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Upper Deck John

Astros 7/22 - early autograph access

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I have two upper box tickets for 7/22 and a parking pass (total $72) if anyone is interested.

These are hard tickets and grant early access to the season plan member event.

If you can meet in the elkridge/Columbia area and are interested in the tickets and parking let me know via PM.

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    • I get what you mean, Chris Davis seemed to hit lots of meaningless HR with no one on late in games.  But this is simply not realistic.  You get three four at bats and you do your best with them.  Maybe pitchers simply pitch differently with say a 4 run lead and no-one on base.  In fact I am sure of it... There is often some luck involved in stats and that is precisely the reason advanced metrics were created.  They are not perfect, but they are intended to make results more meaningful. If a player had a great year and hit .300 over 600 at bats that would be 180 hits. Over the course of the season, some of those at bats clearly are more important than others.  But the player isn't punished for that week he went 4 for 4 in a series against Baltimore (for example) any more than he isn't adjusted for going 0-16 against the red sox. Over the course of 600 at bats a player who hits .300 (180 hits) could raise his average to .341 if he had the identical season but added exactly one broken bat flare for a hit over each of the 25 weeks of the season.  Again, I get your point, but even Earl Weaver said, you can't run out the clock, you have to get 27 outs.  They all count.  
    • He needs to work on his transfer/release time. He takes to long to get rid of the ball after he gloves it. It's partly the hotdogging he got away with at third with a shorter throw to first. Teams have really scouted his slow release time and everyone is running all out when they hit what should be a routine grounder to short. The other day he barely threw out a catcher (McCann I think) on a routine grounder when he held the ball for an extra step. I think most things he will clear up, and he'll learn that he will have to play some hitters more shallow dispite how good he thinks his arm is
    • Looks like Willie Snead might end up being our get. That's better than BMarsh at this stage in his career, but not as nice as Dez would have been...
    • Well it will work out great if you make him co-GM with Brady.  
    • 6) Trade all your best prospects for Manny Machado. 
    • Fine.   Manny is hitting .412/.474/.471 in high leverage situations.    He’s also hitting well in medium and low leverage situations.    I’m glad he’s hot and hope he remains so.    He’s about the only player on the team who’s doing anything offensively.   
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