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Game of Thrones, Season 7

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In reference to that last scene ...  Just remember that this game trailer is almost 10 years old now.



No, not exactly the same ... but, it's still an undead king, in a frozen wasteland, raising a dead, blue-eyed dragon out of a frozen lake to be apart of his undead army that he wants to use in his war against the living.  It's like Benioff & Weiss said, "Hey, I bet we could do a much less entertaining version of this."

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Thoughts on the finale? I thought it was the best episode of the season. The Littlefinger scene was very, very satisfying, and helped offset a lot of the Arya/Sansa ridiculousness from past episodes.

Also enjoyed the meeting at King's Landing that brought like 20 main characters into the same place.

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I was glad to see the sister thing resolved as that was hugely annoying.  It makes sense that Littlefinger was called out on his stuff with omniscient Bran hanging around.  I also like that Jamie has finally seen the light on what a crazy b**** Cersei is.  I wasn't expecting the blue-fire undead dragon until next year.  Glad to see it now.

I also loved the sex scene montaged with 'Jon needs to know he is a Targaryen' moment.  Yup, I would say he needs to know.

The only thing that bothered me, and I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, is those undead wights sure move fast when they are by themselves south of the wall.  How come when they move and fight in masses of 10,000 they move so slowly? 





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On 8/28/2017 at 10:55 PM, PaulFolk said:

Thoughts on the finale? I thought it was the best episode of the season. The Littlefinger scene was very, very satisfying, and helped offset a lot of the Arya/Sansa ridiculousness from past episodes.

Also enjoyed the meeting at King's Landing that brought like 20 main characters into the same place.

I was out all weekend and haven't had a chance to post on this yet.  I've seen the episode, but I wanted to watch it a 2nd time before I posted.  Hopefully, I can do that soon.


I can say that I agree w/ you about the King's Landing scene, but I had the opposite reaction to the Littlefinger scene.  To me, that really felt like they were rushing to get a character off of the show because they don't really know what to do w/ him.

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Ep. 7

Positives - King's Landing/Dragon pit.  Great scene.  It's very satisfying to finally see all of these characters in the same place.  It's a culmination of everything that's happened in the series up until now with everyone finally seeing (and believing) the White Walker's and the threat they pose.



Negatives - Winterfell.  This was basically the cherry on top of the sh## cake that has been Winterfell this entire season.  Everything culminates in Sansa summoning Arya for a "trial", but ... surprise!  It's actually Baelish who is on trial, not Arya.  The story twist that literally EVERYONE saw coming.  The only thing that I didn't see coming was the fact that the writers would rush it and do absolutely nothing to "earn" this moment.  It's literally just the three Stark kids making random accusations with zero proof to back any of it up.  As the viewer, you obviously know all of it is true, but there's no reason in the world anyone else in the room should actually believe them.  Even Lord Royce turns on Baelish.  Obviously, Royce hates Little Finger, but the only reason Royce is even in the North right now is because Baelish ordered the Veil's armies there in order to help Sansa.  They just murdered the man who is solely responsible for them retaking Winterfell and everyone seems cool with it.  The entire thing just doesn't feel 'earned'.  The only thing you can reasonably assume is that, at some point, Arya and/or Sansa talked to Bran and he told them all of this stuff about Baelish.  But when did that happen?  In between Sansa's last conversation w/ Baelish and the trial?  Before then?  If it was before, what was the point of those scenes between psycho-Arya and Sansa?  Was that all a 'show' to fool Baelish?  He was never there for any of those conversations; the girls were always alone.  That entire moment relies on everyone in the room believing in Bran - the kid who says he can see the past and control animals - and Arya - the girl who supposedly left the country to learn how to be an assassin.  Both people who were thought to be dead before they literally walked through the front door.  It's really depressing knowing that a great character like Baelish went out like this solely because Benioff & Weiss had no idea what to do w/ him. :(


Beginning of the King's Landing scene.  The events at King's Landing were easily the best part of this episode, but it definitely started out on a stupid note.  The first thing we see is Grey Worm standing with the full might of the Unsullied army, except ... the last time we saw Grey Worm, he was standing in Casterly Rock with only a handful of Unsullied soldiers.  The rest of the Unsullied were supposedly still on the Greyjoy boats when Euron's fleet attacked, meaning they should all be dead.   This left Grey Worm trapped in a castle that could easily be retaken.  So, where the hell did that huge army in front of King's Landing come from?  How is it that ALL of the Unsullied survived yet all of the Greyjoy men died and all of their ships were lost?  There are tens of thousands of Unsullied in this opening scene.  Did they just march there from Casterly Rock?  A foreign army of that size literally marched across the entire country and no one noticed?  If Grey Worm and his men were alright, then why is it that we haven't seen or heard from them this entire time?  The big threat to Daenarys in the beginning of the season is that she looses Dorne, the Reach, her entire Greyjoy fleet and her Unsullied army.  Now, the Unsullied are magically back because ... reasons.

This is more nit-picky than anything else, but ... when we get the overhead shot of the Unsullied, you can clearly see that there's nothing behind them.  Just a huge open field w/ a small, then tree line.  After a quick conversation between Jaime and Bronn, the Dothraki horde magically come riding up behind the Unsullied.  You're supposed to believe that the small, thin tree line somehow hid a Dothraki army, all on horseback, that is easily the same size as the Unsullied army, if not larger.


 In a previous season (I want to say it was season 1 or 2), Jaime mentions that the population of King's Landing is a little over 500,000.  When they're on the boat about to enter the city, Jon asks Tyrion how many people live in the city and Tyrion tells him that it's 1,000,000.  Also, when Jon hears this, he mentions that it's more people than the population of the North.  The North, which is supposed to be almost as big as the other six kingdoms combined.  All in one city.  Is simple math and common sense really that hard? 


The Dragon pit.  We finally get all of these people in one place at the same time and Bronn randomly leaves.  Sadly, this is more of a contractual problem.  The actor who plays Bronn used to date the actress who plays Cersei and it didn't end well.  She refuses to do any scenes with him.  This is why we never see Bronn and Cersei in the same room.  This is why Cersei's entourage doesn't enter the Dragon Pit until Bronn and Pod leave.


Cersei's Plan.  Her big scheme is to bring the Golden Company to Westeros to fight for her.  That's it.  How exactly is this going to help her against dragons and the undead?  We've already seen the Golden Company serving Stannis.  They wouldn't be enough against the Unsullied + Dothraki, what are they going to do against dragons and zombies?  The Golden Company abandoned Stannis because he burned his daughter alive and used blood magic, but they're going to cross the ocean to fight zombies and giant, fire-breathing, flying, magical creatures?  This doesn't seem well thought out ...

Jaime leaving at the end.  I'm not quite sure I even understood this part of the scene.  Cersei threaten's to kill him, she nods to the zombie-Mountain and you even hear/see him draw his sword ... but then Jaime just walks away and leaves the city.  What is the point of even letting him leave?  It's clear that she has no problem killing anyone and she's openly threatened him several times this season.  It's also obvious where he's now going ... he'll eventually join Daenarys and her camp.  Cersei HAS to know this, so again ... why would she let him leave?


Samwise Gamgee gets to Winterfell just in time to have a conversation w/ Bran.  This entire conversation literally makes no sense.

- Bran says that Jon's last name is Sand, not Snow ... except that neither of his parents are from Dorne.  His father is a Targeryon and his mother is a Stark, so his surname wouldn't his "real" surname be either Blackfyre or Snow?  

- Sam mentions what Gilly told him in the Citadel; that Maester Maynard wrote in his diary about annulling Rhaegar's marriage to Elia Martell and also marrying him to someone else ... except that Sam and Gilly never finished this conversation.  Sam was mostly ignoring her and cut her off before she could finish, she never mentions Elia's name, Lyanna's name and even butcher's Rhaegar's name when talking about it.  But somehow, Sam magically remembers this conversation and knows that it pertains to this exact moment.


- Bran, the all-knowing, somehow doesn't know about Rhaegar's marriage to Lyanna, but knows the exact moment to flash back to in order to watch it ... except that the scene we get is in a lush forest along a small river.  Maester Mayard's diary says this took place in Dorne, but this scene looks nothing like Dorne.  It looks more like the Riverlands.


Gilly talking about the annulment/secret marriage



The flashback scene



- Bran acts shocked by the Wedding flashback and legitimately thinks Jon's last name is Sand ... except that we finally hear the ending of the flashback that Bran saw last season.  Bran stood there and heard his aunt say that Jon's real name is Aegon Targeryon ... but for some reason, he think's Jon's name is Sand.  What?


- I like how Gilly got zero credit for discovering, literally, the most important piece of information in the entire series. lol


The final scene.  Very cool scene, visually.  Two things ruined it for me though.

- Tormund and Beric being on top of the Wall when it collapses.  They're dead.  They're totally dead.  I know they're not because, TV writers, but still ... they're totally dead.  The Wall is 700 feet high ... dead.

- The castle, Eastwatch by the Sea completely disappears after Viserion breaks through the Wall.  It's not covered in rubble.  It literally disappears.  After the Wall comes down, there is a clear, open path down (that's convenient) and you don't see any remnant of the castle.

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