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STEAM Summer Sale

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For anyone who games on PC, the STEAM Summer Sale is going now.  I believe it goes until July 5th.


They do this every year.  Pretty much any game on PC that you can think of is on sale for 40-90% off.  Newer games that have come out in the past year are obviously going to be more expensive (DOOM is $15) , but if you're into older games, you can get them VERY cheap right now.  If you're into old LucasArts point-and-click adventure games, I just bought The Dig for $1.50.  It's also apart of a LucasArts 4-game bundle that's only $3.74.  Bethesda's Super Classics bundle is only $59.86 and includes every game that they've ever made, except Fallout 4 (20 gamesit's normally $248).  There's a similar bundle for Star Wars games but I'm not sure how much it costs.  The page adjusts prices for the games you already own and I own about 1/3 of the bundle.


If you're bored and have disposable income, this is a nice sale to look through. :)

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