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9 year OH ESPN Keeper League: Owner NEEDED

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I need a replacement owner for one of our teams in my 16 team league! It is a very competitive, very entertaining league!


1. 3 pitcher keepers and 3 hitter keepers have to be selected, as it keeps the draft full of good hitters and pitchers

2. We have a rookie draft every year that adds a bit of excitement and can serve as sort of a minor league system for teams (2 rookie keepers for each team)

3. We have weekly awards for best hitter, best pitcher, team of the week! We also do a comprehensive 2 week Power Rankings for the league!


Please message me here or you can also text me at 336-831-5180 if you are interested in taking the team and joining one of the most competitive and interactive leagues you can!


link to the replacement team:




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Hey Guys,


I am still looking for replacement owners. I promise you that if you love fantasy baseball.. this is the league for you! It's extremely competitive and very interactive! I provide weekly awards, bi-weekly power rankings, unique keeper rules with a one of a kind rookie draft included! The winner each year also receives a handmade medal to show off! 


I am providing the links to each team that I need to replace! First come, first serve! 


Boston Red Sox



Philadelphia Phillies



Texas Rangers




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I still need a replacement owner for the Phillies and the Texas Rangers!


Please contact me at 336-831-5180 and join this fun, interactive OH Keeper league! 

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    • 2 of the 4 you mentioned aren't garunteed to even be with the Orioles after Spring Training ends. 
    • I'm not sure what happened to the post about the Orioles adding more speed. Escobar stole 8 out of 10 bases last year. As recently as 2012 and 2014 he stole over 30 bases.  He is a very good base stealer when he runs. He has one of the highest success ratings in baseball history stealing bases. He is 174 for 218 or 80%. Having Young, Jr 80%, Villar 78%, Mullins 79% and Escobar 80% so far will help us on the bases and hopefully we will stop being a station to station team. Amazing Elias has added two more stolen base guys with 80% success rates to go with our 78 % and 79% rates.
    • I wanted to create a catch all thread for the labor agreement and the potential work stoppage after 2021. Adam Wainwright and Sean Doolittle are very vocal on Twitter from a player's perspective. I am hoping to find discussion around potential solutions along with links to good articles. Is there a good resource that collects all draft bonuses?  I was hoping to see that when thinking about minor league compensation.
    • Love these chats.  Already looking forward to the next one.  Agree with the comment above about a weekly update. Great info, great chemistry.  Love the fact that you guys are local and know the players better than some of the national media. From a marketing standpoint, give yourselves some credit.  I know Terry mentions 105.7 and Orioleshangout.com several times but how about getting rid of the plain (sahara desert) background and put up some type of wall, curtain, banner behind you that gives the youtube viewer direction to the website Great job.  Thanks! 
    • O's just doing their part to get these dominos rolling.  With Escobar out of the way, Manny should be next 🙄😂
    • Several reporters have said Davis arrived last Saturday February 9th and has been sick the entire time. He didn't just arrive on Thursday or yesterday the 15th. I would like to see his stance during his first appearance in batting practice and in his first spring training game. Can someone in Sarasota film or photograph him?
    • I think he is adding to the collective talent in the organization without breaking the bank or making any crazy commitment.   The combination of veteran presence, additional competition, and his ability to play every day and multiple positions makes this a no brainer right now for this organization.
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