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2017 NFL Fantasy Football

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On 8/18/2017 at 5:19 PM, backwardsk said:


What are your draft/auction strategies this season?

close my eyes and eeny meeny miny moe.

Ive been playing for years, and I tell you, most times we over think it too much.

But, basically, like in real football, your success depends on your players health and pure luck.

Couple of years ago, Brady was supposed to be suspended 6 games, nobody was touching him, I already had 2 QBs, and 3 rounds left and suckee players to pick from, so I said, WTF, I took a flyer on him, figure he would be backup when he came back, but he got to play the whole year, with a chip on his shoulder and I pretty much won the year that year, the combo of him and Gonk along with Albert Morris in his prime and I was gold.

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