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Deadspin Piece On The Terps

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On 11/27/2017 at 7:30 AM, glenn__davis said:

BTW, I believe I read somewhere that based on the Sagarin ratings MD officially played the most difficult schedule in college FB.  

To me the 4-8 record is not particularly troublesome.  Getting absolutely run off the field by the better programs is the problem.  They have to show that they can at least be competitive with these schools.

Right. It amazes me that this program beat Penn State a few years back amid all the pedophile charges. I thought for sure that was the turning point for both programs when it came to recruiting Md talent at the very least. Flash forward and Penn State is crushing the Terps like they were Towson State. Regardless of injuries, that's disappointing.

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Obviously a week or so late here, but it was another really good signing day for DJD and the staff.  The class is ranked around 20th, which really is pretty impressive given all of the on-field issues this year.  The man (and his staff) can recruit, whether or not they can coach remains to be seen.

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19 hours ago, birdwatcher55 said:

Any difference makers? Would like to see a top notch QB and a few impact players on DL.

Well in terms of QB, I think they think Kasim Hill is that guy.  They did sign Tyler DeSue, a high 3* QB who will be an early enrollee.  And I personally am a big fan of Pigrome as well.

Several good pieces on the DL, but more importantly they got Auburn transfer Byron Cowart, plus Jesse Aneboniam seems like he's going to get a medical redshirt and return for his senior year.  They also have a number of good DL players that they redshirted last year who should be ready to start to contribute.

I expect the roster to be much better and much deeper this season, and the schedule will still be tough but not nearly the gauntlet it was last year.  They're not going to be contending for the B1G championship, but a bowl berth is a reasonable expectation barring another ridiculous run of injuries.

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2018 is the year DJ turns it around. Getting Aniebonam back at DE, adding Cowart at DE, and keeping OT’s Prince and Gray is all huge. Prince would be a better OG and really should move inside. You look at the new OC, Canada, and you have to be excited to see what he can do. The play calling will be much much better; and although Bell went to FSU, he will not be calling plays for a reason. We finally have an OL coach (Stinespring), and that alone will really help. Coach Heater will really help the DB’s as well. 

The linebackers do worry me some. A lot of inexperience there. Shepherd, Davis, Underwood and Watson really need to step up. 

And, if nothing else, there is no way we have the injury issues we had last year at QB. Kasim is very physical and impressive. Piggy really showed me something against Texas. Should be interesting to see how Canada uses them. 

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