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Replacement Owner needed for 10 year ESPN Keeper league

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I need to find a replacement owner for a team in my 10 year ESPN Keeper league!


1. 6 Keepers per team

2.We also add a rookie draft (2 rookie keepers per team) to add a bit of excitement and to serve as sort of a minor league system.

3.We have weekly awards for best hitter, best pitcher, team of the week! We also include an every 2 week comprehensive Power Rankings.


Guys, the team you are getting also has quite the start as you have Mike Trout, Clayton Kershaw, Buster Posey, and Kris Bryant! 


Link to the team:




Please message me here or text me at 336-831-5180 if interested in taking over the team!





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Hey guys,


I also need to replace two other teams unfortunately. 

I am providing the links to the teams I need to replace here. First come, first serve! You can choose whichever team you would like!  


Boston Red Sox




Texas Rangers



Arizona Diamondbacks





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    • Don't recall but his throw back to second base after the WS catch off Vic Wertz held the runner at first (I believe), they say.  Of course, no-one would hold the bag seeing that ball flight.  And the urban legend above may have been aided by the runner having to go back to tag up.  I lost him once they moved West - never seeing him much.  The old shots of him climbing the chain link fence in CF at the old "Stick" were memorable though.
    • It's a good point you raise, but I don't think the fallout would be any worse than Arrietta's success once he was shipped out.  I don't know... I just don't feel that he is the veteran leader a young team might need to look to given how little he seems to have worked before the season started and the futility of the "changes" he's made during the season to improve.  The whole tale about how much he worked in the offseason and the contradictions, therein, worry me about him being the type of player Adam Jones was to our upstart club once Buck arrived. I just don't think you DFA him, which they should do if they can't find a buyer.  Even paying 80% of his contract is better than just casting him off having to foot the whole bill.  But as someone said, it is money that has theoretically already been spent.  Either way, I just don't see him here next season.
    • There is a play that Mays is supposed to have made, that might be an urban legend. Catch at the deep park of CF and fires a strike to home plate, no bounce and gets an speedy runner out.
    • Willie was my idol growing up - loved the way he played the game - one of the first to show emotion and flair as he chased down fly balls and ran out (yes ran out) hits!  His cap flew off, he made basket catches and his hook slides into bases were dream worthy!  I would disagree with @Tx Oriole that Ruth was greatest, even though he never saw him play.  I saw Mays play.  WAR?  What is that - absolutely nothing!  (Edwin Starr)
    • My grandfather lived in Oakland, but was a huge Willie Mays fan, and talks about how he was a better ball player than even Babe Ruth. Something the WAR prove otherwise. Those WARs they produced were unreal.  
    • Yeah not good.  We had Mays, HOF'er Monte Irvin, who could cover ground, but also Don Mueller, "Dusty" Rhodes and Bobby Thomson (among others) who weren't so swift.
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