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Speaking of peaking on acid... Carlos!

Don't do drugs. But sometimes drugs are a GOOD thing! MMMMkay?

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I was watching some other stuff, a guy forging knives. He was doing a "jelly roll damascus" billet. Made me think of THIS old favorite.

True 12-bar blues but I posted it here anyways! :D

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Seems like the best place to put this.



At a press event in London over the weekend, King Crimson manager David Singleton confirmed that all 13 of their studio albums will hit streaming platforms in May and on Spotify on June 10.

Shame they won't be streaming something like The Road to Red.

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These were the first two vids page on rage, Friday, 17 April 1987. I don't know which order....

^^^^^That's a GOOD find tonight!

again I can't find one with withe a rage stamp on it...

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Here's a long, longer, longest version of that ^^^^^. -o, -s, -t, -mus, -tis and -nt.


Who knew Elijah Wood started out as a member of the Beasties?


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    • Andrew Luck was dealing with chronic pain.  Chris Davis is injured and Luck is leaving zero guaranteed money on the table. NFL contracts are not guaranteed.
    • I was thinking about this today. How Chris's image would improve if he retired with a buyout agreement favorable to both parties.  Otherwise the general feeling of most people is he is stealing money from the Orioles who have made him a multi-millionaire. Hopefully his wife can get through to him and suggest at the end of the season he retire. I know this is unlikely with Scott Boras as his agent. Maybe Chris can explain to him his frustration with the game and his declining batting skills have caused him to make this decision.
    • This guy is on fire.....I'm wondering if the guys that said he'd be Nontendered this offseason are ready to eat crow?? C'mon gents, we know who you are!
    • I thought I read something about 80 million from MASN a while back. Even with Davis, Cobb, and Trumbo contracts the Os are making a pretty hefty profit just on the national and MASN deals.   So even if the number 0nly 110-120 million in revenue between the 2 deals ...the payroll is only 72 million and certain to ge less next year. A 40 million surplus times 2
    • When I lived in L.A. and often went down the block to Mexican taco and burrito vans for dinner, cabeza was one of my favorites.
    • I was at the Shorebirds vs my hometown Hagerstown Suns where 3,106 showed up for a Low A baseball doubleheader featuring a Mike Mussina bobble head for the first 1,000 fans (unfortunately I was in the 2,106 who didn’t get one).  Of course game one also had Grayson Rodriquez pitching to Adley Rutchman.  I will stick to attendance in this thread and say that the orange and black dominated the crowd in this Nationals affiliate’s park.   Not sure how long the rebuild will take but there is definitely some excitement for the future out here in the hinterlands.    
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