilly just HAPPENS to be reading a scroll that mentions of Prince "Ragger" getting an annulment and re-marrying someone in secret in Dorne.  Well, that was convenient.


Cersei and her "baby".  Fans might be wondering why Jaime is still loyal to Cersei after she killed all of those people with wyldfire.  She did the one thing that he killed the Mad King to keep him from doing.  Now, Cersei is pregnant.  She has the one thing that will keep Jaime loyal to her, now that all of their other children are dead.  Again ... convenient.  It also seems like a very unnecessary complication to the overall story considering there are only eight episodes left (total).



Only two episodes left this season (and six next season).



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Lots of anticlimactic reunions of characters this season that seem to just be thrown together with purposes of moving the plot forward. The show writing has been poor/lazy since season 5 but they took it to new depths of bad with last night's episode:

How stupid is this plan to go north of the wall to take a WW prisoner, with purposes of bringing it back to Kings Landing to convince Cersei to join them in the fight?  

We see at the end of the episode, this ranging party of eight walking into the wilderness north of the wall without any horses or supplies.  In hopes of what?  Confronting an army of a thousand zombies?  Taking one by surprise and sneaking away with it?

I don't see where they go from here.  The plan is horrible.  The hope of execution is not plausible.  It's just stupid on so many levels.  


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On 8/14/2017 at 8:03 PM, ChuckS said:

Lots of anticlimactic reunions of characters this season that seem to just be thrown together with purposes of moving the plot forward. The show writing has been poor/lazy since season 5 but they took it to new depths of bad with last night's episode:

How stupid is this plan to go north of the wall to take a WW prisoner, with purposes of bringing it back to Kings Landing to convince Cersei to join them in the fight?  

We see at the end of the episode, this ranging party of eight walking into the wilderness north of the wall without any horses or supplies.  In hopes of what?  Confronting an army of a thousand zombies?  Taking one by surprise and sneaking away with it?

I don't see where they go from here.  The plan is horrible.  The hope of execution is not plausible.  It's just stupid on so many levels.  


I guess it's a good thing we just bumped into a bunch of disposable characters, huh?


- Gendry pops up and is ready to leave his life behind, no questions asked.

- Jorah shows up just in time after finding the cure for leprosy-AIDS-whatever at the 24 hour drug store.

- The group just happens to be going through the Nights Watch castle where Jon sent Tormund.

- Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr and the Hound also just happen to be waiting for them when the group gets to Eastwatch by the Sea.


A couple of these guys are probably going to die.  My guess is Beric, Thoros and Jorah.  Beric and Thoros, because they just seem like die-hard believers in what they're doing and the only real clip we've seen of Beric beyond the wall is his "stand off" pose w/ the flaming sword.  I'm guessing that Thoros dies and Beric stays to hold off the wights as everyone else tries to escape.  I wouldn't be shocked if Jorah dies too.  It would be a "shocking death" that surprises the fans while also, conveniently, getting rid of him right as the writers are trying to make Dany and Jon an item.


The one thing I love about this, that NO ONE seems to be talking about ... this is a group of men lead by the King of the North and former Lord Commander of the Nights Watch.  He has an army of several thousand men currently waiting for him at Winterfell and the Nights Watch would drop everything on a moments notice to help him w/ anything beyond the Wall.  So, of course, he says nothing to any of these people and sets out beyond the Wall with about seven men.

This season makes absolutely no sense. lol

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Other random things bothering me.

- Before the season started, I assumed we were in for more Three-Eyed Raven flashbacks to maybe fill in gaps in the lore that  the show hasn't done yet or quickly glossed over.


- Where is Ghost?  For a pet/friend that stayed by Jon, even after he died, Jon sure doesn't seem like he cares about him.  He disappeared mid-way through last season and I don't think you've seen him once this season.  Good thing Jon didn't bother getting him to take north of the Wall.  Why would you need an animal that's huge, a natural predator, lives naturally in the environment that you're going to and would clearly give his life to protect you?  Yeah, definitely don't need that.


- Cersei is pregnant.  Doesn't this kind of piss in the face of that prophecy from a couple of seasons ago?  That she would only have three kids and watch them all die?  From what I understand, the prophecy is even bigger in the books.  Benioff and Weiss made such a big deal about pointing it out that they broke their "No flashbacks" rule to do it.  I guess we're just supposed to pretend none of that happened?


- Where the hell is Euron Greyjoy?  Did this dude seriously just up and go home?  People couldn't dip their toe in the ocean without him attacking them earlier in the season, yet Jon's group just sailed 2/3 the length of Westeros like it was nothing.  This guy just dropped off Ellaria Sand and her daughter in King's Landing and said, "Peace, I'm out!"


- So, John Snow isn't the bastard son of Rhaegar Targaryen.  He's the LEGITIMATE son of Rhaegar Targaryen.  Meaning, he has a much better claim than Daenarys to the Iron Throne.  What exactly is the point of this change?  Doesn't this basically make Dany's character pointless? (other than for having her dragons on the show)  Just seems like a completely pointless plot-point to add in when you only have seven episodes left in the show.


- For the entirety of the show, we've been told how the people of the North are different.  "The North Remembers."  Their loyalty runs deep.  So how is it that the minute Jon is gone, the dude from House Glover is freely and OPENLY voicing his support for Sansa, over Jon.  And apparently, most/all of the other noblemen in attendance seem to agree with him because not a single person speaks up during that scene.  Not even the Little Bear from House Mormont.


- Dany to the Tarly's and their captured men: "Cersei has told you that I've come to murder your families and burn down your homes.  This is a lie."  Then, immediate kills both the lord and heir to House Tarly with dragon fire.  Yeah, that should definitely make people believe that you're not here to kill them and burn down their homes.


- Grey Worm.  Are we really not going to see this guy again this season?


- Dorne and the Reach are now leaderless.  Both of their great houses, dead.  Stannis has been dead for awhile, so the Stormlands have just been sitting there.  Is the show really going to pretend that these lands don't exist anymore since their leading houses are gone?  Are we seriously not even going to get a quick scene where Cersei declares some off-camera House as their new Wardens?  That doesn't even require it's own scene(s).  That could literally have been a throw-away line in any one of Cersei's scenes so far.


I need to stop.  I'm just getting more annoyed the more I think about it. lol  I really hate lazy TV writers.  This is why Game of Thrones is the only show I watch on television now.  Thank God for movies and Netflix. lol

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I found this funny.  Whenever someone tells you it's silly to complain about characters 'teleporting' all over the place, show them this map.  It shows how far Jon Snow has traveled since the events at Hardhome.



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Ep. 6

Positives - Episode starts w/ the group north of the Wall.  Seems like they spend several days marching and we get random conversations between each of the men.  All of them are great character moments.


- Conversation between Tyrion and Daenarys.  Starts off good; Dany inadvertently steps on Tyrion's pride a few times, but ...


Negatives - Wow, this is going to be a long list.

- Pretty much every scene w/ Arya and Sansa.  Seems like the writers have no idea what to do w/ Arya; her behavior and attitude seem to change every episode.  This episode in particular, she seems like a straight up, psychopath.  She "finds" one letter that any sane person would know would have been written under duress and she's already plotting to ruin (kill?) her sister.  The scene where Sansa finds Arya's bag of faces, Arya sounds like a stereotypical villian straight out of a Silence of the Lambs type movie.

- Conversation between Tyrion and Daenarys.  Starts off good, but quickly goes downhill.  Dany continues to ignore pretty much anything/everything her advisors say.  Still blames Tyrion for the loss of Dorne despite the fact the fault lies w/ the Greyjoy fleets mysterious inability to actually fight;  either hand-to-hand or ship-to-ship.  It's actually pretty amazing how inept they were against Euron's 1st attack and the 2nd attack against the fleet w/ Grey Worm.  She also blames him for the loss of High Garden which seems odd considering it was Ollena who decided to go home and NOT gather any of her forces.  


- Bear attack.  This is where the episode goes completely off the rails.  The group north of the Wall is in the middle of a snowstorm and encounter an undead bear.  One of the no-name's is scouting ahead of them, but doesn't look that far away.  He turns to run once he see's the bear, but is now mysteriously 100 yards away.  You can barely see him in the snow.  The bear, who was in FRONT of the scout (and also a fairly large distance away from him), is chasing him and attacks ... from the right side.  I don't mean the bear bumps into him and uses his weight to know him sideways.  I mean the bear literally teleports ahead of him, about 20 yards on the guys right, and charges him at a perpendicular angle.  When this happens, the no-name scout and the bear are now directly in front of the main group.  The bear drags the scout off into the snow vanishes like a ninja.  When the episode first begins, you can count 10 people in this group (7 named characters and 3 no names).  I mention this because, with one guy now dead, we get an overhead shot of our group and you can CLEARLY count 12 people.  The bear quickly kills two more no-name's.  Beric and Thoros wave their hands and their swords magically light on fire ... and no one questions it.  The bear knocks down Thoros and proceeds to maul him.  Literally bites down around Thoros' stomach area, picks up him and waves him from side to side.  Not only does this not kill him, but we actually see him later walking on his own, unassisted.


- Later, we get another good angle of the group and you can clearly count 9 people.  Remember, so far we've gone from 10, to 9, to 12, to 10 and we're now at 9.  The group now encounters a "scouting party" (I guess?) walking through a small canyon conveniently consisting of one white walker and ten-ish wights.  The group is apparently able to sneak so far ahead of the undead that they're able to gather wood and start a fire. (still not sure what the purpose of this was)  Once the undead get close enough to the fire, Jon Snow's group jump out, apparently from nowhere, and surprise them.  The fight doesn't last long.  Jon kills the white walker and all but ONE of the wights fall down dead.  Pretty convenient considering they only need one undead guy.  They tie up the zombie, but see a storm coming over the hill ... the Night King is coming.

- With the Night King approaching, Jon turns to Gendry and tells him to run back to Eastwatch by the Sea so he can send a Raven to Daenarys ... wait, what?  They've been marching, apparently for days, and he tells the one guy whose never even seen snow before this that he has to run all the way back by himself.  Not only does he do it, but our group actually runs in a completely different direction than him.  


- The group quickly finds themselves in a pretty small valley; the only things in it are a large, frozen pond and a rock formation at the center of the pond.  They start running for the small rock formation and one of the no-name's trips, but quickly gets back up.  Somehow he is still outrun by everyone, including Beric who is helping Thoros run.  Thoros, who was nearly eaten by a zombie bear.  When the wights catch up to the no-name, the ice breaks and that small group disappear into the water.  The ice conveniently starts to crack, creating a perfect circle around the rock formation, so the wights can't get to our heroes.


- Gendry, who has never seen snow before, is able to navigate his way, in the middle of the night, all the way back to Eastwatch.  


- We get a shot of our group on the rock and you can clearly count 8 people.  Makes sense.  There were 9, Gendry left, so now there are 8.  All of them fall asleep, with apparently no one keeping watch and we flash forward to the next morning. Thoros has died in the middle of the night and they decide to burn his body.  They're basically in Antartica-type weather, all they have is a nearly empty flask of liquor, but his body still lights up faster than my gas grill.  The Night King has been there this whole time, but mysteriously decides not to raise Thoros while they're all sleeping.  There are now 7 in our group; Jon, Jorah, Beric, Tormund, the Hound and 2 no-names.


- Ten minutes after Gendry runs off for Eastwatch, Dany is already marching down to her dragons, arguing w/ Tyrion along the way.  Ten minutes.  Gendry ran a several-day-hike to Eastwatch, he was barely conscious when he got there, they got him healthy enough to tell them everything and a Raven flew 2/3 of the continent ... in ten minutes.


- Back to our heroes, the Hound randomly starts throwing rocks at the wights.  The first one hits a wight, but the second one falls REALLY short and slides all the way over to the wights.  The lake has refrozen.  The wights start to advance toward the rock formation ... but slowly and one at a time.  There are easily thousands of them but they're slowly walking 2-3 at a time.  Pretty convenient for our heroes who only have to fight them one at a time.


- Someone really needs to be fired in the special effects department.  We now get a scene w/ four of our group fighting side-by-side; the Hound, Tormund, Beric and a no-name.  The camera pans slowly over them, stopping around Beric.  Apparently, someone forgot to add the CG characters that the no-name guy is supposed to be fighting.  While the other three are fighting wights, the no-name guy is literally fighting by himself, swinging his spear at nothing.


- Again, only 7 guys left; only 2 no-names.  #1 dies fighting next to Beric.


- Tormund gets swarmed by 4 wights and as he's on the ground, 2 more pop out of the water and grab his legs.  It looks like they're going to drag him down into the water .. except they don't.  They just put their hands on him and then randomly shake around, like tv extras.  The Hound hits ONE of them and then, is easily able to help Tormund up.  The other 5 just say, "Oops, sorry.  Here's your guy back."


- No-name #2 falls off of the rock formation into the group of wights that are standing there, waiting for him.  The one's who are mysteriously standing around, NOT trying to attack them. This is not a mountain they're standing on.  This rock formation can't be any more than 10 feet high on it's tallest side ... and the wights are still attacking one at a time. And only from one side.  We're now down to our 5 named characters: Jon, Tormund, Jorah, Beric and the Hound.


- Dany saves the day.  Ten minutes after she gets the raven, she flies over 2/3 of the continent, beyond the Wall AND is able to find our group in the middle of a land that she's never been to, that's covered in snow.


- Drogon shoots a blast of fire over Jon's head, killing the wights who, just now, decided to climb the back side of the rock.  Despite this, somehow, no one in our group is dead from that.  We get a post flame-breath shot of our heroes and there's literally small patches of fire on the ground around their feet.  THAT'S how close Drogon's flames were ... but none of them were hurt by it.


- All of the dragons are shooting fire at the wights, but somehow, the frozen lake is still mostly intact.  Dragon fire.  Fire that's so hot, it can immediately turn a human into ash.  Doesn't seem to melt the ice around the lake.


- Drogon lands and Jon fights off a wight while the other four get onto Drogon's back.  Including the Hound.  The Hound who is deathly scared of fire and who has never seen a dragon before.  The Hound, who is so terrified of fire, he stood in an almost catatonic state while an undead bear (who was on fire) basically tried to eat Thoros.


- Jon continues fighting wights, who also continue running at him one at a time.  And he's marching AWAY from Drogon, because ... tv plot reasons?


- The Night King, who has literally been standing around and doing absolutely nothing up to this point, pulls out an ice spear.  He stares directly at Drogon, Dany and all of the other people who are still on the rock, i.e., all of the characters who are NOT moving and who he could easily kill ... and decides to throw it at Viscerion who is flying by at high speed.  The spear strikes him in the neck, killing him.  He falls to the earth, shattering a huge area of ice and sinks down into the lake/pond.  Literally nothing else happens while this is going on.  The wights aren't moving, the white walkers aren't moving, the dragons have stopped everything and our heroes are just staring.  The Night King could easily kill them all at this point, but he's also just staring off into space, like everyone else.


- Jon finally starts moving again (all of the ice around him, from the rock all the way to the shore, is magically intact), toward the Night King, but he see's that he has another ice spear and tells Dany to leave.  He turns to go back to them, but is tackled by several wights and NOW the ice breaks.  They drag him down into the sub-zero water and you can see another one or two wights swimming toward them as they sink.


- Drogon takes off and the Night King throws a spear at him ... and misses.  He hit a dragon that was higher in the air that was moving at high speed, but he can't hit one that's FAR larger, going a LOT slower and carrying six bodies.  


- After several minutes, Jon magically pops up out of the water, conveniently, right next to wear he dropped Long Claw (his Valyrian sword).  Seriously, he pops up and the sword is literally right in front of him, one foot away.  No explanation on how he got away from the 3-4 wights ... or how he held his breath underwater for several minutes ... or how he did all of that in temperatures that should have killed him pretty quickly.

- The wights, who were all walking away, see Jon and starting running toward him, but they are a pretty good distance away.  Then, Jon's Uncle Benjen randomly rides through the group of wights.  He gets off his horse and helps Jon on.  Jon, who hasn't seen his Uncle since season 1 barely seems phased by this.  Jon then tells him, "Come with me" to which Benjen replies, "There's no time."  Ummm ... what?  Yeah there is.  The wights are no where near you and they stopped attacking when you rode through.  Benjen then smacks the horses butt, sending it running off.  Benjen then dies fighting the wights.


- Instead of flying all the way back to Dragonstone, Dany only takes them to Eastwatch.  Here, we see the Hound taking a boat; he's taking the wight back to King's Landing ... by himself.  REALLY?


- Dany sits atop the Wall, waiting for Jon.  On cue, his horse comes out of the woods.  He's passed out and the horse just knew his how to get to Eastwatch?  He was several days out (by foot), Benjen has only been back to Castle Black once since season 1 but this horse just randomly knew to take him to Eastwatch by the Sea?  A completely different castle at a completely different location on the Wall?


- Dany's boat.  They go out and get Jon, bring him back through the castle, down to the beach, onto a small boat, which takes them to Dany's larger ship, put him in a bed ... and THEN decide to take off his frozen clothing to try and warm him up?  You know his clothes are still frozen because of how stiff they are and you can literally hear the ice cracking as they try to take it off.


- The last scene is of the wights using four enormous chains to drag Viscerion out of the frozen pond/lake.  The Night King lays his hand on the dragons head and he opens his eyes, showing the same blue eyes as the other undead.  Where did they get the huge chains?  Why would they need them?  We've already seen the Night King raise thousands of undead simply by waving his hand.  Why didn't he just do the same w/ Viscerion?


- The wights had to have swam down into the lake to put the chains onto the dragon.  We also saw them swimming when Jon was sinking into the water.  So why the hell were they just standing around when the ice broke around our group earlier?  They could have easily just fallen into the water, swam to the rock and broken through the ice to get to them.  Or the Night King could have killed them himself w/ ice spears.  Or he could have raised Thoros while they were sleeping.  



Definitely a fun episode in terms of action, but without a doubt, this has to be one of the most poorly written episodes in the shows history.  The absurdity of this episode literally made my head hurt.  :down: :bangwall:

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